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    Mina is wearing a blue shiny bodysuit over black pantyhose and patent ballet boots. She is hooded and gagged tightly in our Open Mouth Hood, and Harness Ball gag, she is the zipped into a blue Zipper Armbinder and is totally helpless and securely bound. Her legs are crossed and belted at her ankles, then to her thighs. Her helpless bound single sleeve arms are secured off to one side of her body and finally her head is pulled back and secured to a belt down by her ass. A tight and helpless position, but knowing Mina… She LOVES it!

    Also, we just hit 10,000 followers! Yahoo! Love you all. Thanks for your support over the past couple of years, Restricted Senses would literally be nothing and would have never even begun without Tumblr. Much respect to all of you.


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    #leotardandpantyhose 😍


    I would so absolutely love to be dressed and bound like Mina