Female Tease and Denial
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    So fucking beautiful, struggling against her bonds, knowing that any moment the vibrator would whir back to life for some random pattern and number of minutes. She seemed to begin to understand that the rest periods weren't merciful, but sadistic.

    "I'm not going to stop it. Not for a long, long time. But I'll pinch your nipples if you like. Would you like the distraction?"


    Today's fantasy is brought to you by the typo "#tease and dental" 🤣

    Laughing gas with a fun little bonus that it's also a truth serum and you can't cum until it wears off. A medical-grade vibe that responds to a combination microphone and mouth spreader so every tiny click, every word they say, and definitely every whimper you make, all make it worse.

    A very nice reward if you have no cavities.

    A painful shot of long-lasting novocaine between your legs if your oral hygiene or oral skills are lacking.

    Nice, relaxing music on headphones for you to listen to with whispers in the background.

    A special, extra-minty toothpaste they let you taste before applying a large dollop to the dentist's swirling, tooth-cleaning device and pressing a foot pedal that spreads your legs even wider...

    What else?


    To keep you on the chair you’re plugged into the chair with a dildo in your vagina, as deep as you can take it.

    Bright light in your eyes so you’re forced to close them and can’t see anything.

    They can “crown” your clit like they crown a tooth, encasing it in two porcelain half shells that fit perfectly around it and are sealed together.


    An expanded 'oral hygiene' questionnaire, including your full oral-sex history.

    The chair tilts back, and his nurse stands over your face and thoroughly checks your tongue.

    One hard edge for every single time you neglected to floss.


    They check your gag reflex, and excercize it some with a dildo. If your gagging a lot they tell you your not practicing enough at home.

    They test how big of a gag you can take and write it down in your records.

    They prescribe some of there special laughing gas to people who orgasm too frequently and know they have a problem and want to fix it. Three large inhales when they brush their teeth twice a day. It will keep them from coming for 12 hours.

    Your dom comes with you to the dentist, if you have one. They tell him everything, they don’t talk to you unless its to give you instructions or false pity. They discuss your chart thoughly with him leaving you in the dark.


    Physical, dental, and mental well-being are all managed for you. All you need to do is arrive for your two-hour bi-weekly appointments. Whether for a physical, teeth cleaning, breast exam, questions, injections, medical experiment, reward or punishment for progress or lack thereof, or just an automated and intense two-hour brainwashing session, they always start and end in the chair, and what happens in the middle is always, always for your own good, toy.

    a lil fantasy i guess

    ever since i was little, i’d imagine this one scenario to get myself off. i decided i’d try writing it out for once 🥰

    i’d be in the shower one night, and suddenly some type of gas starts coming out of the vent. amongst all the vapour in the small shower booth, i’m completely oblivious that this is even happening, but soon enough the gas makes me dizzy and light-headed, then eventually i pass out. all alone, naked.

    when i come to, i’m still alone and still definitely naked, but my wrists and ankles are tied up above my head and spread apart as far as they can go. i’m in some kind of enclosed space, almost like my shower booth, but it’s dark around me and i can’t tell where i am. my waist is locked in place as well, which makes it very hard to squirm or try to wiggle myself out of there. the only thing i can kind of make out is a tap on the wall that my legs are bound to. i jump when i hear someone’s voice, but no one’s there. it sounds like it’s coming from a speaker system of some kind.

    the person knows my name. in fact, they know a lot more about me than just my name. almost like they’ve been watching me secretly everyday for some time now.

    “welcome. you’re about to begin phase 1 of your training.”

    i scream because what the fuck. training for what? who are you? where am i? i’m terrified, but i can’t help the wetness in my pussy because i’m naked and my legs are spread wide and that somehow never fails to get me dripping. dread coils low in my stomach, but there’s absolutely nothing i can do.

    “this is the Booth. you will be in here for a while, so it might be nice to make yourself comfortable,” the speaker says a little condescendingly, clearly amused. happy, even. “your Booth is programmed to inject you every hour with a little special something that will make you pass out temporarily as well as get you a little more... excited. which will ultimately be your natural state from this point onwards. but more on that later. every hour, you will be rendered unconscious and your position changed. that is all for now. enjoy.”

