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    Ever done this? So insanely humiliating. As a sub, straight male you still don’t want to appear weak in front of another guy… doing this is one of the most difficult things to do and it actually creates a animalistic reality that you maybe don’t feel all the time in front of your Domina, especially in those safe times alone with Her. Here, in the presence of a male being physically stimulated by Your Domina, you are facing a natural competition even though you realize you are the ultimate loser. In a way it feels dangerous even. The guy is in the driver’s seat and if he is tolerating this it means he’s getting off on the victor’s position BUT he still has a man’s ego and he might still get jealous if he thinks She is liking the beta’s attentions too much for his taste. If the aloha points this out then the beta is in a difficult position to either be respectful to another man and defer to him or argue and fight and honestly the beta is disadvantaged on so many levels even if he has the physical strength to overpower the alpha if it went that way. The Domina woukd most likely not want the beta to stand up at all which creates a possible banishment from Her……. so the internal fight within a beta’s soul is going to be there in these situations and if the beta is being the best beta he can be he is swallowing all of his pride and being non-confrontational because it allows him to be in Her world.


    He cares about you! He had me put these on just because you need to be Pussy Free.

    I don't think He will unlock you but He might allow you some anal relief, try asking.

    Yeah, you were able to cum in your cage while licking My pussy but that is not an option anymore.

    I am sure He will let you lick My feet if you beg Him nicely. And who knows, you might learn to cum that way.

    No, He didn't spank Me today. He just pounds Me so much from the back that these cheeks are often red.

    No sweetheart, spikes don't come off another two weeks. you know you deserve them.