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    you don’t get good at doing something by not doing it

    you get good at doing something by doing it badly and learning how to do it better


    You don’t learn from success, you learn from failure how to achieve success.


    you see, the thing is, i hate failure.


    in order to find success, you must first submit yourself to the mortifying ordeal of being kinda crap at something


    everyone hates failure, but some people find it utterly intolerable

    the key to that is usually to figure out what it is about failure that you find too intolerable to stomach, and try to deal with that aspect first

    for instance is it being SEEN failing? okay, practice without an audience and try to do as much of your failing in private as you can

    is it how the feeling of failure feeds into your sense some self-loathing? try therapy techniques for mitigating self-loathing in general first

    do you hate the actual sight of your failed attempts? put them somewhere you don’t have to look at them

    basically, find ways to make failing less awful by mitigating the impact of it on your happiness, even if those are things that some people will tell you shouldn’t matter. do what you gotta do to get stuff done


    Darn shame if this circulated…


    So you mean to tell me that just by reblogging this I’m ruining an organizations plan, wasting them money, and uncovering some shitbag humans awful behaviour?

    T R I P L E K I L L


    Imagine if they paid THAT much money, yet it still circulated on the internet.

    Wouldn’t that be unfortunate?


    Thing is, it’s long enough ago that no one would still be posting that image except that University of California Davis spent $175,000 to try to hide it


    The Streisand Effect in action


    what if people made human versions of iconic tumblr posts and shipped them

    no. no no no


    Someone please draw the color of the sky as a very tall twink.


    Oh shit, I'm an artist. Hold up.

    Personally, I like his shoe laces. I bet you'd never guess where he got them.


    he got em from the president


    that's it. we've come to the ultimate joke. the ultimate post. every single event in Tumblr history has led up to this post. THIS. POST.


    Reblogging again to suggest poly


    my favorite thing that’s ever come out of those dumb “gender reveal” parties, you know the ones, is that people make cakes and other baked goods for them right?

    and since everything in this hellscape has to be gendered including colors, they gotta use both pink and blue frosting when they decorate to keep the prospective parents guessing before they cut the cake open and reveal how they’re gonna color-code their babies, but that also means:

    people are out here making blue and white and pink baby cakes and just, unintentionally throwing the trans flag all over their pointless “gender” celebration and i think that’s just superb


    someone make me this cake when i get top surgery to celebrate


    What if the trans community…stole gender reveal parties?


    Trans people should 100% steal gender reveal parties!!


    Please enjoy this cake my sister made me after I got top surgery.


    High society debutante balls for trans people’s gender reveal parties, plz and thank you and NOW please.


    One of my favorite stories from the flower shop was a woman who was surprising her friend with flowers on her ‘first birthday party.’ This was a party to celebrate her first birthday out and proud as a trans woman. The theme was to buy her things that she would have never gotten as a child- barbies, flowers, plastic jewelry tiaras, the like.

    I am in love with that concept! I think it’s so dang sweet, and it sounds like she has amazing friends.

    So yes I absolutely think that we should combine gender reveal parties, ‘coming out’ parties, and first birthdays to trans people.


    i love when ppl who constantly use self deprecating humor interact with me, theyre never sure how to react. theyre like "lol well we all hate ourselves anyways" and im like "no, im sexy as hell actually" like oil and water everytime


    Self-appreciating humor even when u 100% don’t believe what you’re saying is legitimately such an esteem-booster & i’d recommend everyone to try and replace deprecating jokes with exaggeratedly-positive & validating ones whenever u can

    And tbh, it’s funnier/more comfortable for everyone involved anyway. Like, failing spectacularly at something but going “lol y’all WISH you had my talents” instead? Hilarious. Its funny, alleviates the pressure on other ppl to validate your negativity, AND even when what you’re saying “isn’t true” your brain still responds to hearing positive input & your attitude towards yourself & your situation becomes so much healthier after a while. This kind of thing has been proven to improve mental health & curb self-harming tendencies, as well as contribute to healthier social environments ;0;


    Yes I do, actually 


    When a “funny” dude likes you and anytime he sees you anywhere he will be like “yoooo wassup it’s Jelissa!” (Or whatever) like “omg Miranda is here whaaaat” for literally no reason why do they do that


    They are more likely to do this the more meek and shy they perceive you too. They are less likely to do this if they think you’re loud and confident. Idk what it is it’s not even necessarily bad or annoying it’s just like why.