    then the speaker goes silent with a beep, and the tap turns on. water begins trickling out directly onto my clit, and the light pressure just makes it even more stimulating. i jerk and start screaming, but movement is impossible and nobody answers me. i suddenly feel utterly trapped and scared, but simultaneously more turned on than i’ve ever been in my life. the constant stream of warm water on my clit drives me crazy. a few minutes of that, and the water temperature begins changing. it becomes ice cold until my cunt is numb, then scalding hot til i’m screaming in pain. then the temperature evens out to perfection again, and the cycle keeps repeating. just when i’m feeling light-headed from the constant stimulation, the wall opens up and inserts something into my ass - about the width of two fingers. i shriek and start coming immediately. my entire body is vibrating from the rush of pleasure as my eyes roll into the back of my head, but i can’t move my body away from the stream of water. i nearly pass out before another dildo - same thickness as the last - is added into my ass. this is about the largest thing i have ever had in there before and the stretch is killing me in so many good ways. i come so many times i lose count, and before i know it a syringe comes out from the wall and injects me with something that instantly knocks me out.

    when i wake up again, my body is dry and my pussy is literally dripping even though there is no stimulation. this time i’m on my stomach, legs bent behind me with my shins tied against the wall. spread apart, obviously. there are bands wrapped around my wrists and arms that are measuring heart rate and blood pressure, etc. there’s not even a warning before the tap turns on again. this position makes it so that the water hits my clit directly without the protection of the hood, and i’m so sensitive already i start drooling. a dildo MUCH thicker than the two i had before enters my ass and begins pumping, while my other hole is left untouched. then i’m gagged by another dildo the size of a well-endowed cock. but i can’t come this time. every time i get close, the bands on my arms turn off the tap and the pumping in my ass. i slowly begin to realise that all this is to make my melted brain associate having my ass and my mouth pounded/filled with pleasure. not my pussy though. by the time the hour is almost up, i can barely weave a coherent thought in my brain. i’m so gone from pleasure and frustration and NEED that i’ve basically forgotten all about how i’ve been captured and forced to be this way. either that or it no longer matters. all i’ve heard for the past two hours is the water and my own pathetic screaming/moaning. i just need to come.

    just before the hour is up, the lights suddenly come on with a loud crack. i’m blinded for a second after being in darkness for so long, but when my eyes adjust, my heart manages to drop even with my mind clouded by intense arousal. the walls of my Booth are actually see through. to my left and right, as far as i can see, are Booths that look exactly like mine. each one has a different girl in it, and they’re all either looking around wide-eyed, like me, or already completely gone from the pleasure. there are so many of us. the wall behind us is also clear, and i realise there are people watching us. people who sneer and watch and inspect us like objects up for auction.

    the speaker suddenly turns on once more with a beep. “the controls on the wall of each Booth will be open for use from the next hour. these include the water pressure and temperature, various dildos and vibrators, as well as the type and tightness of bondage. to my dear audience, please feel free to enjoy these controls to their fullest extent.”

    the humiliation overwhelms me and i’m going to cum i can’t help it - at least ruin it - when i feel a sharp pain in my arm and i pass out once more.


    This is how I plan for my long distance dom to be my key holder.

    I will lock my belt on and put the keys in here, and call him. He will watch on video as I change the password not able to see any of the numbers. If he doesn’t give me the combination as a fail safe I can sit there and go through each number possible and try to open it and eventually yes it will open but that will take hours and I highly doubt I would want to do that unless it was absolutely nessisary.

    I guess bolt cutters could possibly open this box? Or maybe I could cut into it with a dremmel tho that would probably take longer then brute forcing the lock. It’s a solid metal lock. So no my dom (unfortunately) will not have absolute control over the keys. But it’s pretty darn close. If you have any suggestions on how to give him more control please let me know!


    One option to consider is http://carlilock.com/ Instead of only him knowing, you take a photo of the combo (without knowing what it is), submit it to the site, and give him control through the site. That way, you have a failsafe because you can set limits and because if he ghosts you then you aren't stuck looking for bolt cutters.


    The Chastikey app works well too. If the video method you described proves too awkward it helps you forget what the keycode was, it’s pretty neat. And you can set a price to get the code (it’s how they make some money) so you can always get it in an emergency. 

    You can also add a game of chance to getting unlocked, which for people locking themselves makes it more interesting.


    Your most attractive quality is your desperation. That intense, instinctual need calling you to obey. You can feel it in your bones, can’t you? Your skin crawls, begging for action, a kind of dizzy energy making it so hard to sit still. Begging for a command. Begging for an opportunity to be a good girl.


    Good tease toys don't cum. Good tease toys are more attractive.


    Tickling Pet Peeves?

    Do you have any tickling pet peeves? I don't mean the things you hate but secretly love. I mean, things you actually don't like (aside from a lack of consent).

