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    Man: What’s a matter girl, you had a little bit too much corn?

    Pig: *very long disgruntled groan which rises in pitch*

    Man: Is that a yeah?

    Pig: *shorter groan*

    Man: Okay.  Here I come, I gotta get the intoxicated pig… Look at this pig…

    Pig: *quiet snort*

    Man: Hey!

    Pig: *snort*

    Man: Are you messed up, girl?  

    Pig: *short snort*

    Man: Never seen a damn pig… Look at that, that one here’s fine, that one there is fine, this one here is turned belly up 

    Pig: *snort snort snort snort*

    Man: Hey you

    Pig: *snort*

    Man: Whoa!  Whoa!  Shit!  [Unintelligible] HOWH!  Come here girl! 

    Pig: *grunt grunt grunt*

    Man: Holy hell, fuck…I didn’t mean to do that


    “Whoa! Woah! Shit The Bed Almighty!” Is my new favorite expletive


    Studio Ghibli’s animation software will be made available via open source this month. 

    That’s right…💯% free.

    Read more on CartoonBrew.com


    This is a BIG DEAL, folks.

    Animation software is, by and large, very expensive and out of the range of most people seeking to get into animation.  As of March 26th, this software will become open source and available to all prospective animators!

    Spread the word!

    my favorite clip studio assets part TWO!!

    part one is here:https://ghostbri.tumblr.com/post/638904492274941952/my-favorite-clip-studio-assets

    general brushes:
    Crisp Gasapen (くっきガサペン)
    Arame Hat
    ching (あらめハッチン)
    Turning Shadow Pen (小回り影ペン)
    llpoint Pen Snowneko Mark (ボーペン  snowneko印)
    The G-pen of the Chan (てんちゃんのGペン)
    Ink pen. (
    rm_ a little analog-ish watercolor brush V2.5 (Crm_少しアナログっい水彩ブラシV2.5)
    opic Texture Brush
    t Oil Brush
    scratchy coloring (scratchy co
    Light water Set (薄水セット)
    Feather Pen CSP (羽ペンCSP)
    Hoarse brush (かすれブラシ)

    special effect and decorative brushes:
    Chain Mail
    Kusari Katabira (chainmail) material set (くさりかたび(鎖帷子)素材セット)
    Scales Brush Set (のうろこブラシセット)
    Aureoles (Aureoles) (really cool halo brushes. a little pricey but worth it)
    Rope brush
    Piping l
    ines and it-ish button brushes (パイピングインとそれっいボタンブラ)
    Brush Set (粒きらブ
    シセット) (cute lil star splatters)
    Bark brushes (樹皮ブラシ)
    Halo Brush (후광
    ellation Brush (별자리 브러쉬)
    Magic Glitter (魔法キラキラ散らし)
    Hand-painted ivy Brush Ivy 3 seeds + bonus (手描きツタブラシ・アイビー3種+おまけ)
    Crow Silhouette

    gradient maps:
    Illustration processing Gradeset Vol. 2 (イラスト加工ラデセット vol.2)
    Newtro Gr
    adient (Newtro Gradient)
    Dynamic Gr
    adient (Dynamic Gradient)
    510 Original (510オリジナル)
    Use in color mode around 20% gradi
    ent map (カラーモード20%前後でうグラデーションマップ)
    Soft atmosphere Gradient (ふんわり雰囲気グラデーション)

    Celestial Globe Set ver.1.8 (天球儀・地球セット ver.1.8)
    ress Shoes (ドレスシ)
    3D basic Shape (3D基本形状)


