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    the thing you need to realize about localization is that japanese and english are such vastly different languages that a straight translation is always going to be worse than the original script. nuance is going to be lost and, if you give a shit about your job, you should fill the gaps left with equivalent nuance in english. take ff6, my personal favorite localization of all time: in the original japanese cefca was memorable primarily for his manic, childish speaking style - but since english speaking styles arent nearly as expressive, woolsey adapted that by making the localized english kefka much more prone to making outright jokes. cefca/kefka is beloved in both regions as a result - hell, hes even more popular here

    yes this

    a literal translation is an inaccurate translation.

    localization’s job is to create a meaningful experience for a different audience which has a different language and different culture. they translate ideas and concepts, not words and sentences. often this means choosing new ideas that will be more meaningful and contribute to the experience more for a different audience.


    There was an example during late Tokugawa period in Japan where the translator translated, "Я люблю Вас” (I love you), to “I could die for you,” while translating  Ася, ( Asya) a novel by Ivan Turgenev. This was because a woman saying, “I love you,” to a man was considered a very hard thing to do in Japanese society.

    In a more well-known example,  Natsume Soseki, a great writer who wrote, I am a Cat, had his students translate “I love you,” to “the moon is beautiful [because of] having you beside tonight,” because Japanese men would not say such strong emotions right away. He said that it would be weird and Japanese men would have more elegance.

    Both of these are great examples of localization that wasn’t a straight up translation and both of these are valid. I feel like a lot of people forget the nuances in language and culture and how damn hard a translator’s job is and how knowledgeable the person has to be about both cultures. [x]

    Important stuff about translation!

    Note that you can apply this to your own translations even if they aren’t big pieces of literature or something. Don’t feel bad about not translating word for word. An everyday sentence may sound odd translated literally - it’s okay to edit a little bit so it feels right!

    Oh my god, I’m about to go on a ramble, I’m sorry, I can’t help it, the inner translation nerd is coming out. I’m so sorry. The thing is–there is actually no such thing as an accurate translation.

    t’s literally an impossible endeavor. Word for word doesn’t cut it. Sense for sense doesn’t cut it, because then you’re potentially missing cool stuff like context and nuance and rhyme and humor. Even localization doesn’t really cut it, because that means you’re prioritizing the audience over the author, and you’re missing out on the original context, and the possibility of bringing something new and exciting to your host language. Foreignization, which aims to replicate the rhythms of the original language, or to use terminology that will be unfamiliar to the target culture–(for example: the first few American-published Harry Potter books domesticated the English, and traded “trousers” for “pants”, and “Mom” for “Mum”. Later on they stopped, and let the American children view such foreignizing words as “snog” and “porridge.”)–also doesn’t cut it, because you risk alienating the target readers, or obscuring meaning. 

    Another cool example is Dante, and the words written above the gates of hell: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. 

    In t
    he original Italian, that’s Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate. Speranza, like most nouns in latinate languages, has a gender: la. Hope, in Italian, is gendered female. Abandon hope, who is female. Abandon hope, who is a woman. When the original Dante enters hell, searching for Beatrice, he is doomed, subtly, from the start. That’s beautiful, subtle, the kind of delicate poetic move literature nerds gorge themselves on, and you can’t keep it in English. Literally, how do you preserve it? We don’t have a gendered hope. It doesn’t work, can’t work. So how do you compensate? Can you sneak in a reference to Beatrice in a different line? Or do you chalk her up as a loss and move onto the next problem?

    You’re always going to miss something–the cool part is that, knowing you’re going to fail, you get to decide how to fail. Ortega y Gasset called this The Misery and Splendor of Translation. Basically, translation is impossible–so why not make it a beautiful failure? 

    My point is that literary translation is creative writing, full of as many creative decisions as any original poem or short story. It has more limitations, rules, and structures to consider, for sure–but sometimes the best artistic decision is going to be the one that breaks the rules. 