    I hate being tickled by someone with dry hands/fingers. The feel is weird and the noise unsettles me. I also hate it when people say they're going to tickle you but end up jabbing you or digging their fingers in so hard that it hurts more than tickles.

    What about you all?


    It’s super interesting to me reading the replies on this post. Some of the things that I consider pretty standard scenarios in a tickle session can make some people uncomfortable, which is perfectly valid. It’s a really good reminder that asking questions like this is imperative before any kind of play with your partner.

    Another thing to note is people new to playing might not yet know what makes them uncomfortable, so it’s even more important to take it slow with them and be super watchful for negative reactions. Invite the safeword, check in often, talk about the positives and negatives after the session etc..

    My pet peeves:

    - lack of buildup / harsh breaking of the touch barrier. This can sometimes happen with new partners. If your first time touching me is to tickle me then I won’t be in the right headspace and you’ll get muted reactions. The exception to this is surprise tickles from an already trusted partner.

    - completely silent lers. This is most important at the beginning of the session, again to help create the right headspace. If the session goes on for a long time, then there will be less talking at times, but if there is never any interaction it throws me off.

    - having to pretend I can’t get away. If you aren’t strong enough to pin me, or fast enough to overwhelm me, then make sure I’m tied so I can get lost in the helpless feeling. Again, there are some exceptions - light tickles can be quite relaxing so that’s a bit different. Also, I once had a session where there was a D/s element and I was ordered to keep my arms up. This worked because I was in the headspace where I liked doing what I was told and wanted to be good 🙈

    - hairbrushes without lotion/oil


    Don't you dare come at me with kitchy koos or baby talk of any sort.

    Even the "tickle tickle tickle" stuff really squicks me out, like bad, like to the point i will physically shut down &feel sick.

    Infact, all tickle talk is really out for me during scenes 🤷🏻‍♀️


    Submited fantasy: Company Intranet-Enabled Belts

    Someone who wished to remain anonymous sent me a lovely message recently!

    So I had a dream where I got some new job and all the stuff had signs that said “No Humping” which was weird and then they put a chastity belt on me and some form of vibrator that would tease me when they wanted, which was most of the time, but rarely let me cum.

    And there was this software they gave me that you did things on (think any form of phone game today) and it would influence how the vibrator worked. Like, if you made a match or whatever equivalent, it would ramp up a bit from the near constant low hum. Certain levels had a “chance” to go over, like 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, 100, etc. but they became increasingly far appart the more you used the softwhere And you rarely, rarely got to cum. But you kept doing it because like all phone games you thought you just had to do the stuff faster or better not knowing it was mostly just luck and you where just putting yourself farther into a downward spiral of edging.

    So yeah, stuff like this is my favorite fantasy and I’ve only ever told my boyfreind before but id love to see writing like it so, if it inspires you, have fun with it. Also, none of this is properly punctuated or capitalized cus I’m tired. Sorry. Also, please keep me anonymous… this is apparently way too long for an ask and I’ve never talked to any tumblr people before.

    (I fixed some spelling and punctuation errors.)

    This is… this is the gift that keeps on giving. I love how this presses my #institutional, #office, #unfairness, and #Be Careful What You Wish For buttons!

    Soooo many possibilities! Imagine the use of operant conditioning! Imagine doing work where performance metrics could be gathered in real time, and used to align your pleasure with corporate goals. Imagine customer service, or an office temp company, or a cleaning company, or telemarketing. Imagine ways that computer-based-training would become more efficient if every question on the quiz was accompanied with immediate physical feedback!

    And that doesn’t even touch on daily culture and interactions within such a company! What if you had a certain number of ‘points’ to give out, each day, and if you gave them out, you got bonus points to send the next day. Points would be given and received within the corporate chat, email, tasks programs, and even some games, so any time you marked something complete or someone just wanted to send a thank you, they could, like an employee recognition program so that when you checked your email and someone thanked you for something, you’d feel a tiny little pulse of immediate gratification the instant you read it.

    Belted employees would be required to wear employee badges that had a camera, microphone, and a screen that displayed whatever the company wants, and a QR code (2-d barcode). Your business cards and nameplates would also have your QR code on them. If an average phone scanned it, it would open their phone’s web browser to your public-facing employee bio page. Some of this you could control such as any extra photos, etc, you’d like to provide, and some you couldn’t, such as your employee photo, information about your belt including how long it’s been since your last orgasm, and a space for them to write comments or suggestions to your manager about your performance or anything else.

