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    Face cake on all fours 👯‍♀️🍰🤰🏼



    I Stuffed myself with a total of 36 donuts, a gallon of melted Ice CREAM AND 2 boost 530cal gainers. Poured into my funnel with the melted Ice cream. When I say I’m too FUCKING CAPICITY, I mean it!!! Honestly for the first time I was miserable but so TURNED ON an WET.🚨 YOU CAN ACTUALLY HEAR ME ASK FOR HELP I REALLY WAS HELPLESS . WATCH AT THE END AS I GET FUCKED WITH TOY. AS MY HUGE SWOLLEN STUFFED BELLY HANGS OVER MY FAT WET PUSSY🚨


    One Fat Piggy - One Cake

    For my Birthday i got myself 🍰 A WHOLE CAKE 🍰

    Since I'm  still a relatively small Feedee I thought it would be nearly impossible to finish it by myself.

    BUT I underestimated what a GREEDY FATTY I became and it honestly turns me on so much. 🥵

    It feels like that every day, every meal i devour, every craving i give in to I'm finally revealing my true self. A self destined to be BIGGER, to bare the fruits of her overindulgence on her Body.

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    Look at those huge hanging tits and dark inner thighs…all while I’m stuffing my face and laid back from being so full. This is how I’m meant to be…a soft, docile piggy. I’m meant to be the piggy that looks so pretty while packing on weight like I need it to survive…even though my abilities are declining 🥵

    I just posted this video of me eating dessert on my only fans 💋🐽


    *lmao excuse my ring light*