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    Should a man take his wife’s family name?

    We have decided to officially get married! I am already telling him hubby, so it will be easy to get used to my slave being my formal husband :) 

    However, this also opens interesting questions. As you all know, traditionally, the weaker partner takes the name of the stronger partner (the breadwinner, the head of the household, etc). So this raises a very interesting question: should my husband take my last name when we marry? We will have a discussion with hubby on this topic tomorrow in the usual way. He has been locked for the last 2 weeks and I had let him know 5 days in advance that we will have the discussion. Let’s see how this one goes! What do you followers think and why? :)

    Responsibilities in our FLR

    Many users have asked me privately whether my slave helps with the domestic work, who is the breadwinner and so on. So I decided to write a post to clear our responsibilities.

    1. Money - I control the finances. I earn more than my slave (probably due to the fact that I am 5 years older, so I am already at a senior STEM position, while he is just starting his career). He also earns good money, but he does not know how to spent them probably, due to him being inexperienced with having a lot of money, so this one is a no-brainer. His salary is sent to my bank account.

    2. Cooking - he does the cooking. I am too busy with my work, so I never learned how to cook. He, on the other hand, has more free time than me, so he learned he is great at it.

    3. Household chores - he does them. I do not have time or I am too bored to do them.

    4. Planning vacations - I do that (obviously, since I manage our finances).

    5. Energy management - It is very important to have high energy at all times, and this is why I control what food we buy, how long he stays in chastity and often he licks my pussy.

    As you can see, we both have very important responsibilities. What are the responsibilities in your home? :)

    5 steps to make important decisions in an FLR household

    Many think that a man should be completely deprived of any say in any discussions. I think that this is a mistake though. The male sometimes has something valuable to say occasionally. A gynarchy does not mean that man can’t say anything. In fact, I let my man express his opinion very often. Gynarchy means that the WOMAN HAS THE FINAL SAY. With that being said, here are the 5 steps we use at our home to make important decisions:

    1. The woman decides what, when and where the discussion will be held.

    2. Both the woman and the man should not be under any under special state of consciousness, like having drank or smoked pot. This also means that the man has been caged for at least a week prior to the meeting.

    3.  The man kisses the woman’s ass and then kneels before her. The woman describes the situation and the possible solutions (30 minutes).

    4.  The man expresses his opinion and any concerns that he might have (5 minutes).

    5. A discussion for 25 minutes is done, where both the pros and cons of every solution are detailed. When the discussion is over, the woman lets the man know what she has decided as a head of the household. The man kisses her ass and life continues.

    As you can see, I respect my man and value his opinion. He is thankful to me for being his leader and we could not be happier with the way our relationship goes. In fact, we are discussing a real marriage!

    How is Locktober going guys?

    How is locktober going for all the locked guys? My guy yesterday massaged, kissed my ass 10+ times and licked my pussy 5 times (in a single day!). I just love seeing him so desperate : )) I will soon give him an award for being locked for 14 days - guess what it is