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    Police officers shoot and kill Kid in Los Angeles: ‘He ran because he was scared’

    Andrew Heney, owner of the Freeway autoshop, told a local CBS affiliate: “We had a security guard that was out front, because we had just had certain issues with people tagging and stuff like that.”

    “And then the police came up, and they pulled their guns on him and he ran because he was scared, and they shot and killed him. He’s got a clean background and everything. There’s no reason.”

    The sheriff’s department are claiming Andres Gyuardado had a gun but the autoshop owner and witness to the shooting says that’s absolutely not true he never carried a weapon and didn’t that night.

    What’s even worse is that right after the shooting, the Store owner said the cops immediately destroyed all the surrounding security cameras, broke into the store, stole his DVR with the recordings, and then created an illegal warrant after doing all this. 

    The shop owner also states he never called the police and doesn’t understand because “There was no reason for them to be there.”



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    Call LASDHQ and demand answers:  (213) 229-170  (press 1 for english and then 8)

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    The Tulsa Race Massacre at “Black Wall Street” Took Place 99 Years Ago Today

    In the span of about 24 hours between May 31 and June 1, 1921, a white mob descended on Greenwood, a successful Black economic hub in Tulsa, Oklahoma then-known as “Black Wall Street,” and burned it to the ground. Some members of the mob had been deputized and armed by city officials.

    In what is now known as the “Tulsa Race Massacre,” the mob destroyed 35 square blocks of Greenwood, burning down more than 1,200 black-owned houses, scores of businesses, a school, a hospital, a public library, and a dozen Black churches. The American Red Cross, carrying out relief efforts at the time, said the death toll was around 300, but the exact number remains unknown. A search for mass graves, only undertaken in recent years, has been put on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who survived lost their homes, businesses, and livelihoods. Property damage claims from the massacre alone amount to tens of millions in today’s dollars. The massacre’s devastating toll, in terms of lives lost and harms in various ways, can never be fully repaired.

    Following the massacre, government and city officials, as well as prominent business leaders, not only failed to invest and rebuild the once thriving Greenwood community, but actively blocked efforts to do so.

    No one has ever been held responsible for these crimes, the impacts of which Black Tulsans still feel today. Efforts to secure justice in the courts have failed due to the statute of limitations. Ongoing racial segregation, discriminatory policies, and structural racism have left Black Tulsans, particularly those living in North Tulsa, with a lower quality of life and fewer opportunities.

    On the 99th anniversary of the massacre, a movement is growing to urge state and local officials to do what should have been done a long time ago—act to repair the harm, including by providing reparations to the survivors and their descendants, and those feeling the impacts today.

    Under international human rights law, governments have an obligation to provide effective remedies for violations of human rights. The fact that a government abdicated its responsibility nearly 100 years ago and continued to do so in subsequent years does not absolve it of that responsibility today—especially when failure to address the harm and related action and inaction results in further harm, as it has in Tulsa. Like so many other places across the United States marred by similar incidents of racial violence, these harms stem from the legacy of slavery.

    There are practical limits to how long, or through how many generations, such claims should survive. However, Human Rights Watch supports the conclusion of the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (recently renamed the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission)—a commission created by the Oklahoma state legislature in 1997 to study the massacre and make recommendations—that reparations should be made.

    Read more

    Some historians call this the “Tulsa Race Riot.” It was not a riot; it was a massacre strictly towards Black people. Calling it a “riot” takes the accountability off of white people and remixing their history…as usual. It was an ethnic cleansing at the hands of angry white mobs who took their asses over there to the Greenwood District to shoot and drop bombs (provided to them by government officials) on Black victims. They hated the existence of Black people succeeding, happy, minding their damn business, solely supporting Black businesses, and displaying economic growth that they couldn’t get their hands in. Still do.

    The rest of that article above goes into extensive detail on the need for reparations and the aftermath (education, health, redlining, etc) for Black Tulsans now.

    The video below from Vox goes into details “Black Wall Street” before the ethnic cleansing with footage included from that time, as well as the massacre itself and the aftermath. For example, white people distributed photo postcards of the ethnic cleansing as souvenirs:

    Dr. Olivia Hooker was the last survivor of the Tulsa Race Massacre. She passed away in 2018 at the age of 103. She was a professor and psychologist for children. How interesting. Seeing something so traumatic done to your people as a child and dealing with PTSD to then go on and treat children. This was her:


    What's up with that creepy reblog of the kid in the first frame and then the muscle bodies in the following frames?


    “without the police there would be mayhem”

    Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) was watching educational documentaries last night


    No??? You can donate food that is given to people who want it. I haven’t heard of them being low on supplies. There has also been some food vendors there. But why would they be low on food ?? They are still in a city and people can come and go.


    There’s been a widespread effort to start several lies about the CHAZ, including food scarcity and supposed chaos, but everyone I know locally who is there has said it’s all well supplied, calmly run, and feeling wonderfully supportive and communal.