    Straight set of analog wind (アナログ風の直線セット) (i use this set for a lot of my comics!)
    Sharpening and bringing details.
    Retro Ef
    Rough hand-drawn balloons (
    free version) (雑把な手描きフキシ(無料版))
    iting Balloon Ti (手書きフキダシ)
    Medieval frame
    Textured Diagonal (ざらつき斜線)
    UniformEd House (제복 장식집)

    whenever you have free time, check these out:


    the real tragedy of beth march (i recommend this on every chance i get. it's why i find beth to be the most fascinating character in little women)

    remote control (read this because of sufjan stevens. a very good account of the tonya harding scandal)

    my grandma the poisoner (the horror i experienced the first time i read this is unparalleled. completely, utterly disturbing)

    the empathy exams (you've probably heard of this and, yes, it deserves the hype)

    exploring q slur (sigh) desire in hbo's succession (on the homoerotic undertones in succession's both seasons. need i say more?)

    celebrity culture is burning (this is from march 2020, after gal gadot posted that atrocious imagine cover)

    the age of instagram face (spot-on criticism of instagram beauty culture, fantastic read )

    the lawless energy of teen-age girls (this is a new yorker piece on an excellent photography collection depicting teenage girlhood)

    youtube channels/videos

    liziqi (her videos will undoubtedly make you feel better on an off-day, especially on the cold winter days to come!)

    goodnight moon (you will not believe the effort put into these themed asmr videos. check out her babblebrook series for cozy fantasy vibes)

    asmr in movies & tv (ignoring the one of harry potter, this playlist offers quite a satisfying experience)

    barbie movie clips (you did not know you needed this. it's a playlist of scenes from old barbie movies in extremely high definition)

    reading my old diary like it's a work of classic literature (such a fun, light-hearted concept! watch this if you feel heavy and need a lil' something to cheer you up)

    the immersive realism of studio ghibli and why miyazaki's films sound pretty (watching video essays on studio ghibli films is the highest form of self-care)

    that time disney remade beauty and the beast and why the music in the live-action disney remakes is worse than you thought (disney-bashing is another great form of self-care)

    how coraline borrows from ancient forms of storytelling (more specifically, it's a video essay on how coraline utilizes classic horror/ghost story tropes. very fascinating)

    is titanic good, actually? (a lengthy video essay on the sweeping, epic tragedy that is titanic. enjoy)

    parasite - the power of symbols and parasite's perfect montage (on the magnificent brilliance of bong joon ho's parasite)


    the mytholadies podcast (very easy listening experience and fascinating explorations of your favorite ladies from mythology. they also do themed episodes every month!)

    all three hadestown albums on spotify: concept album, original cast recording (live), original broadway cast recording (if the myth of orpheus and eurydice lives on your mind rent free, you need to listen to these. my personal favorite is the original cast recording, but all are fantastic)

    the husband stitch (the chilling short story by carmen maria machado from the collection 'her body and other parties'. this is a favorite of mine)

    the lottery (on the off-chance you haven't read this unsettling masterpiece, do it now)

    artist searches childhood bully on facebook, doesn't expect to find this (this comic changed my perspective on everything)

    subscribe (another comic i keep thinking about, this one's a critique of youtuber self-care culture)

    this post (directs to one of the best writing resources i have ever come across)

    The Great Big, Super-Amazing Grimmichi Discord Fic Rec List!


    Since we all love a good rec list, the grimmichi discord server users spent the last couple of days sharing the fics they personally enjoyed for the ship. Whether it was their First Introduction to the ship, a fic that stuck in their minds, their personal One True Fic or simply something that they enjoyed and wanted others to as well, the lovely shippers in there have provided a juicy list of reading material. 

    In no particular order, but presented with great love, you’ll find the entire list under the cut. Please note we rely on you guys to check the tags and ratings on each link, and decide for yourself if the content is for you.


