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2021-01-27 03:22:05

    A reminder that antifacism is a thing you DO, not an organisation you JOIN.

    Calling a hotel and telling them a KKK chapter rented their ballroom for a meeting is antifa action

    Pulling down posters promoting hate groups is antifa action (and if you do, use your keys, not your hands. Some groups put razor blades behind their postings to hurt anyone who takes them down)

    Addressing local tensions in your community by participating in food drives and supporting disempowered folks can be antifacist, as facist groups will use community fears to stir up hate and gain power.

    Going to an event where a figure whom fascists tend to align with and peacefully protesting is antifa action, whether that speaker thinks they’re fascist or not.

    It’s not a club, religion, or organization. You don’t pay dues. Being antifa means actively trying to prevent fascism from being built, usually in local ways that respond to immediate community needs. If you see ANYTHING that talks about officially joining a group or organization, it is SUSPECT.


    It’s like Anonymous, they’re not actually a real organization but old white people think they are.