Fatter And Fatter

Height:5' 3" Start Weight:125lbs CurrentWeight:215lbs

Goal:225lbs In a relationship.

Last update
2019-04-11 05:42:01

    Get fat with me

    Let’s get fat together. Let’s stop counting calories and worrying about portion sizes.  Let’s stop stressing over how many grams of fat per serving something has and just eat and enjoy. Let’s feed each other and indulge and over eat together. Let’s sit on the couch and rub each others’ bloated, distended bellies and enjoy the softness we grow on each other as the meals and snacks add up.  Let’s explore and worship the stretchmarks and rolls and bulges as we fill out and overfill up on every fatty snack and heavy meal we want, and smile a msicheivious grin as we encourage each other with naughty things and just one more bite.

    Let’s get fat together, and be each other’s prize. Each other’s beautiful, fat temple of softening, rounded pleasure.


    You’re getting kind of… Chubby, hon. Your ass is getting rounder, your thighs are starting to chafe in the hot weather… But you keep eating and growing, don’t you, fatass? You keep stuffing your piggy face because it turns you on to be so full. To have your new little chubby tummy get distended and taut because of your gluttony. Admit it, piggy. It turns you on to keep getting fatter, doesn’t it? To feel yourself get heavier, more out of breath, out of shape, less like the fit, healthy person you used to be. You like it, don’t you, you disgusting little pig. Well, don’t worry, I’ll help you get what you want.


    tonight’s train of thought is wanting to date a cute boy and us mutually stuffing each other every chance we get, and rubbing each others’ bellies and pressing them together as we feed each other little bites of chocolate for dessert.  

    they more actively put on weight, and as they get bigger and bigger they tease me for being so much smaller than them and play w my little bit of chub and grope my belly and ass and thighs and press all their weight into me and urge me to eat more and more so i can be as big as they are.

    we sit on the couch together and they take up almost half of the seating, but i’m still just taking up a little more room than one average person, and they feed me snacks all night because “imagine if we were both big enough that we couldn’t fit on one couch together anymore” and we just keep stuffing each other until our bellies are taut and full and round.

    they’ll even pin me against a wall with their weight so i don’t have a choice but to feel them up and play with their huge belly as they poke fun at me for being so tiny, even when i start not to be, and continue to urge me to be as big as them, until we’re both waddling around the house and bumping into each other and having to squeeze through hallways and push each other through doorways.

    long story short: i want to feed a cute boy and then have the cute boy feed me


    👏Yes, yes, yes! ✌️😍


    No Control

    Why couldn’t she stop? Why did she always want more? To taste just one more vote, to feel her billowing stomach spread just a little further out in front of her with each mouthful she swallowed. All she wanted to do was eat and eat. She imagined what all these empty calories were doing to her already bloated body and it only made her eat more. She wanted to keep going, to keep getting fatter, no matter what the consequences…


    💦💦 💦💦 💦💦

    You’re so stuffed, so packed with junk food and sweets, that all you can do is whine helplessly. You’re breathing heavily and you don’t think you’ll have the strength to lift your flabby body from the chair without help. All you can do for now is press your pudgy fingers delicately into the dome of your enormous tummy and let out a burp followed by a moan of relief.

    You just kept eating and eating. You’ve been letting yourself go for months now, overeating at every meal. You look down at your body, and you can see all the pounds you’ve put on recently.

    You’ve gone up a couple sizes in pants, and now nothing fits the way it’s supposed to. Your belly gets in the way. The rest of your body is getting pudgy too. You’ve put on about a hundred pounds and it’s all gone to your belly, thighs, hips, and butt.

    You’re out of shape, because the only exercise you’ve been getting is waddling to the fridge or pantry. Stairs are getting much harder, they get you out of breath embarrassingly quickly. And even hoisting yourself from a chair is a humiliating ordeal, your fat thighs quivering with effort, your ass swaying as it’s pulled forward by the momentum of rocking your fat gut out in front of you.

    Everything is an effort, even eating. You wheeze a little when you stuff your face, you eat so quickly and so fucking much that you’re out of breath constantly. You prefer to have things brought to you now, it saves you the trouble.

    You can feel yourself jiggle when you move, your pants got tight and then your replacement pants got tighter still. You wear mostly sweats now with plenty of room for your impossibly big belly. And now, stuffed as you are, you need someone to take care of you, reach the bloated parts of your tummy with a soothing hand, reach under your gut to get you off.

    You did so well. You gobbled down everything I put in front of you, sweet and rich. Now all that food, all that excessive eating, is catching up to you. It’s really starting to show.

    You sure are a sight right now, shirt riding up on your engorged belly, pants undone and straining to contain your love handles. You jiggle as you try to sit up into a more dignified position. Your stuffed stomach protests and you wrap your arms around the gigantic curve of it.

    God, you’re bloated and obese and you can barely move. And it’s so fucking hot


    Okay bear with me here. First take a day of hunger eating very little and only enough water to survive. The next day gorge like you've never gorged before, then the next day snack all day then repeat you'll be throwing your metabolism for a loop!

    You know I think there have been times when I accidentally did that. Like I’d forget to eat before going to work and be hungry most of the day. There have also been days with lots of eating. So I’ve probably been doing this without realizing.


    After you reach 225 pounds will you set a new goal or try to stay there? Either way, best wishes!

    Well I won’t be sure until I get there.

    Though I noticed recently I feel a little bit more out of shape than usual, like getting out of breath faster. I may try to give my body time to adjust to the new weight but since I don’t really pay attention to how much I’m eating who knows how long that would last.

    Finally got over my plateau!

    I know I haven’t posted in quite a long while, I was feeling less motivated because it seemed like I was going to be stuck at 205 forever.

    Well it was slow going but I finally made it to the 210’s!

    When I first saw the scale I was a little shocked. I had gone up to 214! But then my weight dropped to 212 then to 210 but it looks like it’s stabilized at 212ish.

    Gaining has been kind of tough since I tend to be low on money. On the plus side that means I’ve been eating noting but cheap fast food for months however it’s mostly been just one big meal and one smaller meal for the day.

    Hopefully I can find a way to indulge myself some more soon. I really want to get to 225 now! If I reach 225 that would make a 100 pound weight gain from my start weight (125). That would be super cool but it will probably take awhile.

    Anyway, I will try to post more often. Wish me luck!