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    Not to sound like an old fart here but my philosophy about video games is like. A kid living out in the middle of bumfuck nowhere with no internet access for miles should be able to purchase a game from walmart, take that game home, put it in their console, and play the whole game with all of its features and the only thing lack of internet affects is the inability to play online with others. Nothing else. They shouldn't be missing entire chunks of the game becuase they can't download a patch. The game shouldn't be borderline empty or unplayable without a patch.


    I guess it makes no difference if I reblog this now but our friend here said a normal, objectively correct thing about video games and somehow this post still blew up with some goofy as hell disagreements. Sorry but most video game studios these days are pushing out lazy products and it is not normal for a game you buy to need DLC or patching to work; the PSX and the N64 and the original Xbox all got by without that shit being routine.




    Hey folks you wanna know the circumstances in which this tweet first came into my life pun very much intended? I was filing my taxes, and being a zillennial I thought I’d flip through Twitter on a downmoment, and let me tell you that there is no greater emotional whiplash than seeing Hozier confirm his song is about biblical nut seconds before an accountant needs your attention to let you know your GST return is $69

    Here’s the original thread from Twitter but I want all my followers protesting the recent supreme court decision to stay safe. 

    [Image description: A screenshot of a tweet from Rh3t0ric (@avglibsoc) that says ‘In lieu of Roe V Wade being overturned, I’m going to compile a thread of any protest advice I can find’ followed by an infographic illustrating the following:


    What to Wear:

    -Nondescript, solid color clothing; cover identifying tattoos.

    -Goggles & mask

    -Heat resistant gloves

    -Emergency Contacts written down

    -Tie your hair up

    What to bring:

    -Water for drinking & tear gas


    -Cash/change & ID

    -Bandages & First Aid supplies



    -Protest signs


    -Cell phone without first turning off Face/Touch ID, going into airplane mode, and disabling data


    -Anything you don’t want to be arrested with

    -Contact lenses

    /end image description]


    This is so great because if anyone is caught impeding or messing with these deliveries, it’s MAIL, that makes it a FEDERAL crime, whoever fucks with these packages gets charged FEDERALLY, they face up to five years in prison.


    [ID: A tweet by @ nytimes that reads, "Breaking News: Women can get abortion pills by mail for pregnancies up to 10 weeks without seeing a doctor in person, the FDA ruled. The decision comes as the Supreme Court considers whether to roll back abortion rights or even overturn Roe v. Wade." Attached is a link to the article and a screenshot of the title and subtitle of the article. The article was published Dec 16, 2021. The title reads, "F.D.A. Will Permanently Allow Abortion Pills by Mail" and the subtitle reads, "The decision will broaden access to medication abortion, an increasingly common method, but many conservative states are already mobilizing against it." /end ID]



    Adding a link that isn’t blocked by a paywall


    Resources for anyone that ends up in a restricted state:

    Aid Access - they can send you the abortion pill even if you live in a restricted state.

    PLUS, you do not have to be pregnant to order them. You can order to have on hand, in case of an emergency.

    Repro Legal Helpline (reprolegalhelpline.org) -

    Some of the things they can help with above.

    Miscarriage + Abortion Hotline (mahotline.org) -

    They have a ton of information, and resources in one place.

    Also, if you find yourself in a restricted state, you need to be careful of how and with whom you are talking about it. You need to use safe, encrypted messaging and calling.

    I also recommend removing any biometric information for unlocking your phone. Use a PIN or password instead of a fingerprint or facial recognition.


    Plan B is shelf stable for up to 4 years. Afterpill is shelf stable for about 18 months.

    Plan B is currently available over the counter, and you can find coupons for it online for various retailers; some of those coupons require a prescription so check the coupon details carefully. Both of these medications can be ordered online.

    Plan B and Afterpill in the 1.5mg tablets are less effective for people over 176 pounds, however it is safe to double the dose, so if you are heavier order two doses. Ella is also effective for heavier people, but requires a prescription.

    Emergency contraception is effective for a short period after sex. You need to take Plan B or Afterpill within 72 hours of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

    IUDs and birth control implants are effective long-term birth control that does not require your partner to participate in using the birth control or even be aware of it. IUDs are 99% effective and are effective for 3-12 years depending on type. Planned Parenthood can place an IUD for you, and so can many gynecologist's offices, and IUDs are covered under most health insurance plans. Talk to your doctor or gynecologist about how to get an IUD. Birth control implants are 99% effective and are effective for up to 5 years. Like IUDs, you can talk to your doctor or gynecologist, or visit Planned Parenthood, to get an IUD.

