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2018-12-17 21:25:17

    I’ve decided to make a public folder with all the files I had (mp4 and webms), organized in folders.

    I’ll be uploading my works there too, specially mp4 files that have better quality. (Be warned that I also upload loli content)

    I suggest to bookmark it or just follow me on twitter, the link will be there ;)

    Chloe Price x William Price - Blowjob in the Car (SOUND) + Max and Kate variants

    I like this one a lot, LiS girsl are one of my most favourites, so I added few more variants to this one. Let me know if you want more LiS content ! Also for the first time I added sound to my animation, so if you are fan of it or if I made some mistakes and you can give me some advice how to make it better, do not hesitate to let me know.


    Chloe Price - 1080p | 720p

    Maxine Caulfield - 1080p | 720p

    Kate Marsh - 1080p | 720p


    Chloe Price - 720p

    Maxine Caulfield - 720p

    Kate Marsh - 720p

    MOVIE RELEASE: Las Plagas

    A what if scenario for Ada passing through the prison section of Resident Evil 4.

    Woo finally finished a project within C4D (Cinema 4D) from the ground up. Boy it’s been a long trial learning a new UI, terminology and techniques. For this flick I went all out with a variety of sequences, cloth physics, proper collision detection, reflections etc.

    Download 1080p

    Download 720p

    Watch Naughty Machinima (coming soon)

    What’s next, testing a new k9 comic concept, a mirrors edge flick and eventually getting back to some aliens. For now though I need a week off to rob trains and ride horses :P.

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    Miranda in Charge - Public release (Runtime: 18:50 Minutes)

  • Stream (Pornhub / 720p)
  • Download (720p)
  • Download (1080p + high bitrate)
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  • Miranda voiced by: @oolay-tiger
  • Shepard voiced by: @poisonousbeauty
  • Additional audio: @laddinger
  • Soundtrack: “Quantum Physics” composed for this video from The Ambassador (Huge thanks, pal!)
  • Models & Props: @aardvarkianparadise, @barbellsfm, Kalyan, @akkoarcade
  • Special thanks to: @bomyman91, @neilinworld, @squarepeg3d, nstat, dvb gloriose mukanyarwaya and all my patrons
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    gfycat webm
    patreon mp4
    This one took a bit to work out, partly because of the physics sim for the hair (which could have used a bit more work, but I was taking long enough as it was to figure out the right settings as it was, so I decided that it was good enough!

    I really enjoyed working on it though, really wanted to do a “multi-pose” animation and this worked out really well. I specially like how the hands turned out at the end of the loop. Pretty much exactly what I was going for!