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    How was Jess gonna explain that he was back to the boys? He couldn’t think of a good way to explain it while he sat at the bar. Would Sam even recognize him if they crossed paths? He only met Dean once and it was brief, but he wondered what they would do if they saw him. He looked up from his drink when he heard a familiar voice dance in his ears.


    “hey stranger, long time no see.” alex said as he spotted jess sitting at the bar.


    If your muse isn't just hunting for the D and V, please reblog.


    I’m sick of getting dropped or ignored by some blogs just because my muse isn’t jumping and crawling all over them. There are things called enemies/platonic or just friends or whatever… And i’m annoyed… So if you could just reblog this so that I can have a bit of reassurance about this… It’d be very appreciated.

    Before my muse disappeared, they gave yours a series of 'open when' letters. Send a symbol to read them.

    Open when...

    : you're not feeling okay

    : it's too early in the morning

    : you miss me

    : it's valentine's and i'm out of town

    : you don't feel important

    : you wonder how much i love you

    : you need ideas for an adventure

    : you're staring up at the stars, looking for me

    : you're angry

    : you're angry at yourself

    : you're angry at the world

    : you need me

    : things won't stop going wrong

    : everything's perfect again

    : you're guilty

    : it's snowing

    : i'm gone


    “Yes really babe. I know that we’ve had our ups and downs but I want you to know that dating you isn’t a mistake. Not at all.”


    "Even if the media says it is? If your mangers say it is? I know that you've always told me to not listen to them, but babe this is your career we're talking about... I just don't want to be the reason you lose your dream."


    "Talk to me." (Dean)

    “Would you miss me if I’m gone?”



    Dean smirked and popped off of Alex before lapping at his hole and pushing inside of him.


    Alex let out a groan as dean pushed himself inside of him. “ fuck babe!” he moaned out. “ I love you so much. god, do I love you!” he panted out.



    “Daddy I’m sleepy…” Alex said as he leaned his head back on to his daddy’s chest. “But I want you in me daddy, I want you to cum inside of me. Please daddy…”

    “Let’s clean you up right first,” Roderick said. “To give me some time to get hard again, baby.” He reached over and picked up the soap, putting it onto a washcloth.


    Alex nodded as he felt his daddy start to wash him. " this is nice daddy,feels nice...." he trailed off as his eyes glazed over as he felt himself slip in to subspace.



    Alex let out a gasp as he felt rod cum on to his back. “Da..daddy was I good for you?” Alex said as he felt his eyes slip closed.

    “So good, baby boy,” Roderick sighed as he kept rocking his hips against Alex’s ass. “So good for Daddy.”


    “Daddy I’m sleepy…” Alex said as he leaned his head back on to his daddy’s chest. "But I want you in me daddy, I want you to cum inside of me. Please daddy..."