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    femdom archive: a collaborative masterlist


    1. About the Archive

    I’ve been asked a couple of times for femdom blog recommendations.  After Tumblr’s unfortunate decision to ban different types of (adult) content, many great blogs disappeared or simply became inactive. Additionally, there’s been a post circulating since forever - you probably saw it already - about a “femdom archive”: you reblog it, and your blog would supposedly be added to a certain type of online database of femdom-related content, so you could find more resources and content creators, but the idea never seemed to have gotten off the paper. At least, I never saw any results. So, since this is all about building a sense of community and creating together a space for free expression, I decided to take initiative and to start our own sort of femdom-archive: a collaborative one. Here’s how it works.

    2. What I’ve done already

    I just listed a few blogs that came to my mind which post content related to female domination in different formats (from femdom and female-led, to femme fatale aesthetics, role reversal, etc). If you’re looking for some people to follow, they might be a good start! I separated them between “dommes” and “subs”. (Please forgive me if I categorised your blog in the wrong section, it’s a lot of people to keep track of). I probably forget to include a lot of great blogs, so don’t take it personally or anything: I just listed down some of the names that came to my mind first and that featured lastly in my activity feed. 

    3. Criteria for including a blog in the list

    The blogs I’ve added are diverse with different aesthetics and they post about different things. Ideally, it would be perfect if we could list them by themes but that’s impossible, because (1) it would be too much work, and (2) people don’t necessarily post exclusively only about one theme all the time, after all these blogs are just as complex and crazy as we are, which is a great thing. Apart from the basics (e.g. blog being that of an adult +18/no minors), my main criteria for inclusion was asking the following question: has this blog been active at least over the past 2 or 3 months? If so, then they got included! 

    4. What you can do

    Reblog this and add some names of blogs you follow, recommend, etc. No need to separate them between “dommes” and “subs” like I did. Just reblog and add a few suggestions of your own.  It would be nice if you could add and tag at least 5 people. This way we can keep it going and discovering new blogs! But any of your suggestions will be welcome, no matter how many people you tag.  

    5. Important observations

    Please notice you might gain some followers out of this, and/or might witness an increase in traffic to your blog. If you’d like to have your name removed, contact the person that tagged you and ask them to remove you from the list (myself included, please). Also, if you’re following someone new, be respectful and polite: don’t approach people you see on the list with annoying questions, or being rude. It will only result in you getting blocked. So keep it civilized. 



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    please, reblog the hell out of this so it reaches everyone, and leave your suggestions!



    What a great idea to curate people whose interests run to Femdom, female led relationships, and bdsm.


    29th Domme on the list my favourite


    for me, this or other lists where i am be listed as sub,slave, pet, included as absolutely life-long mandatory under FEMALE DOMINATION. It obliges me forever to be able to be slaved real BY ADULT WOMEN as slave,serf,sub,animal, pet,cattle to life,obey,serve lifelong UNDER ADULT WOMEN, without any possibility for me to go back, or get freedom and independence back, for me it’s absolutely reality without any kind of redemption of this obligation.