Here are some more pictures of this hot young country stud, who I posted slightly different pics of in a previous photoset a few months back (click here).  I first spotted him as he made a purchase from one of the vendors at a rodeo event and later saw him standing alone texting on his phone as he waited for someone outside of the restroom.  A few minutes later I watched as left with his girlfriend.  My eyes locked onto his tight Wrangler ass as he walked away, eventually blending in with the crowd and out of my view. Standing there I couldn’t help but imagine an “alternate scenario” …  

    Picture yourself posing as a vendor, boldly walking up to him as he waits outside the restroom for his girlfriend.  You ask for his help with bringing in a heavy box from your vehicle parked outside, attempting to lead him into the trap by taking advantage of the friendly helpful nature typical of good old country boys. Although initially reluctant to leave his girlfriend behind, he agrees to go with you convinced by your reassurances that it won’t take that long.  Leading him to the exit doors to the parking lot, you can’t help but to deviously grin thinking off the first line of the Spider and the Fly poem, “Will you walk into my chamber” said the spider to the fly.  

    Once outside you direct him towards your cargo van parked at the very far end of a row of cars.  A location purposefully chosen for its visual obscurity and out of earshot of any muffled screams, making it a perfect abduction location. As you make your way towards the van, you engage in small talk with him further tearing down his defenses.  As you do, you drop back a few paces behind him giving you an opportunity to get a good look at his virgin ass, made all that more enticing by the skintight Wranglers and the way his butt moves as he walks in those thick heeled cowboy boots.

    You feel your heart begin to pound and your senses heightened as you both finally approach your vehicle.  You direct him to walk around to the open sliding door on the passenger’s side of the van.  However, instead of finding it loaded with heavy boxes, he’ll be peer into the empty expanse of the cargo area with a blue plastic tarp laid down on the floor of the van and a set of handcuffs placed near the open door. Before he can begin to process what he’s looking at, you grab him from behind, quickly placing his neck in the vice like grip of a chokehold for what seems like the longest 10 seconds of your life.  

    He immediately reaches up, clawing and pulling unsuccessfully at your bicep and forearm compressing the sides of his neck to cut off blood flow and render him unconscious.  His mouth is wide open and tongue protrudes as he tries to speak, but is only able to produce unintelligible gurgling. The sound of his agonizing suffering in addition to listening to the the stomps, kicking and dragging of his cowboy boots against the pavement and side of the van, gives you a raging hard-on. Despite a layer of clothing between the two of you he can feel it pressed against his ass, further adding to his misery and fear.

    In a last ditch effort to free himself, he lifts his leg up and kicks the side of the van in an attempt to push you off balance, thereby releasing your grip around his neck.  His efforts fail, given the weight and size difference between the two of you and you easily absorb the blow.  Gradually his struggles come to an end, his arms drop down to his sides and his knees start to buckle as he passes out, becoming dead weight, held upright only by your arms still holding him in a chokehold.  You drag him into the van, releasing your grip as you lay him face down onto the tarp. You quickly close the side door behind you after looking around to confirm there were no witnesses.

    Once inside the van, you kneel down between his legs and quickly handcuff his wrist behind his back knowing you have about 15 seconds before he wakes up. A rag is shoved in his mouth secured by a nice tight gag utilizing duct tape wrapped several times around his mouth. He begins to stir and regain consciousness as you wrap tape around his thighs and then his ankles securing him for transport to a quiet desolate location you’ve prepared for a day when you bring a “guest” home for an “extended stay”.    

    Awakened by a startling slap and squeeze of his sweet Wrangler butt, you watch his facial expressions as they go from initial confusion to wide eyed abject fear, realizing the gravity of the predicament he’s in as he rolls onto his side to find you looking down at him with an evil grin. You grab your crotch, massaging the bulge formed by your rock hard cock and tell him with a sadistic laugh, “You know that package you’re supposed to help me with, well it’s right here.” As you step over him and head to the driver’s seat, he futilely attempts to pull and break free of his restraints. As you drive off you listen to him rolling around the back of the van, his pleas for release are beautifully muffled by the gag, and the heavy soles of his cowboy boots banging the sides and floor of the van are music to your ears.