Fessée Cul Nu
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2021-04-11 16:21:52

    The rather strict lady with the riding crop on the left is Rosie.

    Rosie Bottom, to be precise, the owner of the ‘Blushing Buns Cafe’.

    The two girls are her waitresses who are in big trouble, Kate and Charmarie.

    Why are they in trouble?

    Glad you asked!


    The cafe is in the antique centre where I sell my wares, in the day time it is just a lovely, cosy, cafe, I often write these there. But at night, I use it sometimes, to put on a spanking show.

    Naughty waitresses get my guests orders wrong, they spill things, they fall out, even fight. So the owner, Rosie spanks them at the table, some customers even help.

    But if they persist, the waitresses are stripped naked, and made to dance as they are tied to the counter.