    However, if they had the company app installed on their phone then scanning your badge would add you to a list of people they’ve recently scanned and present them with all information they were allowed to access, including all messages, photos, and video tagged with you that they have access to. They can also rate you according to criteria specific to your position, plus ‘unofficial’ ratings that are already on your bio or that they want to add.

    Non-belted employees and important customers have much more access within the corporate site than you do, including some very interesting ways to use and gain points. Asking/attempting to see what you don’t have access to, especially about yourself, is reported to a special group within HR for disciplinary action. There’s also a research division within HR, always looking for ideas or employees to enroll in one of their pilot programs, some of which are more intense than others. Some of new features of the app are thanks to meticulous research from this group.

    There is a gym with high-tech machines. Meeting your fitness goals is instantly rewarding. There are also group exercise classes, such as yoga, spinning, and aerobics.

    Many games will allow you to bet points against other players. Tetris and a competitive word puzzle game are favorites. There is also ways for employees to participate in all sorts of prediction markets, official and otherwise.

    One of the most popular games on the app is “truth or dare”. Answering questions or doing dares as assigned are ways to get points. Failing to do them have their own costs. Immediately after the truth or dare, you are allowed to rate the question or dare by how much it aroused you to complete it and an overall rating. If you submit questions or dares into an “ideas bank”, you get points as others assign them and others enjoy them. As such, the game is rather self-tuning to be as entertaining as possible. It’s one of the few games where the top of the leaderboard is officially recognized at the annual company retreat.

    Another popular mechanism of the site are “achievements”. Accumulation of achievements don’t just give you points, it increases your daily points to give out, and changes the point costs for you in ways that are more… fun. Some of these achievements are easier to unlock than others.

    Non-belted employees, of course, have more points to use, for or against you, at their whim. Despite numerous rewarding pulses throughout the day (plus some ones that might be random) whether or not you have a chance to cum is in large part up to them, though your manager and specific HR staff monitoring your performance has a lot to do with it.

    There are so many other areas I can think of that would provide interesting story prompts, too, such as the HR staff of “handlers” themselves being belted employees, hand picked, their belts constantly urging them to be in constant competition with each other to find new ways to encourage their assigned employees to keep their scores high.

    Hey, @aforkinchastity, does ODTC have a phone app? Have you thought about it? Imagine if they went after corporate accounts, complete with tailoring the app to the organizations or even supplying the belted employees on an outsource basis, in addition to marketing to individuals!


    This was me, a little over two years ago. It took me forever to find this post. But I find it fascinating and it’s one of my favorite fantisys.


    someone on twitter just said my voice sounds like a slightly chubby white man in his thirties who works at Comedy Central

    it is both the hardest roast and also the most depressingly accurate prediction for my future that I’ve ever received


    I had someone think I was a woman to the degree that he assumed my avatar (a close-up of my eye) was my bf or some such, and tried to neg me by saying that the guy in my avatar (i.e. me) looked like a ham-cheeked keebler elf! 🤣 It was my 2nd-favorite hate mail I've received!


    This is a graph from my Health Science: Human Sexuality textbook showing the female sexual response in various scenarios. In case you're having trouble making it out, that red line there is an example of the sexual response to edging. Notice how much longer the resolution is? That resolution is how long it takes for you to stop being horny. Scientific proof that edging creates horny good girls!


    It’s science ladies...be a good girl...wetter is better and denied is best ❤️


    Your page has just made my cunt so drippy 😍 I got my first dildo recently and I’ve loved using it while I’m edging but I want to tease my pussy more and I’m trying so hard to make myself squirt with it too but I can’t yet. I really really want to fuck my ass with it too but I’m too scared but I know if i fit it in my ass I could edge for hours and hours fucking my ass and making my brain numb 🤤 do you have any advice or any techniques you use to make me more drippy and more dumb? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    You’re very welcome for the drippy hole 😈…as for advice? Keep edging…don’t stop…and most importantly…DON’T CUM! Ever. Wetter is better but denied is BEST!…another tip? Try edging in unconventional ways, like pillow humping, rubbing against furniture and other objects like that…start with a small plug in your ass before trying that dildo in there, you’ll thank me for that later…once your ass is more comfortable being filled regularly start edging ONLY when you have a toy in your ass…puts you in an even deeper mindset…and last tip? Try listening to some audio files over on SoundCloud, just search edging/orgasm/etc and you’ll find some…my favorites? I love listening and/or watching other girls getting to cum and squirt everywhere while I only suffer with edging…

    Good luck and happy rubbing!


    Good tease toys make good tease toys.