    My favorite breakdown of this is Le Ton Beau De Marot, a beautiful brick of a translator’s joke, in which the author tries over and over again to create a “perfect” translation of “A une Damoyselle Malade”, an itsy bitsy poem Clement Marot dashed off to his patron’s daughter, who was sick, in 1537. 

    This is the poem: 

    Ma mignonne,
    Je vous donne
    Le bon jour;
    Le séjour
    C’est prison.
    Puis ouvrez
    Votre porte
    Et qu’on sorte
    Car Clément
    Le vous mande.
    Va, friande
    De ta bouche,
    Qui se couche
    En danger
    Pour manger
    Si tu dures
    Trop malade,
    Couleur fade
    Tu prendras,
    Et perdras
    Dieu te doint
    Santé bonne,
    Ma mignonne.

    Seems simple enough, right? But it’s got a huge host of challenges: the rhyme, the tone, the archaic language (if you’re translating something old, do you want it to sound old in the target language, too? or are you translating not just across language, but across time?) 

    Le Ton Beau De Marot is a monster of a book that compiles all of Hofstader’s “failed” translations of Ma Mignonne, as well as the “failed” translations of his friends, and his students, and hundreds of strangers who were given the translation challenge (which you can play here, should you like!) 

    The end result is a hilarious archive of Sweet Damosels, Malingering Ladies, Chickadees, Fairest Friends, and Cutie Pies. It’s the clearest, funniest, best example of what I think is true of all literary translations: that they’re a thing you make up, not a thing you discover. There is no magic bridge between languages, or magic window, or magic vessel to pour the poem from one language to another–translation is always subjective, it’s always individual, it’s always inaccurate, it’s always a failure. 

    It’s always, in other words, art. 

    Which, as a translator, I find incredibly reassuring! You’re definitely, one hundred percent absolutely, gonna fuck up. Which means you can’t fuck up. You can take risks! You can experiment! You can do cool stuff like bilingual translations, or footnote translations! You write your own code of honor, your own rules that your translations will hold inviolable, and fuck it if that code doesn’t match everyone else’s*. The translations they hold inviolable are also flawed, are failures at the core, from the King James Bible right on down to No Fear Shakespeare. So have fun! It’s all in your hands, miseries and splendors both. 

    so there’s a live feed of jackson hole town square on youtube and uh???

    there are currently <>1,400+ people watching
    and not a single one of them knows why they’re here
    including me

    this is what the chat is like

    okay so i was on this livestream and


    sorry for reblogging again BUT OMG


    Important addition


    every time people walk through the arch the comments are flooded with “yes!! feed the arch!! another human sacrifice for the arch!!” everything about this is unclear

    Tattoo done by<>Miryam Lumpin<>i.


    This is the first time I’ve seen color tattoos on dark skin that actually look vibrant and pigmented!!!!!

    Once I was talking to a dark skinned lady who told me that she was jealous of my pasty skin because she wants color tattoos, which her artist said wasn’t possible with her skin tone. I sent her to mine, and he proceeded to go off about how dark skin accepts greens, yellows, and white beautifully, and that her previous artist just lacked the skills to use those 3 colors as highlights to make other colors pop more. If you are dark skinned and your tattoo artist says you can’t have bright colors, find a new one.


    This happened to me too they said my skin was too dark for colors, then I talked to a black tattoo artist and they said that was bullshit so I’m definitely doing colors next time

    Trump…used Do You Hear The People sing in his campaign? Aside from ruining one of my favorite songs, does he…does he not realize that the whole point of the French riots, literally the entire point of the L’Amis subplot, was to boycott against the bourgeoisie, the tyrannical government, and police brutality!?

    The people of the barricades are the French equivalent of the far left. The event that they used to spark the riots was a funeral for a man who could only be described as a 19th century Bernie Sanders. They wanted to honor his death by fighting for what he represented. 

    How the hell could you actually butcher a campaign that badly?

    I mean using Freddie Mercury was bad enough but this is using a song that symbolizes everything that’s wrong with your campaign and was inspired by historical riots to overthrow the people who shared your ideals. How do you look at that and say, “Yeah, this represents me.”!?

