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    Baby-pants.com - sells diapers, onesies, footy pajamas, bibs, and shirts; boys, girls, and gender neutral clothing.

    cosyndry.com - sells diapers, sissy clothing, onesies, rompers, shoes, and accessories; boys, girls, and gender neutral clothing

    Starryideas.net - cloth diapers, overalls, rompers, diaper covers, bibs, dresses, etc.; boys, girls, and gender neutral clothing

    MinasABplace - rompers, dresses, accessories, and bibs; a couple gender neutral stuff (there’s an adorable Pokemon bib) but mainly girly items.

    ForeverABaby - rompers, bibs, diaper covers; gender neutral clothing.

    MyBinkiesAndBows - Dresses

    ABUniverse.com - diapers (lots and lots of choices) and clothing; boys, girls, and gender neutral items.


    ForeverAKid.com - dresses, pajamas, bloomers; boy and girl items

    Ageplay (little-middle):

    PinklyEverAfter - Imouto kei and fairy kei items (super cute but not cheap); bloomers, dresses, tutus, accessories; girl items, This store has closed down but you may be able to find their stuff second hand through fairy kei and lolita sales groups.


    PetticoatsByLori - Petticoats/tutus

    SpreePicky - Cute J-fashion, school girl outfits, Sailor Moon items, Maid dresses, lolita fashion, wigs, accessories. This is a Taobao reseller. If you’d like to purchase directly from a Taobao store, you’ll need another shopping service and fees differ.

    Ink and Ponies - Cute accessories and t-shirts

    CottonsSmallCloset - J-fashion and lots of cute girly clothes

    90s Jelly Sandals

    PlusCuties - Plus size friendly with lots of cute clothes!

    Showishes - Another shopping service like Spree Picky with similar content.

    Suspender Skirt

    I browsed through Etsy and Storenvy for cutey stuff that I see littles reblog. You can find these and a lot more (you’ll see when I do an accessories post) by searching through tags like “fairy kei”, “lolita”, and “j-fashion”. A lot of common J-fashion trends, such as decora and fairy kei, are gender neutral and focus on cute and colorful looks. While a lot of these do make a distinction from ageplay, there’s nothing from stopping from wearing them if it makes you happy.

    Please feel free to add your favorite stores to the list, especially plus size-friendly stores and websites that offer cute, fashionable clothes.


    Again since we have had people ask


    Great list of resources! Could probably add a few more, like wearingclouds.com.

    Names to call it

    Abuse whore



    Bloody stinking mess


    Braindead set of warm holes










    Dumb animal


    Entertainment for Men

    Filthy pig










    Living toilet paper

    Pathetic idiot





    Punching bag







    Stupid bitch



    Ugly gash


    Useless lump of flesh

    Wet-pussy bimbo


    Worthless piece of shit

    Breeding mare


    Hormone monkey

    Tit clown





    Shit bag

    Humiliation toy

    Cock sheath

    Entertainment unit

    Clit clown




    Dumpster cunt


    Pit sow


    Tits n holes

    Cock sock

    Cunt rag

    Boot bitch

    Gutter skank

    Sewer slut




    A dirty date in an even dirtier restroom

    What was that girl even doing, hanging around the men’s room at the park? She looked so shy, brushing her hair from her face every two seconds and checking her phone every ten. She paced back and forth, seeming nervous as hell.

    I, unlike most of the men that saw her standing over by the seldom used restroom knew why she was there. The dumb slut had agreed to meet me there after we had spoken briefly on tinder. There was no talk about any dinner, any café or even netflix and chill. She had just agreed to everything I’d said. “Want to meet up?” The answer was "okay, if you want to” I told her I wanted to skip the bullshit. No coffee, no dinner, no casual conversation, then asked what she thought. Same answer. Was she scared of me, dumb or just desperate? I didn’t know. But what I did know was that her saying okay to everyone of my suggestions had led her to agree to meeting up with me. Outside the park toilets.

    And there she was. To my surprise, the fidgeting, timid looking slut hadn’t flaked. She hardly even made eye contact with me as I walked up to her. She didn’t even resist when I reached out and ran my hand across her side. The slut was shy and nervous, but she still knew her place. When I grabbed her tit, she just whimpered meekly. Though as I kept on kneading her titflesh in full view of anyone that anyone that could happen to pass by, I heard a poorly supressed whimper. I knew the little slut was enjoying it. “Do you know what I am going to do with you?” I asked and she just shook her head. “Don’t you think it’s time you found out?” To which she replied a hushed “okay”.