    Yeeeaaah, the Seattle Police Department has been running a constant disinformation campaign since we didn’t torch the police district like they wanted. They have been poking the bees nest that knows not to sting back and they are furious. So here’s some accurate first-hand information:

    -The Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is only in name. The people inside do not want to secede from the US, only make it and the city of Seattle better. This zone is just a project to show what life would look like if we didn’t live in constant fear of police making us criminals to inflate their budget and private prisons

    -Local businesses are not being extorted like the SPD claims

    -IDs are not checked at the border. I mean, what database are people supposed to check IDs through if they were?

    -There are no warlords. The pictures of protesters with AR-15s you are seeing are after the people banded together when they heard there were heavily-armed white supremacists and neo-nazis marching up to face them (hoax broadcasted on the SPD scanners since they knew protesters were listening in and wanted to cause chaos)

    -You may have heard of someone declaring himself the king of the area. There was someone that attacked a white artist for spraying over a black artist’s work and made those threats in the moment. The attacker has apologized to the white artist since. He is not recognized as the leader by anyone in the area since there is no leader

    -SPD says they were ran out of their precinct. In reality, they emptied the building and left it before walking away, leaving the protesters to just… have it

    -There’s no border. People can come and go as they please. The only barricades are to protect people inside since a police officer’s brother drove in the middle of the crowd and started shooting protesters a few nights prior

    -There’s a QFC two blocks in one direction and a Safeway in the other direction. Since everyone can come and go as they please, there’s no sense to run out of food or any supplies

    -Restaurants and residents are happy to see so much foot traffic! Business’s doors are open for people to use their bathrooms. Some are even offering free menu items! And it’s a lot better than the constant gunfire and teargassing the police offered. There was so much teargas the previous night (after the mayor promised a 30 day ban on teargas) it got into entire buildings’ AC systems, gassing everyone inside

    -We are still paying sales and property taxes since we are still a part of the city and the state and don’t plan to secede. The threat to power and water is foolish unless the SPD want to be extra cruel

    -There are plenty of water and medical supplies. Everyone from different parts of the city and the greater Seattle area are coming together to volunteer their time

    -Just imagine a regular street fair or music festival where people hold public round table discussions on how to improve the city and fight racial injustice

    -Most nights, the people in there watch educational documentaries on the struggles of black lives in America

    -And tonight we played dodge ball

    Take Away: We are proving that the police as they are now, do more harm to American communities than good. Abolish the police and restructure the city/state budget to improve communities. Put health and growth of citizens first. National news (especially conservative outlets) are lying to you. They are reporting only what the police are saying. The police are lying because we are threatening their paychecks and their military toys.



    A gentle reminder that the “last lynchings” were between 1981-1991, so it’s less than 40. The CRA act was passed 54 years ago. Not enough people want to hear or remember that.


    Nah black people still get lynched to this day. Multiple cases this year alone. The police just say they committed suicide. But they committed suicide in public places in the middle of the night..by hanging themselves. The police just cover the shit up because they’re in on it. If it’s deemed a suicide they don’t have to investigate. Case closed.


    It’s amazing that we only want equality and not revenge.

    What have the protests accomplished?