    The birth control methods listed here are not effective for preventing STIs, they are for pregnancy prevention only.

    If you can become pregnant but do not want to be pregnant, now is a good time to consider a long-term birth control option like an IUD or a birth control implant, and to purchase emergency contraception like Plan B or Afterpill to have it onhand in an emergency.

    Abortion is still legal in 49 states! Visit ineedana.com to find a clinic near you.

    There is a strong network of abortion funds throughout the country that have provided financial and practical support for decades! Visit http://abortionfunds.org/need-abortion to find your local one.

    Anyone interested in promoting abortion access in the United States should donate to Keep Our Clinics to keep independent clinics (which provide 2/3 of abortions) open, or to their local abortion funds!

    Anyone who's taking or planning on taking abortion pills at home can call or text ReproCare at 1-833-226-7821 for information, support, and referrals.

    There are ways to legally get an abortion without your parents' permission if you are under 18! Visit the Judicial Bypass Wiki to find information specific to each state or call the JB Helpline: 1-844-868-2812


    ppl who get critical of like… white middle class extinction rebellion protestors and like… jane fonda, because “they can afford to get arrested” like… that is the point? the point is to use your privilege to put yourself in the way of things. if you are white and middle class in the u.s. and the u.k. you can occupy waterloo bridge, or city hall, or the capitol steps, and you can refuse to move when a cop tells you to, and the worst thing that will happen to you is a fine you can afford to pay. (you might also sustain some injuries, to be fair we must acknowledge that that is not negligible.) the point is you cause disruption by putting your privileged body in the way, where you create disruption that forces attention to be drawn to what you are saying, and you do this because you can afford to. if you are jane fonda you also wear a jaunty hat and smile smugly because you are the safest person on earth, and also it makes the cops look real dumb. it’s the point!

    Okay so I'm tired and bitchy and I've had a rough morning, and because of that I'm probably about to drop an unpopular opinion here, but I really dont care.

    Narcissist is starting to become the new sociopath/psychopath/psycho, and I am really, really concerned with where this is heading.

    It's the exact same thing I've been seeing for years with my own diagnosis. You say you're a sociopath, and immediately you're now an asshole. I've had people actually ask me if I have ever hurt someone/wanted to hurt someone because I'm a sociopath, and I've had to explain over and over again that no, that's not what that means, it just means empathy is not something that I can experience like everyone else. I can still be compassionate, I can still be a kind person, I can have no desire to hurt anyone ever, but I still get treated like a ticking time bomb. Even though my disorder actually helps me in a job that saves lives (I work in tissue donation, so not feeling empathy makes handling donor tissue from a 15 year old a lot easier), I still get asked by people at that same job about my "secret dark side" and if I ever did/do things like torture animals.

    The same thing is happening to narcissists. You say you're a narcissist, and now suddenly you're an abuser. You want to paint someone as a bad person? Call them a narcissist, then everyone will understand how mean and evil they are. I am so sick and tired of seeing tiktoks, tweets, and Tumblr posts going on and on about how horrible narcissists are and how much people hate them. As if narcissists aren't people! As if narcissists aren't people experiencing a personality disorder! Y'all are all about "neurodivergent/mental illness solidarity uwu" until you bring in the "undesirable" mental illnesses and personality disorders, and then suddenly it's "All x people are mean and evil and abusive blah blah blah they can't get better/better themselves blah blah blah here's how to argue with them except I'm not going to actually talk about that I'm actually going to just say how horrible they are and how they're bad people blah blah blah" and it's like shut up! Shut the fuck up! Those are people! Those are real people with real feelings and you're just out here saying they're inherently bad, and for what? For likes? For clout? Do you have any idea how hard it is to come to terms with a diagnosis like that when your view on it is so incredibly skewed, when you think you're being assigned the Bad Person Disease™️ after you've tried so hard to be a kind person and uplift those around you? And now you're left thinking it was all for nothing, because now you can never be a good person no matter how hard you try because you have Bad Person Disease? Do you have literally any idea how damaging that is, and how much that hurts? But hey, ableism isn't ableism when it's against the "bad" people, right?

    Anyway, if you're a sociopath, psychopath, narcissist, have bpd, are bipolar in the "wrong" way, are schizophrenic or psychotic, are the "wrong" type of autistic, or anything else, I see you and you're doing amazing. Your diagnosis doesn't dictate who you are and, even though some things are harder for us than they are for others, that doesn't mean you're a bad person.