dominican papi
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2021-08-06 16:42:18

    Hi everyone im a 35yo dominican hood nigga from bk nyc and lately i dont know what to call myself cause theres so many things in this world thats just fucking amazing im married with kids and all so for a while i was curious so i bought toys and started with tumblr and pornhub and at first i didnt like it but now all i think about is being with someone of the same sex i want to say im bi but again it hasnt happened yet and i find trannies and crossdressers to be my thing like i love all the content and i want to do it but for some reason i fell im not ready yet cause i dont know anyone whos into that like it would be so different if i met a bunch of people and become friends so i can learn alittle more about the life so if anyone in nyc bk or queens area and who wants to put me on hit me up