Emasculated bottom-wives
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    obanaz4 asked :Do you have any recommendations on finding someone to treat me like the bottom I should be? asked :

    Find someone online and thoroughly discuss your preferences and needs before meeting. Make sure He is a true Man, and unapologetically so. Don’t settle for someone who is only interested in role playing games; find Someone Who will treat you like a bottom because He really believes that’s what you are. Any tendency to treat you like an equal or discomfort with treating you like a girl is a huge red flag. Find someone a little “dangerous,” Who will take you out of your comfort zone. Someone you can trust, but Who is assertive and take-charge, capable of stretching you, anally as well as psychologically.



    1. Be respectful
    2. Address Him by His preference (eg Sir, Daddy, Master, Steve, Matt, etc etc etc etc)
    3. Be ultra polite (please, thank you, ask for permission)
    4. Ask Him His opinion on your clothes and dress accordingly
    5. Be His enthusiastic fuck doll (who never says no)
    6. Clean for Him
    7. Cook for Him (bonus points for cooking for His tastes and not your own)
    8. Bring Him drinks and food when He’s relaxing
    9. Cook and serve Him as many meals as possible
    10. Wake Him up with a blowjob
    11. Edge daily to remain wet and eager
    12. Do not cum unless He tells you to
    13. Send Him random nudes and sexts every day
    14. Look your best for Him (styling yourself for HIS preference)
    15. Compliment Him every day
    16. Tell Him how wet and horny He makes you
    17. Thank Him after He uses you
    18. Don’t begin or encourage arguments; He is always right
    19. Don’t bitch
    20. Don’t nag
    21. Massage Him
    22. Care deeply for Him and make it obvious to all
    23. Strip for Him and give Him lap dances
    24. Never move away if He wants to touch you (eg public)
    25. Never waste His cum; make sure He knows that you know how precious it is
    26. Buy Him presents
    27. Don’t talk back

    Subs….read and learn!