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    Renesmee, chatting to her friends at lunch: Yeah, my mom got married super young, straight out of high school, to a guy who was way too old for her. She got knocked up immediately. They kept the whole pregnancy a secret, she didn’t leave the house the entire time she was showing. My dad’s family didn’t even want to take her to the hospital to have the baby. My grandad, who was a doctor, was going to deliver me but she went into labour prematurely, like, way prematurely and they couldn’t reach him so my dad ended up having to deliver me even though he had no experience. Anyway, she died in childbirth. She was only eighteen.

    Bella, from the other side of the cafeteria:


    This may be my opinion, but we don’t need more non-lesbians making lesbian content. Instead, everyone should be promoting real lesbian content by real lesbians. That way it’s real lesbian representation.


    Yes. I'm extremely wary of lesbian stories in media. As a teen, I watched every lesbian representation that I could get my hands on. It honestly fucked me up. I wanted to see myself in films and TV, but everything I saw felt wrong. It was like watching someone cut two straight women out of their boyfriend photos and then paste them together.

    Back then, I couldn't explain why these depictions made me feel wrong. I just kept watching. I worried that the lifelong distance I felt from straight girls wasn't about my sexuality. If I felt that same distance watching lesbian representation then there must be something else wrong with me. This was one of the reasons I stopped calling myself a lesbian, or a woman for that matter. I stopped looking for connection with lesbians altogether. I even pushed away lesbian friends. It was a shitty time.

    Homosexuality is one of the most alienating human experiences. Representation can be a lifeline for young gay teens, but that lifeline is often polluted. We desperately absorb everything that remotely resembles us. Our understanding of ourselves and other gay people becomes warped by heterosexual and bisexual perspectives.

    Media is our introduction to gay life. Straight and bisexual people should not be in charge of the welcoming committee. Please stop trying to collage together gay stories from your non-gay experiences. Let gay people tell our own stories.


    watching a movie and it’s like. oh this has chronic made by a man syndrome


    Every time I’m watching something and a female character does something that pisses me off bc no woman would do/say that, I chalk it up to the fact that she’s not a woman, she’s a man’s idea of a woman. So she’s basically a man. Then I check the writers and I’m right 🤷🏼‍♀️


    But can you picture a Klingon standing at a steam wand, foaming milk to make a raktajino?

    Because I assume there’s something foamy in that coffee.


    ⚔️ Warriors work at Starbucks ⚔️


    Tbh I’d imagine that Klingon baristas are revered on Kronos,

    I just picture a Klingon waking up from an intense night of blood wine with a killer hangover, stumbling into the local coffee shop like “I require energy for battle!” Before chugging a mug of boiling Raktajino in one gulp, dramatically throwing it to the ground, and yelling “TRULY, A DRINK FOR AWAKENING WARRIORS!” then they’d just politely thank the Klingon behind the counter and leave.


    Leave? Nuh-uh. Klingon cafe culture isn't just about the 'jino. It's about the ambience, the live music, the poetry readings. Everyone knows the best fights break out on open mic night!