i know everyone is talking about the death of the author, and how it was necessary for chuck to become human and lose control over the brother's story, but the fact will always remain, no matter how you spin it, that chuck shurley was once a complex and multi-faceted character, who was caring and distant, hateful and loving, furious and forgiving, and a perfect portrayal of god for the spn universe. whatever you think of chuck now, rob infused so many layers into his characterisation in season 11, despite only appearing for 4 episodes.

    and andrew dabb completely retconned it all, and transformed a character with 14 years of background and development into a one-dimensional flat villain with no exploration as to why he turned out this way, and no discussions or introspection, and no references to season 11. not to mention he retroactively altered one of the most popular and well-loved episodes of the entire show (don't call me shurley). all for the sake of a dramatic plot twist, and to make his over-powered oc the new god. and, for that, i will always be angry.


    Oh my Chuck, this sums up everything I have been feeling since season 14's finally. Thank-you!

    supernatural spoilers out of context that sound like crack but are actually canon:

  • sam gets choked by his hero; Ghandi.
  • Castiel, an angel of the lord, insists that he was never in Dean Winchester’s ass.
  • Bobby made out with the king of hell.
  • Dean chokes on a sausage and dies.
  • Sam beheads Paris Hilton.
  • Dean goes on a pizza date with Death.
  • “FIGHT THE FAERIES!” -Dean Winchester.
  • Dean gets abducted by aliens.
  • “are we gonna kill this teddy bear?” -Sam
  • Dean met his hero, Dr. Sexy, but was able to tell it was not him because Dr. Sexy only wears cowboy boots and would never wear something as unsexy as tennis shoes.
  • one thing Dean knows for certain, is that Bert and Ernie are gay.
  • Dean barks at the postman, falls in love with a poodle, and has a shouting match with a pigeon.
  • “i’ve got genetal herpes.” -Sam
  • Dean got inside Sam and drove him around for an episode.
  • “no one’s going anywhere till Sam’s got opposable thumbs.” -Dean
  • the king of hell was sold for three pigs.
  • Sam married God’s ex.
  • politicola

    From a friend...

    So if you didn’t catch this mornings shitshow, it went basically like this:

    The CDC put out its official recommendations and requirements states should meet before reopening schools.

    Trump went to twitter, shitted on the CDC recommendations, demanding that k-12 schools fully open up in the fall. He threatened to cut federal funding if they do not.

    Then the coronavirus task force held a press conference, minus Fauci, because he’s on the President’s shit list.

    Betsy Devos said she really really really wants kids back in school. She does not know how to do this, offered no suggestions. Just that they need to open, and leaves it up to local officials to figure it out.

    Vice President Pence said children are resilient. Basically made out of cartilage with healthy lungs. They probably won’t get sick, so we shouldn’t worry about them. There is also no disagreement between the CDC and Trump. Trump wants schools to open, and just doesn’t want the CDC’s guidelines to be the reason for schools not opening?

    Yes, he actually said he doesn’t want states to keep their schools closed just because their own CDC says it is not safe to open.

    So the VP says, don’t worry, let’s bring up the Director of the CDC to clarify. -And I could‘ve sworn I heard this guy gulp off camera.

    But the director of the CDC comes up and says he also wants schools to open safely. He said he likes his job and wants to keep it, therefore, he is also in full agreement with Trump, despite the guidelines they released hours before.

    So then Dr. Birx comes on and says half the country has seen a surge of new cases. The country is worse off than it was back at the start of all this. She said they should return to phase 1 and start all over.

    Now, an astute reader may wonder how do half the states return to phase 1, and still expect to open by fall? Good question. ..... And while you were thinking about it, Birx tries to leave the podium.

    But before she gets away, Pence stops her, suggests she ‘talk about that other thing about the children’. She hesitates, then agrees.

    She comes back up to the mic, says most children probably won’t die. Maybe 0.02%. And usually the ones who die were already sick, so you parents at home may want to keep an eye on them. Oh- and we have virtually no data on how transmissible the virus is in children because we’ve barely tested any of them, but let me get out of your hair.

    Pence comes back and says, see, we’re good here.


    So while all that is going Cuomo is holding his own press conference.

    He says I don’t even give a shit what Trump is saying. It’s not worth responding to the clown. States control school openings, and we will do it as safely as possible, end of discussion.

    Other states blew off our warnings, and now they are paying the price. You want to fix your states? Pull your heads out of your asses and follow our example.