    Keep reading

    my favorite clip studio assets!

    since i’ve been using csp a lot more now i thought i’d make a post of the assets i use the most for ppl looking for good stuff!

    general brushes:
    Pen + Caspar Pen (かしペンカスレかしペン) (my fav pen for sure)
    Freehand Style
    Brush Set (フリーハンド風ブラシセット) (cant recommend this one highly enough, i use it for all my backgrounds)
    ng pen
    Halftones (ススル塗れる5刻みトーンブラシ)
    non-shin pen (しんでなペン)
    SU-Cream Penc
    Noisy Ink Bru
    sh v2
    Simple Retro Halft
    one Brushes
    Smeared Paintbrush (べっ
    A breather pen (一息ペン)
    Aj’s Pencil Set

    Watercolor set (수채화 세트)
    T-marker Wind Brush Set (Tマーカー風ブラシセット)
    Watercolor marker ▲ ■ and texture set (水彩マーカー●▲■とテクスチャーセット)

    special effect and decorative brushes:
    Tights Pen (タイペン)
    Brushes 2
    ラシ(Prism Dust)
    Hand-painted effect set
    No. 2 (手描き効果セットNo.2)
    Oriental Emblem 11-20 (동양 문양 11-20) (this creator has so many amazing assets ive downloaded them all)
    brushes (りぼんラシ)
    Lace Set レース セット
    Ornate lace
    Loose h
    and-painted sprinkle brush (ゆるゆる手描きのふりかけブラシ)
    Bush pen (수풀 펜)
    Fantasy Papers
    Pearl Brush (真珠ブラシ)

    gradient maps:
    Gradient map set for hologram (홀로그램용 라데이션 맵 세)
    Gradient Set
    cb gradients 3

    The Only Perspective Grid You Need!
    3d sketch head
    Movable horse 1.8 A (可動の馬 1.8a)
    Sitting poses collection (便

    Raiku RGB Shift
    Hand-drawn Rags tool Set (手描きのロ線ツーセット)
    VHS action set

    I created a quick walkthrough on my process! You can do the same with any digital art program and brushes you like. As always, learning comes with critical thinking and if you feel this does not apply to you, then no worries! There’s no correct way to do things as long as you achieve the results you want. 

    The technique can be customized with different brush types and colours, and can be as simple or heavily rendered as you so desire. I hope it helps a little! I like to do lighting like this in my own work for a sense of atmosphere.

    Please ignore the fact I spelled complementary wrong, it’s been a long week ok lol


    Invest in yourself and you increase your income🔥


    Filtering is definitely a must!

    Here are some links to it, but also research excel, sharepoint, and PowerPoint on youtube!!!


    Citizen: *goes to college, accumulates at least tens of thousands of dollars in debt, almost burns out*

    HR interviewer: You’ve got the education, but we’re not sure you have the knowledge and experience necessary for this line of work.

    Citizen: I also…. Know how, to…. use Excel(?)

    Interviewer: *trying to hide massive work-boner while noticeably sweating* Go on….


    Lmaoooooo true. Reblogging for those looking to add marketable skills to their applications


    Pivot Tables are your best friend

    Especially if you want to work in an information technology career field. They help with understanding so many different types of data, and allow you to create visually tangible data sets.


    This is awesome via /r/Minecraft by FurryDestroyer42069 https://ift.tt/2WcsfjC


    … I hope they found a less time-intensive method of reproducing things than transcribing them into Minecraft books like medieval monks in scriptoria …


    Have you ever met Minecrafters? They will spend hours upon hours doing anything, even the most mind-numbing tasks imaginable. And the ones who don’t will hack the shit out of the game to get anything done.


    Here’s a link:

    The Uncensored Library is a massive international collaboration between Blockworks, Reporters Without Borders, MediaMonks, and the German marketing company DDB.

    24 builders from 16 countries used 12.5 million blocks to build a neoclassical building with several gardens and decorative features like a rotunda featuring flags of the world, or a massive statue of a clenched fist holding an ink pen.

    It houses information from all 180 countries in the press freedom index, with special halls dedicated to information from countries where reporters are persecuted. They include Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia.

    The Library server itself is under 24/7 guard against unauthorized modification. It’s also free to download in single-player mode.

    Please visit their site for more information, including free downloads, a video tour, and a shop.


    this is seriously peak art and human expression