    We come into our D/s relationships thinking they will mainly consist of just D/s aspects. Submitting to a partner, the physical play and the growth as a submissive. This isn’t all that can happen though. Through our D/s relationship we grow as a person too, not just as a submissive.

    Looking back at the person I was in the early days of my relationship in comparison to how I am now I see many changes for the better. Some are changes that would have happened over the years naturally but many have come about as a direct result of having a Dominant learnt in my life who has helped support me and guide me in areas of my life I wanted to change. Maybe even some I didn’t know I wanted to change until they happened.

    The changes are not down to him micromanaging me or ordering me around or dictating what I will or won’t do. They come from him listening to me, understanding me and wanting the best for me and letting me make those changes at a pace I am happy with. The respectful way he has treated me from day one helped me to see my own self-worth as both as submissive and a person.  He has never raised his voice to dominant me. He has never bullied me into obeying his orders or used emotional blackmail to get me to do what he wants. A dominant who feels those things are the way to control a submissive is missing the whole point. A submissive gives freely when they feel empowered by Dominant and know their Dominant respects all aspects of who they are and who they want to be.


    This ☝️

    D/s is not about ordering around. It is about trust and understanding. Knowing your partner even deeper than they know themselves.



    Today is two weeks from my last orgasm. It is not the longest period of denial, but somehow this time it feels different.

    I edge constantly, my Owner plays with me more often and I am not allowed to cum without explicit permission. Three of these factors led me to a new feeling that I have never experienced.

    I don’t feel the desire to cum. Absolutely.

    Yes, I want to edge.

    Well, I need to edge.

    I am aroused like never before.

    But when I am on the edge, I don’t want it to stop. The desperation is so strong, so pleasant, I don’t want it to stop. I want to feel the arousal for eternity. I feel myself so obedient, so losing control, so weak. And I feel that my Owner is so powerful, so in charge, so strong.

    It seems I gave up. I became an edging slut, who wants only more edges and to obey her Owner.

    I sob, I moan, I beg.

    “Please, I can’t… Please, don’t allow me to cum.“


    Holy fuck! That was a rush to even READ! I can't imagine what that must feel like for your owner. :-)

    This is Mine.

    This my collar, and my commitment. It does not attach me to anybody, but my submission.

    It is an extension of how I feel on the inside. It represents the journey I have taken, and the journey I still have yet to go. It represents the healing I have done and the healing I still have to do.

    It’s the symbol of the journey I have chosen.

    I am a bimbo

    I am an object

    I am property

    Denial makes me better, denial completes me.


    this is annoying

    i just read an ask (not mine) that was ‘why do you do xyz to subs?“ and dude answered, “because they hate it.”

    i cannot STAND the idea that we (subs) are supposed to hate the things that are done to us. i do this shit because i crave it. i need it. i love it. it connects me to a partner in ways that vanilla relationships don’t. it makes me feel strong and confident and joyful.

    i get that not everyone is like me, not everyone does kink in the same way, but this concept that ‘subs should be pathetic and miserable’ is damaging to the kink community in the long run, and damaging to new people exploring this side of themselves, and damaging to the individual. it feeds actual abuse and mistreatment, and makes people reluctant to stand up for themselves.

    it also feeds the stereotype that kink is all just pretend roleplay. it can be, roleplay is a thing that some people enjoy, but if you are *actually miserable* then it’s not roleplay. if you are *actually miserable* then it’s not kink.

    if you do not derive joy from however you structure your sex life, then please keep exploring, keep moving forward. communicate openly about what you like and want. and do not be afraid to stand up for yourself.


    I often saw posts from people who reminded everyone how being submissive means deriving pleasure and therefore automatically not being miserable from the treatment just because they do it for someone.

    The idea that submissive in itself is just and only doing whatever your dominant tells you.

    I’ve seen great examples of how this can work.

    But as with everything in life this kind of submissive is not for everyone. Not everyone can live up to this amount of giving up.

    Another person wrote something about: when you are not submissive like that that is fine but don’t call yourself a submissive then. You are a fetishist that enjoys kink.

    I can’t agree with that either even though I see some truth in it.

    But the thing that is overlooked is still how diverse relationships and peoples needs can be. How labels are a start but in the end never enough to explain all about the person.

    And the label sub, in my opinion, should not just apply to perfectly obedient people who do everything that is not a limit as their owner says.

    I can be less subservient and yet be subservient.

    The part that both peoples needs have to be fulfilled in a relationship is so important.

    And there might be more to the needs than just being lead by someone and taking anything they throw at one.

    Anyway most of these problems come from not having built a mutual understanding and relationship around the things that make both people happy.