Do you ever crave or fantasIze about being pissed on or is it just something you do to please your mistress?

    so bare with me here. i don't like being pissed on, i really don't like drinking piss, i don't particularly like being slapped without warning, or having my hair pulled without warning. i don't especially like being fucked with toys that are just a bit too big so it hurts the whole time. i don't really like being caned until i can't sit or stop crying.

    but i really, really, really like the idea of the person i'm with not caring that i don't like those things and doing them anyway. i really, really, really like making someone happy at my expense. i like being used.

    so yes, i fantasise about it even if i don't like it. because i don't like it.


    I understand entirely with regard to piss play. There’s not much to be said for the taste, humiliation or choking on piss as it goes up your nose in your mouth and through your hair but there’s a lot to be said for the arousal and the way it makes you feel. It is very difficult to explain.

    Lessons (hit expand to read full story)


    Hank and Brody were two college roomies in their final year of college. They had been friends for years and tended to follow each other on wild adventures, mostly of the stupid straight boy kind. But this one that they were currently driving to in Brody’s car was a new one. Brody had heard of this hot woman who lived in a house by the water that taught college boys how to fuck for hours. There were legends about it all over campus, and some boys who swore that they had been through her training, despite the probability that they were most likely lying to seem cool. But somehow Brody had gotten an address and scheduled a meeting with her, and now they were on their way. Not that Brody or Hank needed lessons in fucking, no way. They both agreed that this was just hot. They had complete confidence in their sexual abilities. Brody could barely contain his excitement as the car finally pulled up to the woman’s house. Hank on the other hand was starting to feel a bit nervous. There were two big burly men sitting outside the house and they looked massive compared to the college boys. Were they guards? Who exactly was this woman? 

    Hank and Brody got out of the car approached the house. 

    “Hi we’re here for the lessons” said Brody, the boy’s cocky attitude finally breaking a little bit in the presence of these two men. Both men looked up at the boys. One of them introduced himself as Mr. M, a short bald bear of a man with a beard and biker jacket. The other one was Mr. K, a tall muscular man with long wavy hair that went down to his shoulders and cowboy boots. The two men checked the boy’s IDs and let them into the house.  They stepped into a bare living room with a sofa on one wall and a fireplace on the other, besides that the only other object in the room was a table near the door with two pairs of Hanes tighty whities and low cut white socks. 

    “Alright boys, before Mistress Pauline comes out, we need to do some stuff. First off, all wallets and phones, etc. Out of your pockets and come to me. Don’t worry you’ll get them back” said Mr. M. 

    The boys gave over what was requested, though Hank’s hand was slightly shaking. He didn’t want to give up his phone. 

    “Is she really as hot as they say?” blurted out Brody with a grin. Mr. M stared at the boy and laughed a little.  “Next step is that you strip. All clothes off” said Mr. K. 

    “Woah I’m sorry, but ….like in front of you guys? I don’t….that’s weird” said Hank.  “Hank, don’t be such a shit. They obviously have to check us before we go in with her, make sure we look good and shit, right? No problem with me as long as I get the pussy” 

    “Brody I think I don’t want to - “ 

    “Boys this isn’t a conversation. Either you follow the rules or you leave, understood?” said Mr. K. 

    Brody quickly pulled off both of his sneakers, threw off his t shirt and let his jeans fall to the ground. Now standing in just his plaid boxers and long white socks, he quickly slid out of those too, until he was butt naked. Hank barely had time to blink. He had seen his friend naked before, but in this context it felt like some violation. 

    “Hank get your fuckin’ clothes off!” shouted Brody. “I’m not missing this because of you” 

    Hank took his sweater off, kicked off his converse and slid out of his jeans as well. He wore boxer briefs and black low cut socks. With a groan, he pulled those off too. Both boys now standing completely naked in front of the men. They both had athletic bodies, Brody being taller than Hank. Brody’s ass was rounder, but Hank’s cock was bigger. Hank had body hair, while Brody did not. And Brody’s balls tended to hang low. The men looked them up and down. 

    “You showered before you came?” asked Mr. M. 

    “Yes sir, just as instructed” said Brody. 

    “Good boys’ smiled Mr. K in a way that made Brody shiver a little. Hank noticed that. Mr. M moved over to the table and threw the pairs of tighty whities and low cut white socks to the boys. 

    “Get dressed” 

    “She wants us to wear this?” asked Hank. 

    “Yes, now get dressed” 

    Both boys put on the tighty whities and low cut white socks. Hank was relieved to not be completely naked anymore, though his large cock was now squished to the side in the briefs. Brody couldn’t remember the last time he wore briefs and they made him feel slightly vulnerable and boy-ish. Mr. K gathered up their old clothes and possessions, taking them away into another room, his cowboy boots smacking against the wooden floors of the house.  “Okay now stand next to each other facing the sofa. Hands held behind your backs, chests out, legs spread a little wide”

    The boys did as they were told. 

