I need my wife’s power & control so badly.  And after 40 years of marriage, she’s only now starting to act on it.  During the past year, with both of us retired, she cleaned up all of our credit card debt – and now, I need her permission to charge any of my specific, personal requests.  That alone changed the power dynamic in our marriage and made both our lives and our financial situation much, much better.  She can still charge things for her personal interests without me even knowing … but she has certainly earned that privilege!  Instead of being angry, I find myself more & more grateful that her natural Superiority is finally coming out.  I have no doubt this will be a much better world when WOMEN control all money in our nation. Our new president is certainly on the right track with all the Women he plans to appoint to some of our government’s highest financial positions. These great Women will lead all of us in a more Feminine, Female-led future.  


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    I was upset that my wife went backstage with the bassist after the show. He noticed her in the crowd. Short, cut-off shorts, a red tank top that showcased her amazing breasts… She already fucked two other guys with my permission at this point but he was different. Maybe he was just a bit too good-looking, too talented, too desirable, I don’t know… I didn’t sleep a wink while I waited for her at home. My emotions went from anger, to jealousy, to arousal. By the time she sauntered into our bedroom four hours later, I couldn’t wait to clean her out and taste him in her…


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    …That was another great date night…wasn’t it Dave…did you enjoy watching?…

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