    Gentrification creates a stifling homogeneity in urban areas that makes it less suited for the everyday lives of the lower class and more suited towards the leisure and tourism of those with expendable income.

    An old, decrepit laundromat gets replaced by an upscale bakery? And people are mad? It’s not that the poor hate organic vegan cupcakes, it’s that most of us don’t have a way to do laundry in our own home.

    Run-down corner stores replaced by hand-made designer clothing boutiques? We don’t hate your eco-fabric shawl, but I can’t eat that for dinner after work like I could have a can of beans I grabbed from that corner store when I don’t have time to take the bus to the real grocery store after work.

    What gentrification brings in and of itself is not typically bad, it’s that gentrification brings institutions of leisure and pleasure and makes it so that the poor have to go farther out of their way for basic necessities. It turns low-income living spaces into local tourist attractions. It can even create food deserts by putting restaurants, grocery stores, etc. in that the majority of the lower class cannot afford.

    Imagine if someone totally renovated your house and turned it into a mini theme park - they took away your sleeping space, where you prepare food, where you clean yourself and get ready for your day, and replaced it with things that will please people who are visiting, who have their own homes they can go back to, who are here not for their entire life but just as a distraction from their otherwise mundane existence. It’s not that you hate theme parks, it’s not like you’ve never been to a theme park and vow to never visit one again. It’s just that you need to live! To survive! And the leisure of those who have more than you should not invalidate your existence.

    I think this is the best explanation of gentrification I’ve read on here

    It’s not about what’s coming in per se, it’s what got taken out or pushed to the outskirts

    How to tell if you are emotionally abusive

    I feel we talk about signs of abuse from the victims standpoint but not from the abusers standpoint. In order to stop emotional abuse and recognize when we engage in unhealthy behaviors I made this list.

  • Do you react to important people in your life by ignoring them completely and not acknowledging their presence? Especially if they do something you don’t like?
  • Do you feel that your partner/friends/family members are the cause of your bad moods or frustration?
  • Does your partner/etc “do things the wrong way”?
  • Do criticize your partner/etc for being unreliable or a bad person?
  • Do you feel you have to constantly overlook your partners flaws in order to be around them?
  • Are you frequently accused of being “moody” or “hard to please”?
  • Do your partners complain that “nothing they do is good enough?
  • Do your partners appear to avoid you when you are angry or upset rather then comfort you?
  • Do you negatively comment on their intelligence or appearence? Either in private or in front of others.
  • Do you blame them when someone goes wrong?
  • Do you ever use phrases like “I could just hit you right now” or “I”m so mad I could punch something”?
  • Do you ever punch walls/throw things in front of your partner/etc?
  • Do you leave during fights and not inform of where you are going and when you will be back?
  • Do you behave the same alone with your partner that you do if you were in front of your friends or in public?
  • Have you frequently accused your partner of being too sensitive?
  • How often is your partner praised and complimented by yourself?
  • Do you think your partner spends too much time with friends and family?
  • Do you feel your partners friends and family are trying to drive you apart?
  • Do you actively comfort your partner when they are upset or angry even if you don’t really understand why they feel the way they do?
  • If your partner brings up a behavior that bothers them do you respond by discussing how to change it or do you respond defensively?
  • Do you have difficulty apologizing?
  • All of these things are abuse tactics. Obviously even the healthiest of us will do these sometimes but if any one becomes a regular habit that’s when the problem starts.

    this is super important, i feel like this website makes it easy to put yourself in the role of the victim but never the abuser. It’s also important to note that being a victim does not preclude you from being an abuser.

    I find this esp. important. I’ve exhibited some of these behaviors. I know abuse perpetuates abuse and that victims of abuse learn abusive behavior. I also know that having mental illness can make reacting and dealing with feelings even more difficult. That being said: being mentally ill does not mean you cannot be held accountable for your actions. Nor does being a survivor of abuse. I gotta take care of myself & heal and recognize how trauma and mental illness plays a role in how I treat others. Being a victim doesn’t mean you cannot be an abuser too. 

    this is the most important post on this website.