    “All good” said Mr. M. “I’ll go get Mistress Pauline” 

    For a moment that seemed to stretch forever, the boys were left alone in the room. Standing in their new tighty whities and white socks, hands behind them, legs wide….they didn’t say a word. Their hearts were beating out of their chests in anticipation. Brody had a boner that was already stretching against the fabric of the briefs. Hank suddenly felt cold in the room and desperately wished to get dressed again, the briefs seemingly becoming more uncomfortable for his big cock by the moment.  And then….high heels on the wooden floor. Mistress Pauline stepped into the room. A woman of forty, with black hair, a firm body and dressed in a red bra/panties/heels. Hank suddenly relaxed a little, knowing now that there was actually a real woman that they were meeting. Brody had a huge smile on his face. Mistress Pauline sat on the sofa in front of the two boys. Mr. M and Mr. K reappeared standing nearby. 

    “Well well, hello boys” said the Mistress.  “Hello Mistress Pauline” both boys responded. 

    “I like what I see. So you’re here for a lesson with me, huh? Good. Now let’s get some questions out of the way and then we’ll take you into my bedroom. Ok?” 

    “Fuck yes!” shouted Brody. 

    Mistress Pauline slowly got up from the sofa and moved to Brody, she reached down and began to slowly massage Brody’s boner through the briefs, even cupping the boy’s balls too. Brody’s breath grew sharp as the woman’s touch made him get even harder. 

    “Yeah baby, you like touching that?” asked Brody. 

    “Silence. You don’t speak unless spoken to, understood?” 

    “Yes miss” 

    “What’s your name? Age?”  “Ummmm” 


    “Sorry I’m just…..you caressing me down there is really….” 

    “I don’t care if your cock is distracting, I”m not gonna stop touching it. So you better answer me” 

    “I’m Brody. I’m 20″ Brody managed to get out, a slight moan coming out of his mouth. His hands, still clasped behind him, shaking from the urge to touch her. Hank watched as the Mistress continued interrogating Brody, never taking her hand off Brody’s crotch. He found himself suddenly getting turned on, his face getting flushed with anticipation. This would be fun or at least a hell of a story to tell! His cock was starting to throb in the briefs, pushing the fabric forward. Suddenly his chin was grabbed and his head pulled away from gazing at Brody/Mistress Pauline. 

    “Face forward, boy.” said Mr. M, releasing the boy’s face. Hank nodded and stared forward at the wall in front of him as Brody’s interrogation went on. 

    “I probably….ugh….jerk off twice a day. I think I’ve fucked five girls by now. I like breasts the most. Oh fuck I think pre-cum is coming out of me. I ugh I think the hottest part of me is my abs. And I prefer boxers because they let me feel free. My hottest memory of fucking is when this girl swalloweed……ughhhhhhh fuck. When this girl swallowed my load while she…..”  

    “Finish the story” said Mistress Paulline as she continued stroking the boy through the briefs. 

    “When this girl swallowed my load while she blew me in the school parking lot and I called her a whore as she did it” 

    Mistress Pauline let go of Brody’s cock and Brody let out a “UGH!”, his hard cock suddenly left to just sit there as pre-cum stained the briefs. It drove Brody wild in frustration, sweat pouring down his face. Brody couldn’t take it, he reached for his cock and went to go stroke it. 

    “Mr. K please ensure that this boy doesn’t touch his cock” 

    Brody’s hands were quickly bound by rope and the boy whimpered, staring down at his cock. Mistress Pauline turned to Hank and Hank felt his mouth watering. 

    “Well we have a big boy down here” said Mistress Pauline as she began to slowly caress Hank’s large cock that stretched out onto his hip in the briefs. 

    “Thank you Mistress” 

    “Silence” Mistress Pauline began her questioning, continuing to tease Hank’s cock. Hank answered more directly than Brody, taking a deep breath to calm himself as his cock twitched from her touch and his balls grew tight. 

    “I’m Hank. I”m 19. I jerk off three times a week.  I’ve fucked two girls by now. I like a woman’s legs the most. I think the hottest part of me is my cock. I prefer boxer briefs because they hold everything together, but give me some room. My hottest memory of sex is when I came on this girl’s tits” 

    Mistress Pauline didn’t let go of Hank’s cock after the questions though, she kept caressing and caressing, until Hank was shaking. And then she let go. 

    “Please bound his hands” 

    Hank’s hands were tied behind him as well. Both boys sweating, their cocks still rock hard  in the briefs and begging to be fully milked. Their breath heavy. Their legs shaking. Mistress Pauline sat back down on the sofa. 

    “Well…that was very enlightening and it let me learn who we’re dealing with. Which one do you want Mr. M?” 

    “I want Hank” 

    “Whaat?” said Hank. 

    “Well that leaves Brody to you, Mr. K” 

    “I’m fine with that’ smiled Mr. K. 

