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    Do you listen to your submissive ?

    Listening is an integral part of leadership. If your style of Topping or sense of Dominance is only talking and never listening, then you’re going to fail. Being dominant isn’t simply about telling someone what to do and when to do it. It’s about having the knowledge to motivate your submissive and gain compliance through listening when they’re telling you the map to their obedience.

    That map is not given to you in a direct sense. Rather it’s achieved by listening and engaging them. Doing so, you’ll learn everything you need to know to understand how their submission works and what makes them feel the desire to submit.

    Listening is leadership. Without it, you’ll never understand who you’re leading.

    Source- Innermind





    If your idea of dominance is “You will do as I say, bitch” without those … get out. You don’t deserve a submissive.


    Dominance and Depression

    When getting out of bed, cleaning the house, and paying the bills are unbearable chores, being responsible for another human being’s welfare can feel like a crushing burden. A Dominant who lives with depression may at times feel weak, irresponsible, no match for the task of even showing up to the job, nevermind exerting the effort and strength required to be the submissive’s rock and shelter. Depression creates unique challenges for the relationship, and will test the strength and patience of both Dominant and submissive. Only by working together can the couple maintain their bond and fulfill their roles.

    Here are a few observations and bits of wisdom I’ve gleaned from capable sources, as well as from my own time in the trenches.

  • Your mental health is your responsibility. Yes, your partner should support you in every way possible and make all efforts to help you through the rough patches. But no one can cure you. No one can save you. No one can carry the burden for you. Take your meds. Talk to your therapist. Keep your appointments. And when you feel like doing nothing but lying in bed and hiding from the world, remember that you are a Dominant, you are strong, you are your own light. Throw off those covers and leap out of bed.
  • Tell your submissive what you need. This is often exceedingly difficult, because you may not have a clue what you need. But make every effort to keep those lines of communication open. During your lowest times, your submissive may feel lost and unsure without your usual guidance and strength. Assure them that you love them still, that this depression is in no way a reflection on them, and give them tasks that will allow them to do what most drives them: pleasing you
  • Submissives, this is your opportunity to step up and show your quality. Pleasing your Dominant is your purpose and goal in this relationship. Keep to your daily rituals and rules as much as possible. Remind your owner that you belong to them, that you love them with all your heart, and that they are not alone in the darkness. Do those things that usually please them, without waiting to be told. And above all, be available, and be patient. They will come back to you. You just have to turn on the light for them to find their way home.
  • Depression can sap all of your strength and motivation. It can make you doubt everyone and everything. Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re not suffering from depression; you are living with it. You are not a victim; you are a survivor. When the darkness settles around you like an impenetrable fog, remember the steel you’re made of and the be empowered by the worship of the one who loves you above all others. Get up. Wake up. Arise, O lions, and shake off the delusion that you are sheep.


    This is really good writing, and spot-on advice besides. As someone who shares with my hero, TR, intermittent bouts of what he called “black care” (what today we would call depression), the power and iron in those last few sentences really resonates with me.


    Written by my friend @acruelgentleman in his earlier blog incarnation, the man who gifted me his Torc because “it needs a proper home and it belongs with you.”