Lonesome pup

    At this point I’d lost all sense of time – I was lost in my world of rubber and noise. I couldn’t tell whether he’d left me here 5 minutes or half an hour ago.

    It had started like a usual club night: I got into head-to-toe rubber, and he strapped my puppy gear on me: Paws, gag, chastity belt, and my puppy tail firmly lodged in my ass. This time he had something new for me: Before I put the hood on, he had me put on earbuds. This would block some of the outside noise, and allow him to feed me custom noise if he wanted to.

    Sometime during the night he told me to kneel next to a pillar. He leashed me to the pillar and told me that he wanted me to be a good pup and stay here for a little. He tied my paws together behind my back, and put a blindfold in place. While I was sitting there blind and helpless, suddenly white noise clicked on through the earbuds, drowning out all noise from the bar. Where previously I had been content to listen to the bustle around me, now I felt completely isolated and had no idea anymore what was going on. I looked around blindly, trying to extract some meaning out of the assault on my ears, but no such luck.

    I felt a short pat on my head, and then nothing. Nothing but blindness, white noise, and my tied up paws behind my back. While I knelt obediently, I slipped further and further into sensory deprivation. I couldn’t tell anymore whether the vibrations around me were people walking around, or just my own heartbeat.

    I had rarely felt so alone, even if I knew there were lots of people around me. My handler had left me alone in the darkness. I started feeling sorry for myself, and started to become sad. I had no idea how much time had passed, but I was close to crying from loneliness.

    Suddenly the white noise clicked off, and I heard my handler’s voice, “How’s my puppy doing?” Hearing his voice felt ecstatic, and I involuntarily barked and looked around blindly. I had no idea whether he was right next to me or ten meters away, but his familiar voice immediately comforted me. “Puppy doing OK? I’m gonna be a little bit longer, so stay and be a good pup!” With that, the white noise clicked on again, and I was plunged back into isolation.

    How long would he leave me? Why was he abandoning me? I wanted to be a good puppy for him, and the longer he left me alone, the more I was craving his company, his voice, his touch! I started whining and sobbing softly to myself, with nothing to do but wait until he came back.

    Dumb Puppy

    I woke up to my boyfriend prodding me. “Hey, wake up, puppy. Open your mouth!” I sleepily opened my mouth and let him stick a piece of chocolate in there. I chewed and swallowed while I slowly came to. Everything felt kinda sluggish. I was lying on the bed in my rubber catsuit, and I was wearing a puppy hood. My hands were in rubber paw mitts.

    Oh yeah, I remembered. I was a dumb puppy. Just a stupid, dumb puppy. And the piece of weed chocolate that my boyfriend just fed me would add to the weed I’d had earlier, and would keep me stoned and stupid.

    I loved those days where I was just his stupid puppy. Where I had nothing to do but lie around, be stoned, and be played with. He’d tell me to get into my rubber in the morning, lock my puppy hood and paws on me, feed me some edibles, and give me a couple of hits of his weed pen to get me high while the edibles took effect. And I’d just sink into horny, dumb stupor.

    I hardly noticed the doorbell ringing. When the friend he’d invited over came into the bedroom, the best I could muster was a half-hearted paw wave. His friend sat next to me and started touching my rubber skin while they chatted. I didn’t quite follow the conversation, but the pets and the sensation on my skin started making me horny, and I started squirming. His friend moved the caresses to my rapidly developing hard-on. “Hmm, such a horny puppy. Do you mind if I play with him a bit?” he asked my boyfriend. “Nah, go ahead, he’ll like it” my boyfriend answered.

    As his friend rubbed my hard-on more, I instinctively opened my legs and presented my butt to him. He didn’t need much more of an invitation to drop his pants and get on the bed with me. “He is a good puppy, no?” - “Yeah, he’ll be good.” His friend put in a condom and rubbed some lube on his hard dick, and some more on my butt. My head just lolled to a side. My stupid brain barely registered what was coming, but it knew that it would be nice.

    He slowly started prodding my ass, trying to get in the right position. I moved to help him find the right spot until he slowly slid inside me. The pleasure was making its way into my brain, taking over my thoughts. I felt his dick in my butt, his hand on my dick, and my sluggish brain melted into a stoned rubber fuck puppy. Everything felt nice. Rubber on my skin, my hands just uselessly lying on my side, legs spread, and getting fucked nice and slow while my hard puppy dick was getting played with.

    He slowly increased his speed, and with that the sensations in my butt were sending stronger and stronger waves of pleasure into my stupid puppy brain. Puppy wanted this to continue forever, just being a dumb horny puppy play thing. I closed my eyes and moaned, writhing in pleasure. He kept a very light touch on my dick, but it was enough to keep me hard and make me want more. I was just riding the sensation in my butt and on my dick to higher and higher levels.

    He kept pounding me until at some point I felt myself spurting. In my stoned stupor I hadn’t even noticed the orgasm approaching, I just spurted when it came. But at the same time, I heard him moaning and grinding deep into my ass. Apparently my spasms had sent him to his own orgasm.

    He withdrew and took the condom off. “Good puppy. Well done.” My head just lolled. That’s what I was there for. Just a dumb stupid puppy, to get fucked by others, or stick my puppy dick in others. I was sure that until the day was over, I’d probably get fucked a couple more times, or fuck someone, or get ridden. It was up to them what they wanted. They could do anything they want to this puppy. And periodically I’d be fed more weed to keep me dumb and stupid.

    Tomorrow might be another day where I had to be grown up and be responsible. But not today. Today I was just a dumb puppy for him and others to enjoy.

    Fetish Weekend

    From the time I arrived at the cottage it took them about 15 minutes until they had me in gear: They had me put on my rubber catsuit and the dog hood, gagged me, locked my chastity belt on me, and put paws on me. Then they proceeded to lock everything on me – without the keys nobody would be able to free me from my gear.

    “Are you comfortable in your gear, puppy?” I nodded vigorously. “Good boy! Now, because you did so much work during our last fetish weekend, with you cooking all the time, we decided that this time you won’t have to work at all. You’ll just be our puppy for the weekend.”

    “And to remove all temptation to let you out of your gear, we’ll lock you in for the next 48 hours.” With that, he dropped the keys in a time lock safe, spun the dial, and pressed the lock button. The safe locked with a mechanical “whirr-click”. He showed me the display; it read “1 day, 23 hours, 59 minutes.”

    There was no way out for me for the next two days now. With the paws on I wouldn’t be able to do anything – they’d have to feed me, take me to the toilet, even wipe my arse. And he’d also locked the keys to my chastity belt in there – I was going to be a chaste, horny puppy, no way to get off, surrounded by hot guys in gear playing to their heart’s content.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll take good care of you. And the safe will open in time for us to have a nice long session with you before we leave.” He hugged me tight through my rubber skin, and I could feel myself growing hard … until my dick ran into the confines of the chastity belt.

    This was going to be a long two days as a puppy…