    And Fauci has gone total rogue. He has been giving interviews across the media spectrum, politely telling anyone who will listen that following trump’s orders regarding the Coronavirus will lead to certain doom. Death and economic disaster on a scale never seen before. Please turn back while you still can.

    And now you are filled in.


    Sweet fucking Jesus


    This reads like an episode of Drunk History

    “In essence, ‘Hamilton’ is a postmodern metatextual piece of fanfic, functioning in precisely the way that most fanfics do: It reclaims the canon for the fan. In this case, ‘Hamilton'’s canon is history, and the fan, Miranda, is doing a lot more than simply adapting it. Like the best fanfic writers, he’s not just selectively retelling history—he’s transforming it. […] Miranda’s musical is fanfiction—that is, it’s literally a creative text written by a fan that reinterprets or expands on a previously existing source material, or canon. More specifically, 'Hamilton’ is a fanfic of Chernow’s biography of Alexander Hamilton, and more generally of US history itself.”

    — Aja Romano ( 

    i hate when i go up north and go to restaurants and the waiter comes to take my order and im like “do yall have sweet tea??” and theyre like “no sweetheart but we have unsweetened iced tea and we can give you some sugar packets!!!” llike no you fucking yankee because now the tea is already cold so the sugar wont dissolve in it and itll all just sink the bottom and be nasty learn basic fucking solubility this is 9th grade chemistry thats why sweet tea exists in the first place you fucking heat the tea up to make it and then while its still hot you add the sugar and then you chill it and its sweet fucking tea i bet you pronounce pecan like peecan too you four seasons-having piece of shit

    So I just had a thought

    What if supernatural creatures don’t exist anymore? What if they did once, but through the years, they slowly mixed in with humans?

    You can see the blood of fairies in the way a ballet dancer hovers in mid air before he or she hits the ground. You can see it in the way that middle school girl never forgets when someone makes her a promise. You can see it in how that one little boy in the kindergarten class seems more comfortable in the forest on that field trip than the others.

    You can see the blood of dryads in hikers who never trip over roots. You can see it in that suburban grandmother never lets any of her garden die. You can see it in that one kid who climbs a tree faster than his friends, barely looking at the branches as he goes.

    You can see the blood of naiads in the way a professional swimmer seems to command the water to help them. You can see it in how a cross country runner needs a water break more often than his teammates. You can see it in the way that one girl in your class always has a water bottle on her desk.

    You can see the blood of mermaids in a surfer who can be tossed around underwater for a long time without drowning. You can see it in a teenage boy who doesn’t have to pretend to be unbothered by the pressure when he races his friends to the bottom of a swimming pool. You can see it in the little girl who wades into every stream she sees on a hike without quite knowing why.

    You can see the blood of sirens in people who never have a problem with getting people to date them. You can see it in that soprano who can hit notes most of her fellows can only dream of. You can see it in the camp counselor who all the straight girls have a crush on, who can play guitar and sing better than any of the others.

    You can see the blood of shapeshifters in the way an actor adjusts their personality to become their character with scary accuracy. You can see it in the subconscious, barely noticeable changes a tween girl’s eyes make to match her outfit better. You can see it in the way you always lose that one friend in a crowd if you’re not careful, because he’s just too good at blending in.

    People who carry the blood of werewolves don’t change with the full moon anymore, but you can still see it in the way your best friend always knows something is wrong, though even they don’t know they’re smelling the changes in your body chemistry. You can see it in the way that one guy always seems to eat more than the reasonable amount of red meat at an all-you-can-eat buffet. You can see it in the way that one werido never has a problem when the teacher turns off the lights before a PowerPoint presentation because her eyes adjust quicker and better than yours.

    The blood of supernatural creatures may have mostly faded away. But if you look closely, you can still see it.


    TMI series but instead of Clary its John Mulaney



    John Mulaney when he finds out that he is a shadowhunter

    John Mulaney when he finds out his father is a racist mass murderer

    John Mulaney when he finds out that Jace is his brother

    John Mulaney walking around Alicante like

    John Mulaney talking about his best friend Simon Lewis

    John Mulaney when someone brings up his relationship with Jace

    John Mulaney when he finds out he did not actually make out with his brother but then later accidentally does

    John Mulaney talking about the Clave and nephilim law like

    John Mulaney at any given moment about Valentine Morgenstern

    John Mulaney when he finds out that Jace is not his brother