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    as a dm my favorite thing about starting a new dnd campaign is prepping all of these throw away npcs, and some npcs that could be worth keeping/revisiting, but knowing if you fuck up and do something like make an npc too pathetic, or name a goblin ‘devin’ or something youre going to have to account for the players deciding that this is the character they want to keep around

    the notes on this post are leading me to believe you can’t actually name a goblin anything or the players will demand to keep them around. you cant win.

    name them something dungeons and dragons style like gurzart and its memorable, cause you’re not going to mix them up with a different character

    name them something human like devin or ricardo and theyre going to be friends

    name them something like pickle and youre fucked. youre absolutely fucked. you have to give pickle a character arc now. it has to be heartwarming and heartbreaking, and so satisfying.

    i can literally attest to the npc named pickle needing to have a character arc. made an early throw away npc cat named pumpkin - the party loved pumpkin so much, pumpkin developed into a complex character arc where he is the right hand of one of the most powerful gods in game universe and has a cat husband, butternut.

    do people really still think states are reopening because coronavirus is under control and becoming less common ??? the re-opening is literally just for money. nothing has changed in real life to warrant it other than concerns about the economy.

    The economy is fairly important you know. Like, really important. To distill the economy down to just money is an epically large mistake.

    the economy isn't gonna fuck you

    im going to start a thread of pokemon drawn to the sizes of the things theyre based on

    here, i’ll start 


    also this thread is open to anyone

    A very small boi enters

    !!!!! This is Zangoose she’s pointy and I love her

    I chose the littlest ones cause the BIG ones were always tadpoles and the little ones were always poliwogs.

    A pocket sized boy

    The smallest friends you could imagine

    Can I join?


    Is Google Docs bad? Do you know of a good / safer, free, word processor? Thanks!

    All Google products are bad!

    There is an EXCELLENT free desktop office suite called Libre Office that you can download and install by clicking here: https://www.libreoffice.org/

    If anyone reading this is a college student and thinking about purchasing microsoft home and student or an office 365 subscription please just install Libre Office instead. It is WONDERFUL.

    If you’re looking to do something browser-based you should check out CryptPad, which is a zero-knowledge, encrypted online office suite with document storage and a spreadsheet maker and a complete boner for security. It allows for collaboration like gdocs does but it doesn’t track your data or store information about you because it *can’t* because all of your work is encrypted. Check out cryptpad here: https://cryptpad.fr/

    And, as usual, if you want to ditch gmail check out protonmail.

    Also maybe the best, easiest, and most important way to cut Google out of your life is to stop using chromium-based browsers because people using non-chromium browsers are the only reason that Google isn’t setting every single modern web standard and the fact that MOST internet users use Chromium browsers means that Google is de facto setting every single modern web standard.

    Here’s how to migrate from chrome to firefox: https://www.howtogeek.com/333047/how-to-migrate-all-your-data-from-chrome-to-firefox/

    (and yes, Opera and Brave are chromium browsers and I think it’s worthwhile to stop using them because SERIOUSLY everyone is using fucking chromium and Edge just switched over to chromium and please, please, please just install firefox)


    Android users install Firefox and add the ublock origin extension; iOS users install Firefox Focus.

    And reset your default search option in your browser. Other search engines do not return the same results and sometimes that’s frustrating but if you get used to just using duckduckgo as your first option and Google if that doesn’t give you an answer as a second option then you’re still doing a great job (because seriously, how many of your searches are just for basic information like spelling or history that will pop up on wikipedia or dictionary.com - DDG will totally do that even if it isn’t ideal for current news searches)

    BTW the reason I’m recommending *most* of these things is because they’re open-source, which is one of the reasons I prefer LibreOffice over WPSWriter, but another reason is features.

    Here’s what you can get in LibreOffice:

    whereas WPSWriter has only the equivalent of those first three features (which in both products are “Word” “Excel” and “PowerPoint”)

    Yo! Do you know of a decent online collaborative document editor?

    CryptPad! CryptPad is collaborative, it’s basically a zero-knowledge version of google docs and I love it.

    Collaborators don’t even need to have an account to edit.

    (cryptpad currently has a free version with a small amount of storage and a few paid tiers with larger amounts of storage, they are a tiny, open-source project, give ‘em a whirl and if you like it donate if you can)

    Damn. What to do if your institution of higher education forces you to use an Office account and Google products???

    Use two browsers and use the office account and the google products in one browser (or if you’re using firefox you can use account containers and create a specific “google” container that you use google/microsoft/facebook/whatever weird privacy violating monopoly is hosting your meetings in and keep it separate from the rest of your online life).

    as a quick heads up for students with page count requirements, there *might* be a slight discrepancy between the page counts on LibreWriter and Microsoft word...

    So for example, with 1 inch margins, 12 point font, .rtf format (not sure if this had any effect on it?) my 12 page document was 15 pages when I went to print it on campus using Microsoft word.

    Ask the Writer Game

    1.       Is there a favorite character or title you enjoy writing for the most?

    2.       Is there a least favorite character or title you dislike writing for?

    3.       Name a fanfic/story you are particularly proud of writing.

    4.       Where did you get your inspiration from?

    5.       Where do you find your motivation?

    6.       What would you say your strongest genre to write for is?

    7.       What would you say your weakest genre to write for is?

    8.       How many WIP do you currently have?

    9.       Care to share a sneak peek of a WIP?

    10.   What frustrates you the most as a writer?

    11.   What’s something you have learned as a writer?

    12.   Do you enjoy receiving feedback?

    13.   What’s one thing you like about your blog?

    14.   What’s one thing you dislike about your blog?

    15.   What made you start to write fanfiction/stories?

    16.   Any ideas you wanted to write about, but never did?

    17.   If there’s one thing you could tell your readers, what would it be?

    18.   Are there any topics you find difficult to write for?

    19.   What is something your readers don’t know that you do?

    20.   What’s one thing you want your readers to know about you?

    21.   What’s your favorite writing advice to share?

    22.   Care to share any future WIP ideas you have lined up?

    23.   Most memorable review/comment on a fic?

    24.   What future fics/events can we expect to see?

    25.   Any open question!