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    I’m getting really tired of the wise serene pacifist trope in fiction. Every committed pacifist, prison abolitionist, antiwar activist, etc I’ve ever met in real life has been vibrating with compressed rage at all times. Do you know what it’s like to believe deeply in your heart that doing harm to others is wrong and the goal of society should be to alleviate suffering for all people and live in the United States of America? IT’S NOT FUN. Show Us The Pissed-Off Pacifists. 


    Dude there might be a word for the emotion that is forged when someone’s deep abiding love and compassion for all people and living things welds itself into decades of built-up foaming fury at how those people been treated their whole life by those in power to create a sort of alloyed super-commitment to a set of ethical principles but i promise you “tranquility” is not that fucking word

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    For reference, this is what she’s talking about :

    In conclusion: Fanfic is important, there’s nothing wrong with writing or enjoying it and the cast and crew of Good Omens are a gift.


    This is such a big thing for people in the fanfiction community. Years and years of being told that fanfiction isn’t real writing and that it’s wrong or disgusting. The message that Neil, Michael, and David send is so important for the kids in fanfic that feel ashamed or guilty about writing or reading fanfiction.


    an important fact to learn about materials is that most metals aren't as strong as you think they are, and most plastics are much, much stronger than you think they are.

    Wood, on the other hand, does pretty much exactly what you'd expect.


    Well, I mean, it would.


    Another lesson: There is no such thing as steel.  Add more carbon and suddenly you’re harder, but not as tough. Add some chromium and get rid of a little carbon, and now you’re “stainless,” by some definition. Then add a tiny bit of molybdenum and remove a little nickel and you’re super corrosion resistant and can sit in seawater all day. Get rid of the chromium and add some cobalt to the molybdenum and you’re not stainless anymore, but you can cut through God.

    Steel is non-magnetic, unless it is, and has nickel in it, unless it doesn’t, and will rust, unless it won’t. There are more varieties of “stainless” steel than there are Pokemon. “High carbon steel” means nothing. Sometimes there’s boron in there? Or just change the amount of nickel very, very slightly and now everything’s different.

    Things get real wacky when you start talking about copper. I’m using three separate copper alloys in one design right now, one of which can only be manufactured by 3D printing! I once heard somebody speculate about using halfnium instead of niobium in one of the several slightly different copper-chromium-niobium alloys we were considering. Metallurgy is bonkers, and I love it.