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    Start reblogging the money blessings post…

    If you haven’t already done it…. Go hit that reblog button. Do what you have to, just do that too.

    Like seriously. Just find one and reblog it real quick. I post a couple yesterday and put into the universe that I actually wanted it

    Only been at work for a couple and I get this at as a tip! (tips ain’t normal at ALL in here)

    Come on now!!

    Let it work for y’all too


    YALL!! THERE HAS BEEN AN INCREASE!! (I don’t know how your bank account is set up, but $55 dollars in tips counts as a blessing over here!)

    *sending out money blessing vibes to y’all*


    Counting my blessing and they total up to $60 today. (Got another $5 tip not too long ago)

    Today was good. Im trying to maintain this same energy all this week to see what will come of it


    I don’t care, I ain’t playin. Imma need one of these damn thangs to work, now.


    I might as well not reblogging aint gone put money in my pocket


    Let the universe know what you want


    Cash app $drinabee if you tryna bless me


    That works too I guess 😂😂 #BeTheBlessing


    I mean if someone would like to bless a struggling college student, mine $neshao and I have Venmo 👀


    Same if somebody wanna help me out $camjam21 😌


    cash app me my birthday next year january $EzekielCrawford

    gone be thirty and im scared help every dollar helps


    Somebody sent $20 for my graduation 🎓 Saturday, cash app $drinabee if you want to donate too


    Yo I reblogged that goat one and I ended up getting 27 dollars in my back account cause I got a refund on a sex toy that didnt work the day after i reblogged that shit


    😂💀 blessings come in every shape and form


    Exactly mine was just unconventional 😂


    always taking donations $ChanteEunan


    Tryna start burlesque dancing and i need cute shit $noeyyyy


    $Katiana93 ❤️


    $ashleykatina thanks in advance loves ❤️


    why not lol 🙏🏾


    I am constantly attracting abundance and opportunity


    Hey, it worked! 😁 $56 tip on a $44 bill


    Y’all seeing this and y’all still not believing yet. Maaaane just hit button and watch it work


    Please reblog, this is so important.


    I needed this


    Is this foreal?


    Yes it’s a real service. I do volunteer work for a rape crisis support service in my city and texting is one of the features we provide as well. But just to boost its credibility, I tried it myself:


    reblog to save lives!


    You can also text “Steve” to 741741 if you’re a young person of color. The website for more info is stevefund.org

    My understanding is that it’s more multicultural and some folks feel more comfy with that in mind!


    get help guys, please. if you’re hurting, don’t let that hurt consume you. seek help.


    I never knew this. It’s spectacular.


    ((I’ve texted these guys a few times, they’re really great.))


    i’ve text them . about my tainted ass relationship & she really listened . she was great 🧡


    To be clear, I only know of this as U.S. service.


    Dear young black kids

    Don’t let your white friends get you in trouble.


    You better say that.


    i want to elaborate on this.

    don’t buy from white dealers and don’t sell to white people.

    don’t underage drink with white people.

    don’t do anything that could be viewed as illegal by cops with white people and this isn’t me trying to be anti-white this is me telling you to protect yourself from anti-black cops. they won’t hesitate to pin the entire crime on you even if your white friend did 90% of the crime.

    most (if not all) white people don’t understand the same crimes they commit (getting into a bar with a fake ID, stealing cigars, playing with toy guns in walmart) we are given a lengthy imprisonment or executed on the spot for.

    so don’t put yourself in a situation that could get you killed and a white person a slap on the wrist.


    Sorry if this isn’t the right place but I felt like its important to add, this is the most real shit I have seen on my dash in a while. After I got my license I drove everywhere, constantly picked up my friends and really just drove like a maniac making dumb decisions left and right. Now one of my best friends is a WoC and I helped her get her license and I always told her ‘9mph over the speed limit and the ticket gets thrown out in court’ because that is what I’d been taught. One day she was driving and I mentioned that to her and she kept insisting that it was 5mph. It took me YEARS to realize PoC can’t afford that extra 4mph!!!!!!!!! White teenagers are the dumbest group on the planet, please don’t let them talk you into their dumb shit!


    Conversely: White people, don’t get your black friends into trouble. What is just dicking around to you is a potential death sentence to them. If you are any kind of friend, you won’t put them in that kinds of harm’s way.


    Important addition


    reblogging this a million times