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    Connecting with our Guides and Angels

    I’ve been having in my head stuck for about half the day the idea of writing a post about it, so here i am. 

    A lot of people are asking how to connect to their guides or angels. Well, it’s super easy! Just talk to them! Seriously, that’s all you have to do. It does not matter if you can’t hear them or notice their signs. By starting to communicate with them, asking for help, they will help you more. The Guides and Angels are made to guide and assist us, but at times we are so set in our own boxes, that we distance them from us and they try to help us but we keep on pushing it away because “hey, i know much better what i need!”.

    So, talk to them. In your head, out loud, write, any way you want. You can sing to them, you can tell them how you feel or how excited you are about something. Joke - they love laughthing and fun! Invite them when you dance alone in your room ;) You can say anything! (just don’t be rude, that’s not nice!). Knowing their name or who they are, how they look isn’t necessary for connecting. If you feel hesitant or like you really want to know, to feel that truly there is someone up there helping you, then you can get a reading about it. But it is not necessary, they will always come whenever we ask for them, even when we call them “dear guides”.

    Then start asking for signs. You have to be open about the signs. Will take you some time, but you will understand them. Don’t expect a massive flashy sign pointing to you or hearing a voice saying “don’t do that”, that’s not how it happens. It can be a number synchronicity, it can be a picture of an angel or the name of the guide (all depends on the question you inquired about), etc. I just remembered that when i was a teenager i used to pray and talk to the guides when going to sleep and i’d ask for signs, but then i’d always get angry and complain that they didn’t send them to me. In truth, they were sent, but i was so trapped in my expectation and narrowness, that i failed to see the signs out of my vision of “how it should be”. 

    And this leads to - hearing them. Not everyone hears them and even those who do hear them, it doesn’t happen instantly. For some can be easy, for others it can take years until they might be truly be able to hear their voice or actually it might not happen at all. There’s nothing wrong with any of this. You will receive the answers through other ways: again number synchronicities, certain adverts on your dash, same name/thing popping up in your life, through music, songs, certain feelings, colours, certain thoughts, through someone else - yep, someone literally may give you the answer you seek. Even hearing a certain discussion or word when passing by someone. Again, the answers can come in countless ways! All you need to do is be open and receptive, you will notice them! Don’t be afraid, you will know what are the signs, just don’t set up expectations that will limit them. The guides reply to us through the heart, so at times we may get goosebumps, shivers or seeing sparkles randomly. All these are fine.

    I recently noticed i’m receiving some answers through songs. Parts of these songs come randomly into my head and they get stuck…. they keep on playing and playing until i figure out what the message is about from the lyrics. Some of them come when my mind is very clear, while bathing or meditating (and i meditate like 3 mins haha).  

    My advice to you is to start playing and experimenting.You have your own ways, so find them. Try different ways of getting the signs. At times when i would be traveling and be bored in the car i’d call on the guides and ask questions and request to receive the answer in one of the next 3 songs on the radio - and they did reply! But at times i’d ask to be responded in a certain way and it wouldn’t work. So play with different methods, different requests and see which work for you.

    They’re all happily waiting to connect with you :)

    PS: Oh, and don’t forget to thank them for all help! ;)

    lavender self love jar

    simple self love jar ritual

    🔮large jar
    🔮dried lavender
    🔮white candle
    🔮rose water

    🔮place a single white candle in the middle of your jar. your white candle represents the destruction of negativity.
    🔮place your dried lavender and rue around the candle, for the lavender represents healing, and higher consciousness. your rue also represents healing and health.
    🔮light your candle, and chant:

    “my body is ethereal,
    too pure for this realm.
    i light this candle in recognition of myself,
    for i am one with the wind and sky,

    🔮blow out your candle. feel the positive energy in the room. 🔮sprinkle rose water around your creation, to cleanse and protect your jar. 🔮seal your jar with a cork or wax, and follow the same steps when you need to feel a little more love for yourself.


    Crash course on fake stones/misrepresentations

    Because I have been too lazy to type this all up.


