Oh, your buddy? Yeah, he’s mine now, bro. My slider shorts to wear under my baseball pants for every single game from here on out, never washing him. For him, it feels like his arms are wrapped around my sweaty ass in a permanent hug, and his mouth is stuffed with a cup, filled with my big dick and sweaty balls. There’s no going back for him now. But hey, if you wanna join him, I can arrange that. I bet you’d make a good jockstrap!


    You trusted the man from the club…You trusted he would be kind, gentle and fun…You trusted him when he said he would take care of you…look where that trust got you. Tightly wrapped up in a shiny rubber suit, unable to free your arms, legs or cock. Unable to speak because you have to focus on breathing through a tube, unable to think of anything else other than the throbbing butt plug that’s filling your hole. He owns you now because you trusted him. I bet you trust that this is a 1-off play session to amuse him. He’s keeping you…trust that.

    Playing soldiers: agreed to learn what it’s like to be captured. He said: “I can disable you just like they would do in real life. A single piece of cord.” 

    He showed me the cord. “OK”, I said, a bit more doubtful.

    Slip knot over one wrist and puled tight before I could get out a word. Cord pulled round under my throat and back down to the other wrist.

    “Fun huh?”

    It was fun. And secure. Fun, even the long cord round my ankles and yanked back and tied to my wrists. That sort of burned. Made me sear and try to stretch back my legs out straight but the knot was already in place.

    “Now you know. Single cord, Jamie boy. But of course there’s a next stage. They want to now where the rest of your unit are.”

    “Come on Chris. Untie me.” “Sorry Jamie. In real life, the bad guys don’t play fair. They make you talk. Or maybe have fun just making you beg.”