    Thank you for this.

    Slytherins truly being slytherins. 

    Slytherins working with Dumbledore’s Army. They spread false rumors about where they’ve sighted students. They join Umbridge’s close circle so that they can learn the moves and plans of the Inquisitorial Squad so that they can warn the DA of when it’s safe to hold practice. They rotate in shifts, some lead the IS on a wild goose chase while their housemates practice with the rest of the army. Sometimes they charm their robes to look like another houses and lead the IS far away from the Room of Requirement as they can before turning a corner and de-charming their robes. They make up stories about chasing students who mysteriously disappear without a trace. Umbridge sends students to search areas of the castle nowhere near the actual Room of Requirement.  

    As Umbridge tightens her hold on the school, slytherin students try to protect their DA friends. They pass messages of encouragement and support to their friends, veiled in threats and taunts. They bully the loudest, but do the least damage; their housemates think that they’re being cruel, their friends know that they’re shielding them from actual harm. 

    Slytherin students passing information to the Order while the Golden Trio is hunting for horcruxes, tracking the moves of Death Eaters to the best of their ability. They withstand the dark days in Hogwarts, helping their friends the best they can without looking suspicious. Charmed plastic rats run through the castle hallway, passing messages between the houses. Children of Death Eaters eavesdrop in dark hallways of their homes, holding their breath and straining their ears. When slytherin students suddenly disappear, go home and don’t come back, everyone knew what had happened. They mourned privately and quietly. 

    DA members and the Order housing slytherin students who can’t go home. Many have to run away, for their own safety. As Voldemort grew in power, it was harder and harder to keep their true intentions a secret. Children of Death Eaters were being pressured to take the Dark Mark, were being drafted to fight for Voldemort, were being told that their friends deserved to die. The students that said no were threatened with death or kicked out of their homes, branded as disgraced traitors. Those who couldn’t stand up to their families slipped away in the night. Some died, at the hands of Death Eaters, at the hands of their own parents.

    Slytherin students fighting during the final battle at Hogwarts, standing up against family and friends to protect their home. Staring across the courtyard at their mothers, fathers, siblings, childhood friends. People screaming at them; blood traitors’ ringing through the air of the courtyard, hurled at slytherins who had their shoulders squared and their chins up. Slytherins having to throw charms and jinxes and curses at familiar faces, people they had trusted. Slytherin students killing their loved ones, being given no other choice. Slytherin students dying while standing up for what they believe in. 

    Slytherin students being more than a stereotype. Slytherins being more than one dimensional villains. Slytherin students being shown as diverse, fully developed characters with a variety of motivations and beliefs. Slytherins being slytherins; proud, ambitious, and cunning. And proving that those things don’t mean being evil. 

    I reblogged this so hard, I broke two nails.

    This implant could give humans sight 3 times better than 20/20.

    Good news for everyone with blurry vision or a strong desire to become Superman. The Ocumetics Bionic Lens may give you 60/20 eyesight — three times better than 20/20. It’s a major leap in eye prosthetics, takes 8 painless minutes to instal<>l — and could be here sooner than you think.

    i would literally weep with joy to have an opportunity to get this.  i have low vision and nystagmus, and my vision cannot be corrected with surgery or lenses.  to even have a shot at seeing the world like the average person does would be… so unspeakably unreal.

    This girl in the theater had her feet up on the back of my friend's chair.

    I was out to a movie with my friends last night. We come and sit down, and I realize pretty soon that this girl in the row behind us has her feet up on my friend David’s seat. She’s there with one of her friends. So David turns around and he says something like, “uh do you think you could put your feet down?” And I think they say something in response but I didn’t hear it. The feet didn’t go down. A few minutes later David says, “hey, will you get your feet off my chair? It’s extremely rude.” And they still don’t budge.

    So I tell David that he should go find an employee and get them to talk to this girl. He does exactly that, and after a couple minutes an employee comes and talks to this girl. She is obviously pretty peeved but begrudgingly agrees to put her feet down.

