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    I'm furious. Someone posted my content on YouTube without my consent, already has 3,6K views and it's just not fair. Now if I wanna report it, I have to tell YT my full name which defeats the purpose of all my privacy on here and I don't post on YT for a reason. What do I do?? They put me in a compilation video so it's probably not just me. For the record: the only platform I post content on, is this tumblr account and nothing else. So if anyone ever finds me anywhere else, please notify me.

    Help would be very appreciated, and if anyone wants to help me report the video, I can DM you the link.

    breakfast order

    i wake you up in the morning with gentle hands on ur tummy, still bloated from the entire cake i shoved into it last night, and tell you it’s time for breakfast

    my hands start to move down between your legs as i tell you that since you were such a good hog last night, you can decide what you eat for breakfast today

    you’re slightly confused...you can’t remember the last time you had any semblance of choice when it comes to food; you normally just eat what you’re told bc daddy says that’s what good pigs do...right?

    its cute to watch your empty mind struggle with its new dilemma. even cuter to watch it all melt away, replaced by mindless pleasure, as i pick up the pace with my hands

    you breathlessly give me your order between soft whimpers, adding new items at my gentle insistence bc you’re in no position to protest

    finally the food arrives and your eyes widen. you hadn’t realized just how much i’d convinced you to order! but at this point you’re helplessly turned on so you quickly get to work, remembering the phrase that daddy has seared into your weak brain:

    “good pigs only get to cum when they’re finished all their food, sweetheart 🥰”


    What are some disadvantages of being a feedee

    I’m going to spill some absolute tea, and it may not be what everyone wants to hear - but I am only going to give my absolute honestly.

    I officially became a feedee when I was 18 years old, coming off my absolute lowest weight. I didn’t become a model until less than a year ago. I am speaking from experience as a skinny girl in the community, a model in the community, and a BBW in the community.

    1. You’ll NEVER be fat enough for fetish people ;

    This only applies to feedees who come online and enter the fetish community for support or seeking a feeder, but nonetheless it’s hard. Becoming a feedee you might think all the people encouraging you to gain, or just simply telling you “You’re not fat enough.”  will back off once you put on some pounds. . .But I’m telling you, you’ll never stop receiving those messages as long as you’re a feedee. To some this is a good thing because they want encouragement, but when you receive those messages constantly and aren’t recognized for the pounds you already packed on - it can be disheartening. You really need to be prepared to do your gain for yourself and yourself only, and avoid any comments. Especially seeing as that comments like “You’re not fat enough” will often digress into “Your belly isn’t big enough” “You should have a double chin right now” “Why haven’t your tits gotten bigger”. . .It can become hurtful after awhile unless you build up your own confidence. But, this is also something you’ll face whether you want to gain, lose, or maintain weight in general. People on the internet like to make other people feel shitty, fetish community or not.

    In addition to never being fat enough, you’ll also never be fetishized enough. You don’t like a specific fetish? You don’t like gainer shakes? You HATE heavy cream? You want to take your gain slow instead of SUPER fast? You will be looked down on by some onlookers, but that’s just another thing you’ll learn to ignore and move on from.

    2. Conventionally attractive feedees garner more attention than the non-conventional, which can hurt your brain too ;

    We have an impressive community when it comes to diversity, but this point is very true and might make you feel discouraged. “Conventional attractiveness” is ever present here in the feedism community. No matter where you go on the internet the most “acceptable” people tend to be the smaller waist, big booty, big breasted, light/lighter skin, unblemished femme presenting people. This is true in the feedism community as well. I often see very dedicated feedees thrown to the wayside because they don’t fit that conventionally attractive mold. I’m not saying everyone is shallow, but as a person on the internet it is occasionally hard or hurtful to only see love toward the more conventionally attractive, when there are plenty of people outside that mold who are just as eager to share with the community. “Pretty Privilege” is everywhere. It’s difficult, but never ever let someone else’s appearance change how you feel about your gain, do this for fun, and do this for yourself.

    In addition to this point, you’ll often see folks who have already gained a good amount go by the wayside because people get excited to watch a new, thinner person gain. . .This is something you’ll observe, but the fact that people prefer to fatten a thin person vs. an already gaining person will play into my next point. . .

    3. Gaining is EXPENSIVE ;

    I’m not saying all feedees need to be gainers, but a vast majority are - which is why I have this point. There is a misconception that people can just beg for stuffing funds and receive it here in the feedism community, but this is simply not true. It may be true for SOME people (see my last point), but it isn’t always, especially for men, those already gaining, or people who again, don’t fit a conventionally sexy mold. 

    If you have followed my gain at all, I have been gaining for 3 years and didn’t get FAT until this past year. For the first two years, I was broke as HELL and tried my best to research fattening foods to fit into my budget. This simply did not work. I worked in financial advising and still couldn’t figure out a good cheap gaining budget that I actually gained weight on. My big gain didn’t come until I began doing modeling full time during quarantine. Obviously I can’t go anywhere, and my job is usually involving sitting. . .So the lack of activity helped with my gain a LOT. But even now as a semi successful model - I can only afford to do stuffings when I have a little surplus of cash from a video doing super well or something along those lines. I still have college tuition, a car bill, energy bill, rent, pets to feed, and I like to gain by eating foods I enjoy. I hate chugging cream, shakes or other high calorie foods just for the calorie density - I want to actually enjoy my gain which can be pricy.

    Another thing that is super expensive is CLOTHES! While it is hot to outgrow clothes, it’s also irritating when you have a funeral to go to and your black dresses you bought two months ago don’t even remotely fit. You will outgrow your favorite clothes, you may even go up shoe sizes, you may outgrow bras, underwear, socks and this is expensive as HELL. I feel like I’m constantly outgrowing things, which may be the most expensive part of gaining. It’s also super taxing if you already are struggling to pay just to gain and can’t afford to dress yourself on top of it.

    Needless to say, this is something you need to take into consideration. If you can’t afford to gain the way you want to - it’s okay to take breaks and not gain as fast as some people with more money. Your gaining experience is for you and no one else.


    I have to give it to @rosiemariefeedee for putting so many hard to admit points into words. We need more honesty like this 💖🙌🏻


    I’m so proud of you baby, look at how good you did for me. are you full baby, or do you want me to grab you something more? you look so good like this, baby. you’re so soft for me, i couldn’t be more proud. do you want me to rub your belly for you? come on baby, do you wanna sit in my lap while i take care of you and your belly? you’re so full, look how big you are, you’ve done so good for me. all of this was you, your hardwork, I’m so proud. 


    w a n t


    What’s your favorite part of Feederism

    this is also a rly difficult question!! i could say like “funnel feeding” or something (which ofc i do love) but ima be unnecessarily philosophical for a minute lol

    i’d say my favourite part is the intimacy of it all. there are so many opportunities to show love in a feedism context — like cooking for someone, praising them for eating a lot, cuddling them n playing with their tummy, remembering their fav cake flavour and surprising them with it…etc. just a bunch of small acts of love that aren’t necessarily sexual on their own, but become sexual in a feedism context. and i feel like that makes the whole experience more enriched and enjoyable (: