Little piggy Freya is getting ready for a night on the town with her friends; she's starting the night by taking cute selfies. But Freya's feeder has other plans for her because she hasn't been a good piggy and making her weight goals lately.

    When Freya doesn't make goals and push herself like a proper feedee, it means it's time for a force-feeding and to remind her she's a piggy, whose only concern should be eating. Her feeder brings out a deliciously fattening chocolate cake to stuff her with. She starts by resisting, she has to meet her friends soon and is already full from the day, that doesn't matter much to her feeder. She's told to get onto all fours where her belly can touch the ground, and she can be reminded she's not thin anymore.




    Fed Cake, Funnel Fed, & Fingered

    This Valentine’s Day I decided to let Max feed me a triple chocolate cake and then funnel feed me a mixture of melted ice cream, pudding, and heavy cream.  I ate everything like a good pig feedee.  As my reward Max fingered me right there at the table.  Aroused from making a complete pig of myself he makes me cum over and over.

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    What happens when a little fatty won't eat all her donuts? She gets tied up and force-fed. Freya gets tied up by a feeder and punished for refusing to eat.

    The sweet and sugary calories keep getting stuffed in her fat mouth, leaving her belly to expand, her cheeks to round, and her already double chin to get even bigger. Freya whines and begs her feeder to stop because she is so full, but her plea's go unanswered. Freya's feeder pushes her through to the moment of stuffed bliss, and she quickly starts begging for more donuts. Her hunger gets the best of her and her belly continues to grow.


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    Funnelled Cake & Milkshake

    Blending up a whole cheesecake & over a litre of chocolate milk, my feeder proceeded to funnel me the whole mixture in a matter of minutes! It was so thick & I could feel myself becoming stuffed so quickly! My belly was becoming seriously bloated & I began to breathe heavier & heavier, I was desperately panting for breath as I continued to chug it all down. After I had finished I stood up to proudly show off my HUGE stuffed gut, it looked so sexy! My underwear felt a little too tight & constraining so I decided to strip & lay on the bed completely naked as I rubbed my swollen belly. It felt so good & I was so turned on, I could feel myself getting more & more excited. It wasn’t enough, I just HAD to stuff even more food! I reached for the cream cakes beside me & began shovelling them into my mouth as I rubbed & jiggled my fat in-between bites. I was such a naughty fat elf, I consumed over 5000 calories in a mere 15 minutes!

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    Duo Feeding & Fat Comparison

    Featuring: BBW Bonnie

    Bonnie thinks that my capacity isn’t where it should be and she aims to fix that. What better way to do that than following up a massive meal with 8 cups of cream and a stack of fat cakes. After all, every meal should be fattening and filling! As she pulled my hair back and forced the cake into my mouth it was clear she wasn’t taking no for an answer. After proper stuffing me she helps me to my feet so we can compare our big blubbery bodies.

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    Extreme Feederism: Tied up & Force Fed

    I had been such a greedy pig ALL day, I just hadn’t stopped eating! So when my feeder arrived home with a HUGE chocolate cake and announced he was going to stuff me full of it, I knew that I really couldn’t manage another bite! My belly was so bloated and hard, I couldn’t even stand for long! However, as I struggled, he bound my hands tightly behind my back and commanded me to eat all the cake, as he grabbed my hair to pull my head back and shoved the fattening treat deep into my mouth. I moaned in ecstasy and protest, as I could feel that my ballooning belly really couldn’t take much more! As he proceeded to force the cake into my unwilling mouth, I couldn’t help but feel a little excited. He kept commenting how much fatter he would make me and what a fat blob I was! I mean look at me, don’t I look FATTER than EVER right now!

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