    5/26 4 officers fired for murdering George Floyd
    5/27 Charges dropped for Kenneth Walker (Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, who police accused of killing her)
    5/28 University of Minnesota cancels contract with police
    5/28 3rd precinct police station neutralized by protesters
    5/28 Minneapolis transit union refuses to bring police officers to protests or transport arrested protesters
    5/29 Activists commandeer Minneapolis hotel to provide shelter to homeless
    5/29 Former officer Chauvin arrested and charged with murder
    5/29 Louisville Mayor suspends “no-knock” warrants
    5/30 US Embassies across Africa condemn police murder of Geo
    rge Floyd
    5/30 Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison takes over prosecution of the murderi
    ng officer
    5/30 Transport Workers Union refuses to help NYPD transport arrests
    5/30 Maryland lawmakers forming work group on police reform, ac
    5/31 2 abusive officers fired for pulling a couple out of their car and tasing them
    - Atlanta, GA
    6/1 Minneapolis public schools end contra
    ct with police
    6/1 Confederate monument removed after being toppled by protesters -
    Birmingham, AL
    6/1 CA prosecutors launch campaign to stop DAs from accepting pol
    ice union money
    6/1 Tulsa Mayor agrees to not renew L
    ive PD contract
    6/1 Louisville police chief fired after shooting
    of David Mcatee
    6/1 Congress begins bipartisan push to cut off police access
    to military gear
    6/1 Atlanta announces plans to create a task force and public database to track police brutality in me
    tro Atlanta area
    6/2 Minneapolis AFL-CIO calls for resignation of police union president Bob Kroll, a vocal
    white supremest
    6/2 Pittsburgh transit union announces refusal to transport police officers or
    arrest protesters
    6/2 Racist ex-mayor Frank Rizzo statue remov
    ed in Philadelphia
    6/2 6 abusive officers charged for violence against residents and prote
    sters - Atlanta, GA
    6/2 Civil rights investigation of Minneapolis
    Police Dept launched
    6/2 San Francisco resolution to prevent law enforcement from hiring officers with
    history of misconduct
    6/2 Survey indicates that 64% of those polled are sympathetic to protesters, 47% disapprove of police handling of the protests, and 54% think the burning down of the Minneapolis police precinct was fully
    or partially justified
    6/2 Trenton NJ anno
    unces policing reforms
    6/2 Minneapolis City Council members conside
    r disbanding the police
    6/2 Confederate statue rem
    oved from Alexandria, VA
    6/3 Officer fired for tweets promoting violence against
    protesters - Denver, CO
    6/3 Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of A
    rt cut ties with the MPD
    6/3 Chauvin charges upgraded to second degree murder, remaining 3 officers also charg
    ed and taken into custody
    6/3 Richmond VA Mayor Stoney announces RPD reform measures: establish “Marcus” alert for folks experiencing mental health crises, establish independent Citizen Review Board, an ordinance to remove Confederate monuments, and
    implement racial equity study
    6/3 County commissioners deny proposal for $23 million
    expansion of Fulton County jail
    6/3 Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board unanimous
    ly votes to sever ties with MPD
    6/3 Seattle withdraws request to end federal oversight/con
    sent decree of police department
    3 Breonna Taylor’s case reopened
    6/3 Louisville police department (Breonna Taylor’s murderers) will now be under review from an outside agency, which will include review on training,
    bias-free policing and accountability
    6/3 Colorado lawmakers introduce a police reform bill that includes body cam laws, repealing the “fleeing
    felon” statute, and banning chokeholds
    6/3 Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announces plans to reduce funding to police department by $150M a
    nd instead invest in minority communities
    6/4 Virginia governor announces plans to
    remove Robert E. Lee statue from Richmond
    6/4 Portland schools superintendent discontinues pr
    esence of armed police officers in schools
    6/4 MBTA (Metro Boston) board orders that buses wont transport
    police to protests, or protesters to police
    6/4 King County Labor Federation issues ultimatum to police unions: admit to and
    address racism in Seattle PD, or be removed
    6/5 City
    of Minneapolis bans all chokeholds by police
    6/5 Racist e
    x-mayor Hubbard statue removed - Dearborn, MI
    6/5 NFL condemns racism and admit
    s it should have listened to players’ protests
    6/5 California Governor Gavin Newsom calls for statewide use-of-force standard made alon
    g with community leaders and ban on carotid holds
    6/5 2 Buffalo officers suspended within a day of pushing 75 yea
    r old protester to the ground, and lying about it
    6/5 2 NYPD officer
    s suspended after videos of violence to protesters
    The US Marines bans display of the Confederate flag
    6/5 Dallas adopts a “duty to intervene” rule that requires officers to st
    op other cops who are engaging in excessive use of force
    6/5 Dallas City Manager T.C. Broadnax rele
    ases an 11-point action plan for immediate police reforms
    6/6 Statue of Confederat
    e general Williams Carter Wickham torn down - Richmond, VA
    6/6 2 Buffalo officers
    charged with second-degree assault for shoving elderly man
    6/6 San Francisco Mayor London Breed announces e
    ffort to defund police and redirect funds to Black community
    6/7 Frank Rizzo mura
    l removed, to be replaced with new artwork - Philadelphia, PA
    6/7 Minneapolis City Council members announce intent to disband the p
    olice department, invest in proven community-led public safety
    6/7 Protesters in Bristol topp
    le statue of slave trader Edward Colston, throw it in the river
    6/7 NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio vows for the
    first time to cut funding for NYPD, redirect to social services
    6/7 A Virginia p
    olice officer faces charges after using a stun gun on a black man
    6/8 NY State Assembly passes the Eric Garner Anti-Chokehold Act
    6/8 Democrats in Cong
    ress unveil a bill to rein in bias and excessive force in policing
    6/8 Black lawmakers block a le
    gislative session in Pennsylvania to demand action on police reform
    6/8 France bans police use of chokehold
    6/8 Seattle council members join calls to defund police department
    6/8 Boston reevaluates how it funds police department
    6/8 Honolulu P
    olice Commission nominees voice support for more transparency, reforms
    6/8 Rights groups and Floyd’s family call for
    a UN inquiry into American policing and help with systemic police reform

    No, it’s not enough, but this is only the beginning. Keep fighting!!!

    (I adapted this list from this blog post and added sources and new entries. Please reblog with additions.)




    This has been getting a lot of notes but if you can reblog the version with the link to donate that would be appreciated!

    pride month starts tomorrow, but don’t let that distract from continuing to protest and donate in support of black lives matter. here are some black lgbt funds to donate to if you are able:

    also, i know many pride events have been cancelled due to covid-19, but if you are going in public to protest or to another event, please be careful and wear a mask. covid is still going on through all this