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2020-08-11 19:06:05

    well, after i leaked last night, my wife finally told me “no more”, and had me go pick up some better quality protection. gotta say they hold up amazingly well after having gotten used to Walmart’s “equate” brand. And the fact that they dont need a booster means the price really doesn’t change. Here’s to dry sheets and wet diapers! 


    Such a great start to my day! woke up trying to check a my diapee like a big boy but got caught 😁 Took a little nap with Misa (always keeps me company 😍) and had Star Wars mac& cheese for lunch ❤❤ Now just have to do my homework like a big boy 😭

    Also just noticed I am at 500+ Followers! Thank you everyone!! Hope everyone is having a great day!