    After the employee leaves, she puts her feet right back up.

    At this point I’m pissed off. Why is it so important to you that you have your feet up on someone’s chair? You’re just being a brat.

    So I get out of my seat, walk up two rows, sit down in the seat directly behind this girl, and stick my foot on the back of her chair and push it forward. They both turn around and try to say something to me, but I can’t really hear them since the movie had started by this point, so I just say “just watch the movie.”

    I kept my feet up there the entire movie. It felt like I had done walls sits for two hours but I’m glad I did it.

    Petty Revenge: Your daily dose of the best petty revenge stories. | source

    Heads up PayPal is changing ToS again

    And they are getting even more strict when it comes to not using invoices for charging for Digital Goods.

    Whatever Invoices make you uncomfortable or not, you gotta start using them if you want to keep your PayPal and your money. Changes starting this October 19th.

    Honestly I don’t get why so many artists are so overwhelmed by invoices, takes just a few clicks to set up. 

    And is not only “oh you have to use invoices because PayPal says so” if you don’t use invoices you’re putting yourself at risk of being scammed by an user abusing the buyer’s protection. 

    Since PayPal ain’t got no idea of what those $50 you received were for, but the buyer is saying they didn’t got anything for the money, PayPal will just side with the buyer.

    I’m seriously begging ppl, start using invoices. I’m tired of seeing ppl complain their paypal was banned, or is under investigation, or worse, the $100 they got for a very complicated commission, 3 months later get a refund issue. 





    for your own sake. 

    Here is how you use invoices because I can’t keep playing devil’d advocate, yes I would love to help you get your PayPal restored but just this last month I had to help three persons, and they were MORE than aware of this issues. 

    Just protect yourself. 

    Step 1. You login and click here

    Step 2. You click create new Invoice. YOU NEVER CLICK REQUEST MONEY, unless you want to risk yourself to get scamer by buyer’s protection exploit and not only lose your money but your paypal account, and any future paypal linked to your irl name. 

    Step 3 You follow this steps

    1. Invoice for amount only

    2. Ask your client for their PayPal email and put in that field

    3. Add a vague description of what you’re doing, something like “Character Coloured with Background” is good enough, and if you need more than 1 character you can type in “2″ where it says amount, or just say “2 characters”.

    Warning: don’t type in “Naruto rawing Sasuke”. That will get you banned. 

    4. Click send. 

    Optional steps. Create a template, doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and it will save you a lot of time for future invoices, you can even click on “items” right next to “create invoice” and add a list of services you offer such as “character sketch” “character flats” along with a price, so next time you invoice you just add to the invoice from your list of items and you saved yourself some more time. 

    More importantly, you protect yourself from buyer’s protection exploit because if PayPal knows you’re doing digital goods, then you will be allowed that you did in fact created a digital good. 

    Keep PayPal happy, as for right now there are no alternatives to this service, and this is the only source of income for many freelancers. 

    Stay safe. 

    Heads up, all commissioning artists

    it’s very easy once you get into the habit, and you get to personalize your receipt banner too!

    3,000-Year-Old Cooking Mistake Revealed

    Archaeologists in Denmark have found evidence of a 3,000 year-old cooking mistake that casts some light into the everyday life of Scandinavian Bronze Age people.

    Clear evidence for one of the most common mistakes in the kitchen – burning food – lay in a clay pot that was excavated in central Jutland, Denmark.

    The clay vessel was found, upturned and in near mint condition, at the bottom of what was once a waste pit.

    “The pot is typical for cooking vessels in this region of Denmark. It was accompanied by several other objects fitting the dating,” archaeologist Kaj F. Rasmussen from Museum Silkeborg, Denmark, told Discovery News. Read more.


    <>[fucks up dinner and just straight-up buries the evidence] We’re Getting Ancient Pizza Tonight, Girls

    one time when i was 13 i burned pudding and couldn’t get it out of the pot and i was so ashamed i buried it in the backyard so no one would know

    i see we’ve changed very little as a species