Feminist Dom Problems

I'm a feminist that likes when women let me lead them around on a leash and spank them. Go figure. Male, 29 years old living in D.C. Proud husband/owner of Mastershousekitten and always looking to meet new friends! NSFW stuff here definitely.

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2021-07-31 23:40:36

    Favorite fictional Mind control device/method and location?

    I personally like seduction. Like a dance, eyes and maybe kiss.

    But i also would like to fantasize about a brainwash machine. With a big screen where you put someone inside and leave them there for some time untill they are nice and compliant and know how to act :)


    My first watch of sci fi brainwashing was V  the mini series,                           Diana s conversion chamber, the sounds lights lazers, Diana s stern powerful stare reflected on the screen. oh my i soooo wanted this too. Have done a play scene with LED under car light tubes and mirrors was very enjoyable too . xx


    There’s a nice pull from the memory hole.


    In that spectacular fleshtone unitard.


    How they got that past network censors, I’ll never know.


    He’ll to the yes that scene. Informed a lot of my teenage non comic book mc fetish underpinning.


    I really love the way big-tits friend just stands there and let’s her friend manhandle her. This is the kind of bovine passivity that you only find in girls who are both dim and pretty, and have grown totally comfortable with letting others do all the thinking and just watching their own lives from the sidelines. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these girls, out a ring on it or a baby in it. If you are one of these girls, let’s get a drink sometime.


    bovine passivity 🥺


    Edging is better than cumming.


    For real though, how do you feel after you cum? Grounded, clear headed, not horny. Ready to do other things, maybe sleep. And yeah, there's a place for that - you have to look after yourself and get grounded when you need it.

    But how do you feel after you edge? Fucking delicious, ready to go again, ready to fuck more to break more always more and more pleasure and never fucking cumming because life is bliss when you're ruled by your cunt, insatiable sluts are happier. Fact.