    I grabbed her wrist and lead her into the men’s room. It looked just as one would expect. Toilet paper strewn across the dirty floor. Puddles everywhere. She looked around and blushed an even deeper red than she had done before. Despite the stench of stale urine and filth, I could still hear her breathing heavily through her nose. It was time to break this shy slut out of her shell. I grabbed her ass through her summer dress. The fabric bunched up in my hand and I pulled it higher, along the swelling curve of her rounded ass. My hands relocated and began roaming around her naked assflesh. But then I felt something along the crack of her ass. “A thong? Didn’t I tell you not to wear panties?” I barked. Just as with everything else, she had said okay when I told her not to wear anything underneath her dress. Yet the little whore had defied me. She tried to mumble something about the wind lifting up her flimsy dress so easily, but I wasn’t having it. Besides, I wanted a good reason to give it to her like she deserved.

    My fingers wrapped around her neck and I dragged her over to the row of urinals. My eyes scanned for the one that seemed the most appropriate for a slut that deserved punishment. I picked one with a paper crammed down against the drain and a puddle of old, stale piss pooled up at the bottom. My left hand forced her head closer to the off-white porcelain bowl. She made a token effort to resist me, but it didn’t last long. Soon her blushing, whore face was pressed against the rim of this dirty urinal. With my other hand, I began pulling at the sheer fabric of her lace thong. It didn’t take long for the flimsy material to rip and I was left with a piece of worthless cloth in my hand, which I promptly tossed aside so that it landed in one of the puddles.

    “Why didn’t you do as I told you? Aren’t you supposed to be a good obedient slut?” I asked as I held her there, bare as and pussy on display. She moaned that she was sorry, over and over. But I felt that it wasn’t enough. My right hand came crashing down on her meaty asscheek with a loud slap. It left a big rosy mark on her supple skin. Though I wasn’t done. The disobedient slut was spanked again and again, while she whimpered against the cold porcelain. Once I felt that her ass was sufficiently red, I stopped. Curiously, I noted that despite me slightly releasing the pressure on her with my left hand, she didn’t get up. In fact, when I removed my hand completely, she still stayed with her cheek against the piss stained urinal, sobbing.

    Now it was time to actually break her in. I undid my pants and pulled my cock out. Already hard from the sight of her meaty ass wobbling as I spanked her, I just positioned my cock at the entrance of her cunt. To no one’s surprise, it was dripping wet. She wanted this just as much as I did. Her inner slut was just about to crawl out. My left hand went back to her neck as I slid my cock inside of her. She stopped whimpering for a few seconds as I pumped my dick into her from behind, my tool sliding easily into her with her copious amounts of natural lubrication. She gasped in surprise as I lifted her head from the edge of the bowl and plunged it straight into the amber pool of urine.

    For over 30 seconds I held her there, not skipping a beat as I continued fucking her. The slut gasped for breath when I pulled her out. “A lot better than a cup of pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks, isn’t it?” I laughed as I held her piss dripping face a mere inch from the surface. The slut just whimpered a meek “t-thank you, s-sir” But it was all that I wanted to hear. She was already realizing her place. “It’s so dirty. Clean it” I commanded, my thighs still slapping against her ass. She obeyed without question, though she hesitated a bit before she let her tongue make contact with the grimy surface of the porcelain. When her tongue first made contact with the filthy surface, she recoiled, groaning with humiliation and disgust. But after a second dip in the yellow pool, she got to work for real.

    Her tongue danced across the filthy porcelain as I fucked her. As I got more into fucking her, she got more into being a disgusting fucking urinal cleaner. It had taken a couple of minutes, but the worthless whore had finally realized what she was good for. Even as I blew my load, she kept on licking. I pulled my cock out of her creampied pussy and took a step back. The whore then looked at me for approval and after I gave her a quick nod, she dove face first into the puddle. I could hear her slurp up a good quantity of piss into her mouth and I shook my head in disgust. She opened her mouth to show of the pond of piss inside of it and I laughed at how pathetic she looked. I shrugged and spat into her open mouth and she swallowed it all down. For a few seconds we  just stared at each other. “What are you waiting for?” I asked and she dove right back. It took her not much more than a minute to drain the filthy, clogged bowl. She even chewed up the paper in the bottom, then spat it on the floor. Then she went to work on the stains and I could do nothing but stand there and chuckle at how pathetic she looked.

    After a while, the urinal had retained some of its original bone-white color and she stopped lapping at it with her now grime-covered tongue. “How about you do one of the stalls next?” I suggested. My cock was stiffening and I was ready for session number two. She must’ve been too, since she immediately dropped to her knees and began crawling across the dirty floor to one of the stalls. “What a pathetic fucking slut” I thought as she moved towards her second, disgusting task, knowing full well that this was going to be even more vile…


    God, I wish.


    You girlfriend wasn’t happy about your pegging desire. Being a country girl she found a strapon to match her personality.

    Look at you bend over with hand strap to ankles she tell you “go big or go home , now not the time to be horsing around. So baby it going to be longer then eight second ride.

    You struggle to form any words in your mouth fill her panties and horse bit. You ass leak with lube from ,a huge massive syringe of lube injected deep in to bowels. She tell you “ if thing get messy next time will doing in stables.”


    Imagine meeting someone that exclusively used animal dildos... Mmmmm.