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2022-06-27 18:24:34

    Okay so we’ve all seen those headcanons where Batman is rumored to be dating Bruce Wayne, and that’s where he gets his funding to be Batman, etc. (an avenue of hilarity I have yet to grow bored of).

    But now I want to see a universe where that is more than a rumor, and is instead generally assumed as fact.

    Like, no matter what Bruce does, everyone just assumes he’s dating Batman. Nothing seems to dissuade people of that notion. Nothing.

    Metropolis: Oh yes, we have this flying alien Boy Scout keeping us safe.

    Fawcett City: We have a…demi-god? or something. He’s cool.

    Central City: Our guy runs around stopping crime, but like, really fast.

    Star City: We have a guy using a weapon that’s been obsolete for a few hundred years and we have no idea who he is, what are you talking about.

    Gotham: We have Bruce Wayne’s sugar baby.


    SCREAMING love these tags


    Low key want one where "Bruce Wayne is Batman's sugar daddy" somehow has become "Bruce Wayne is our city's hero sugar daddy", where every and each city believes Bruce Wayne is somehow in a romantic relationship with their local hero.