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Discover new ways to dominate your male. By controlling his orgasms and constantly keeping him horny, you will soon enjoy his total submission and servitude to you. He will do anything to give you pleasure, while his body is yours to tease and punish as you like.

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2020-07-20 01:38:38

    This weeks orgasm challenge: Tonight is board game night with some friends. Before the game starts inform him in private that his performance in the game decides if he gets to cum later that night. 

    More specifically: 

     If he wins: First he licks you to an orgasm, then he gets an orgasm. If you place second as well he gets a full orgasm, otherwise it is ruined. 

     If he is second: He gets a hand job while licking you to an orgasm. He gets edged twice, but doesn’t get to cum. 

    If he is third: He gets whipped and then licks you to an orgasm. His penis is not touched.

    If he is fourth: He is locked in chastity for the next week and must sit at the end of the bed and watch you masturbate. 

     Have fun during the game by pointing out loud how he is doing. «Oh you are losing honey, poor you». Imagine also his frustration when your girlfriend beats him and pushes him down to fourth place, ensuring his penis gets locked up for a week. If only she knew!

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    This weeks orgasm challenge: Play a game of scrabble. He gets a full orgasm if he can spell orgasm. If not he, but he wins he gets a ruined orgasm. If you win he gets nothing. During the game you tease his cock while it is his turn. When it is your turn he must do whatever you wish, like licking your pussy or massaging your feet. He is not allowed to look at the game when it is not his turn.

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