    This is a VERY sweet take and I hope it’s sometimes true


    Okay I thought this behavior was annoying before but now it’s actually quite endearing thank you extroverts who want introverts to feel included.


    Just in case you forget this exists.

    It exists.


    With those “when you want to design a character but you don’t know color theory” posts flying around I thought this would be relevant again.




    there’s also Coolors website that gives you randomized palettes!


    Don’t forget ColourLovers, either! It’s a social media-esque site where you can browse tons of palettes and share your own.

    You can browse the most popular ones or search for certain colors, themes, and even specific hex codes!

    When you find one you like, you can download a wallpaper swatch of it and also select the specific colors it uses to look at more palettes that use those same ones.

    ColourLovers is my go-to for when I’m having trouble coming up with a color scheme! It’s also been around for over a decade, so there’s plenty to browse through.

    Things Traditional Publishers Can Learn From Fanfiction

  • tagging systems are a big draw for readers. both for content/trigger warnings, and for genre information. knowing the tone of the story and whether the ending will be happy/sad/satisfying is a deciding factor for many readers.
  • word count: especially important as digital books become more common. books are more accessible when readers have a way to check both the total word count and the chapter word counts.
  • there is a big audience for short stories featuring characters from book series. It used to be more common for authors to release short stories or anthologies in between novels, with shared characters & settings. (Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, P.G. Wodehouse, and the Rumpole series all did this.) Unfortunately this has fallen out of practice, but as fanfiction has shown, there is still a huge reader interest.  
  • there is a demand for expanded universe content, particularly for content with a different format or atmosphere than the original canon. audiences like variety; e.g. fans of high-stakes/dramatic stories are also interested in seeing their favorite characters in low-stakes/humorous situations. these stories are not inauthentic nor do they pander to the audience; they simply allow audiences & creators to explore characters through a different lens.
  • similarly, there is a big interest in spin-off content featuring secondary characters. audiences see a great deal of potential in supporting characters, with most fandoms having clear “favorites”. short stories expanding on such characters have a great deal of marketing potential, and allow writers to explore expanded canons without any risk of altering primary characters/storylines.
  • Give audiences accessible, satisfying stories in a variety of formats.


    Headcanons I have for TMA (canon need not to apply lol)

    Warning for Spoilers (i think)

  • Peter’s and Elias’ divorce lawyers are married to each other and met through having to represent them so many times
  • Tim’s parents are really chill and kinda kickass. They had a goth wedding, while raising Danny and Tim they heavily followed “so long a you’re not hurting yourself or others anything goes,” and they’ve headed and organized a bunch protests in surrounding towns and cities over the years.  
  • None of Helen’s clients notice she went missing every time they try to recall a Real estate agent they get a blinding headache and can smell the feeling of fuchsia
  • Jon’s grandmother was moderately religious, but he never latched on to it. It was more of her personal thing. 
  • Tim own exactly 53 Hawaiian shirts, but that doesn’t include his other brightly colored and tawdry patterned button ups
  • Jonah bought land in China from the East India Company and made anther institute. It lasted 10 years before it got absorbed by a much older and more revered Eye temple in Beijing
  • Georgie and Jon were president and vice president respectively of their college GSA
  • Tim is lactose intolerant
  • It doesn’t matter if they haven’t talked all year, Jon can always count on Georgie to drag him to Pride every June
  • That being said Jon pretends to hate Pride even though its one of his favorite things all year
  • jon has alot of professional skirts they’d wear to work but they always chickened out then things got very dire and they thought it would be more wise to have full range of leg movement
  • Laura Smirke continued and improved Robert’s work, but even though it was more accurate and verifiable, it was lost to history
  • Danny Stoker was straight, but he was a hardcore ally. He was secretary of his high school GSA, organized field trips to a Pride Celebration every June, and nearly got into a fist fight with PTO parent after they refused to approve an assembly. 
  • Tim by comparison didn’t know the school had a GSA until year 12 and he still didn’t join
  • Jon has an equal measure of MCR and and Ariana Grande on his spotify playlist. It doesnt matter who has a larger discography he put both them and all their songs in his favourites playlist and somehow its perfectly 50/50. there are other songs too but thats what most people focus on.
  • ask for more bc i def have more but can’t remember