  • If your quartz has teeny air bubbles it’s glass.
  • If it’s got a fruit name it’s dyed. End of story. (strawberry, cherry, lemon, pineapple, blueberry) yes there may be some very rare exceptions-fire quartz being dubbed strawberry- but due to the rise in fakes with that name it’s generally called fire quartz now.
  • Aura quartz is a regular quartz that’s been bonded with another material. (man made)
  • Cinnabar Infused Quartz usually reconstituted and mixed together to make a red crystal.
  • Green quartz can be grown in a lab and anything that forrest green color is
  • Turquoise:

  • Magnesite and howlite look very very similar to turquoise when they’ve been dyed, magnesite will have very deep cracks in it though.
  • No there is no white turquoise. 
  • You can do a uv test to see if it’s real
  • Amber

  • Often faked with Copal. They look nearly identical.
  • Amber will float in salt water-copal will not.
  • Irradiated/dyed stones:

  • Very vibrant colors!!
  • Irradiated: (they irradiate the crystals to get a deeper or more vibrant color)

  • deeply pigmented topaz or kunzite
  • dark (almost black) smokey quartz 
  • very deep pink or red tourmaline 
  • colored diamonds 
  • some cultured pearls 
  • vibrant yellow heliodor 
  • Dyed:

  • Pearls
  • Agate
  • coral
  • other stones may be dyed as well, generally if it looks fake..it is.
  • Heat treated stones: (really not a bad thing but if you’re going for natural)

  • Amethyst-lighten color+remove brown
  • Citrine-heat treated amethyst.
  • Aquamarine-remove green
  • Ruby-clearer stone 
  • Sapphire-clearer stone
  • Rainbow Cal-Silica

  • Nope, completely fake 100%
  • Literally just car paint layered with calcite and resin.
  • Citrine: (im so sorry)

  • Much of the citrine on the market is lab made.
  • If it’s lab made it’s usually amethyst that’s been heated until it changes color
  • The bottom of these stones will be white with more color at the tips.
  • srry
  • Lapis Lazuli:

  • High quality is vibrant blue, hard to come by, and very expensive.
  • Low quality howlite, jasper or sodalite is dyed blue, and passed off as lapis.
  • Acetone will remove the dye but damage the stone.
  • Obsidian:

  • The clear green obsidian you see all over ebay is slag glass.
  • Natural green obsidian has been found but it is opaque and is more gray than green.
  • there is red obsidian as well but again, it’s not a vibrant red and is more brick colored.
  • Wikipedia is not always right.
  • Goldstone:

  • it’s glass it’s legitimately just glass
  • Opalite:

  • also glass. 
  • real opalite exists but it’s green and not commonly found
  • once again, don’t believe everything on wikipedia.
  • Bismuth:

  • Doesn’t naturally form in the crystals, lab made!!!
  • rlly pretty though
  • Hematite:

  • Not naturally magnetic!
  • Magnetic hematite is 100% man made!
  • I’ll add more as I come across them~



  • Real jade is p. heavy! A way to tell if it is real is that it’ll be heavier than it looks.
  • Jade is faked with the following:
  • Serpentine “New Jade” or “Olive Jade”
  • Prehnite
  • Aventurine quartz
  • Grossular garnet “Transvaal jade”
  • Chrysoprase “Australian jade”
  • Malaysia Jade- dyed quartz that may be called by its color – Red Jade, Yellow Jade, Blue Jade
  • Opaque dolomite marble “Mountain Jade” (usually dyed)
  • Dragon vein agate: 

  • Quench cracked, bleached, and dyed agate and some is quench cracked, and dyed glass.
  • Snowflake obsidian:

  • Being faked with a very low grade cheap dalmatian jasper.!
  • Snowflake will be gray while Dalmatian should have a lighter color
  • Hollow galena:

  • A lot of pieces have been proven to have been faked through sand blasting + similar techniques (but there may be real ones I’m not 100%)
  • Charoite:

  • Chinese Charoite doesn’t exist.
  • If it’s called that then it’s not real, real charoite isn’t banded and is more swirly.
  • Moldavite:

  • Very very commonly faked!!
  • Biggest giveaway is the ‘wet’ look a faked piece has due to the molding process
  • White moldavite doesn’t exist!!
  • Sunspar:

  • It’s really just yellow Labradorite, which isn’t a v rare gem
  • herban-druid


    Andara Crystal

  • no such thing
  • massive scam
  • literally chunks of slag glass, worth like, .1% of what they are sold for
  • rainy-day-witchcraft

    For that anon who wanted this info!!

    The Fire energy is will, desire and gut instinct.

    The Earth energy is sense, groundedness and practicality.

    The Air energy is intellect, ideas and cerebral qualities.

    The Water energy is the breakdown of barriers, creativity and intuition.

    The Cardinal energy is a forward moving energy.

    The Fixed energy is a unwavering one.

    The Mutable energy is a changeable one.

    Cardinal Fire Aries. Fixed Earth Taurus. Mutable Air Gemini. Cardinal Water Cancer. Fixed Fire Leo. Mutable Earth Virgo. Cardinal Air Libra. Fixed Water Scorpio. Mutable Fire Sagittarius. Cardinal Earth Capricorn. Fixed Air Aquarius. Mutable Water Pisces.