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2021-04-22 14:37:16

    Slow blinks at you to let you know I'm comfortable in your presence and don't consider you a threat


    I do this with my cat so often that I have unintentionally done this with people several times


    Same lmao


    You think that's bad? I was raised with goats and I still slip up sometimes and snort at people while bugging my eyes out and rearing back my head when they make me uncomfortable


    look if someone makes you uncomfortable enough to act like a goat at them, they have it coming


    CPD just killed a fifteen year old child.


    a fifteen year old black girl was shot four times in the chest by columbus police in columbus, ohio.

    as derek chauvin was found guilty, a black child lost her life to police.

    we still don’t know her name, but we’ll scream it the minute we do.


    “well that can’t be worse”

    except it is.

    except this child got jumped by the other girls present. she was afraid for her life enough to grab a knife and call the cops herself.

    let me repeat that.

    the black child that they killed was so afraid she called the cops herself.

    they killed the very person who asked for their help.

    and before you flip over the knife, they didn’t even ask her to disarm. they got out and immediately opened fire on her and shot her four times with deadly intent.


    did y’all think i was kidding.


    her name is ma’khia bryant.

    i’m such a small blog but i’m begging y’all to spread this story. i can’t speak directly to this- no matter how hurt and angry and thrown by all of this i am, my voice isn’t the one that matters. i recognize that. but i’m still begging for this to not be overlooked. say her name, remember her- remember that this fight never ended, and keep fighting it.

    derek chauvin being found guilty is a victory, but we can’t let that blind us to the fact that this has kept happening and never actually stopped. even if the protests went quiet, that doesn’t mean things changed. we have to hold them accountable and we have to remember those who have died and will continue to die beneath the shadow of everything else that’s happened this year.

    my heart is going out to her family.

    rest in peace, ma’khia.

    behold. my quite specific dni list

    dni if: you cannot do long division, play idol gacha games, like white chocolate, like anime men, have your permit/license, can ride a bike, use snapchat, take prozac, know what baldi's basics is, use ibis paint, listen to hozier, have over 400 followers, have never read an x reader fic, wear vans, your queue tag is a pun or a saying or whatever, are active on twitter, have considered moving from tumblr to twitter, have a nature aesthetic, don't think mcdonalds is good, can play rhythm games successfully, don't use a vpn, have remade more than once, can make gifs, don't know what sweet tea is, are under 5 feet, have never played an instrument at some point in your life, have ever made a "how about you get among some bitches"-esqe joke, rb people's promos but don't follow them, don't like broccoli, play/have played csgo, you know anything about astrology, your first name and last name start with the same letter, you have a car from the years 2004-2013, are good at first person shooters, main yellow in among us, don't know what the capital of belgium is, have never listened to pearl jam, are the first kid to be dropped off when you are being taken to school, wear contact lenses, like the feeling of velvet