    “Woah woah what the fuck is going on?” cried Brody. In his confusion, he was suddenly trying to undo the ropes on his wrists and found that they tightened the more he struggled. Hank stared at the two men in the room and suddenly felt panic fill him too. Something was suddenly very wrong. They had gone from feeling a ton of pleasure and anticipation to something…..terrifying.  “Boys, let me explain. So you came here because you heard that I teach you how to fuck for hours on end, yes? And you assumed that I’d be teaching you to fuck me. Well, I’m sorry, but that’s not the case. You see, I teach naughty straight boys like you how to please….men. And In fact tonight, my good friends Mr. M and Mr. K, have been looking for some new personal sex slaves. So we’re going to not only teach you how to please men, but how to be good slaves for your new owners” 

    “FUCK YOU!” snapped Brody. 

    “This is ridiculous, this is crazy! What the fuck?!” cried Hank. Hank ran for the door only to be pulled back by his hair by Mr. M. 

    Brody was already struggling in the arms of Mr. K. The man hand gagging Brody. Hank was soon hand gagged as well, as the two boys were led into a bedroom. 

    “Just think boys” said Mistress Pauline as the men forced chloroform rags to both Hank and Brody, causing the boys to pass out.  “What fun we will have disciplining you”


    Hank woke up hogtied on a fur carpet, still dressed in tighty whities and low cut white socks. His mouth was filled with a cloth gag, tied tight at the back of his head. He struggled on the floor, his big cock rubbing against the carpet and getting hard again, despite him feeling anything but turned on. He looked around the room, as he struggled and saw Mr. M sitting nearby, his big bear belly sticking out of his t shirt/leather jacket ensemble. Mr. M smiled down at the boy through his beard, and cupped his own crotch, Hank could see the man’s boner pressing against his denim jeans. 


    Hank could hear a cry from another room next to them, followed by what sounded like ….the crack of a whip?! Wait, where was Brody? Was that Brody? 

    “Ah you’re awake, good. Yeah you hear those cries big boy? Your friend Brody was fighting us a lot, so Mr. K thought he needed a nice whipping. They’ve been going on for a while now. Mistress Pauline will join us once they take a break, she likes to watch” 

    “MMMPHPPH!” cried Hank, struggling more wildly now, continuing to hear Brody whipped from the other room. 

    “Unlike Mr. K, who cannot stand struggling. I like it. I like that you struggle and moan into that gag, it turns me on. How’s the hogtie? Is it tight? I made sure to tie you really tight” 

    Indeed it was a tight hogtie, with Hank’s wrists pulled back towards his ankles by rope, forcing his shoulders back. His ankles were tied together and had a rope secured all the way to a collar (holy shit he had a leather collar on his neck?!) on him, so that his feet were pulled almost towards his head. In realizing this, his body seemed suddenly to wake up and all of Hank felt like it was on fire with pain. 

    “Yeah it’s painful, right? Good. You deserve that, you naughty teenage slut. You know, I have to wait for Mistress Pauline to really start your training. But I can’t quite resist a little taste of you before that” 

    Mr. M got down on the floor besides the hogtied Hank and grabbed the boy’s ankles, Hank’s white socked feet flapping in the air. 

    “Your feet look so beautiful in white socks, my slave” 


    Mr. M ran a finger down one of Hank’s soles, playing with the sock fabric as the foot continued to wiggle wildly in the air. Mr. M suddenly grabbed the foot firmly like it was a wild tiny beast, to restrain it, and took a big sniff of Hank’s socks. The man gave a big sigh at the smell. And then he moved to the other foot and did the same thing, continuing to smell Hank’s socked feet….and then to Hank’s horror, the man began mouthing Hank’s feet. Sticking the socked toes into his mouth and moaning. Hank screamed into his gag, but he could barely move. And then the tickling began, Mr. M’s hands slowly caressing each socked foot slowly and then with increasing speed, until the boy was being fully tickled. Hank couldn’t stand to be tickled and bucked wildly, which only encouraged Mr. M further.  

    “Mr. M!” said Mistress Pauline as she opened the door to the bedroom. “You know the rules, I get the boys here, I get to watch and oversee their training. You started without me” 

    Mr. M scurried back to his chair, breathing heavily. Pre-cum staining his jeans. 

    “I”m sorry Mistress Pauline. I couldn’t resist any longer” 

    “Hi Hank” said Mistress Pauline as she pulled the boy’s head back by the hair.  “MMMMPH!!” 

    “I know, it’s all very overwhelming. Mr. M where should we begin with this boy?” 

    “I want that big cock of his milked. I’m gonna milk him every morning, so he should get used to that. Teenage slut!” Mr. M spat and the spit landed right in Hank’s face, dripping down. Mistress Pauline rolled Hank over onto his back, causing Hank to groan, his arms getting squished by the rest of his hogtied body, his head barely able to lay flat due to the collar. His cock was still too big for the briefs he’d been dressed in, and struggling on his stomach had caused his cock head to peak out of one of the brief’s leg holes. Mistress Pauline leaned down and kissed it, pushing it back into the briefs. 

    “Aww it’s gotten a bit soft since I last saw it” said Mistress Pauline. “Can I start him off, Mr. M?”

    “Yes, I want him teased by a woman, only to have that taken away and replaced by me” said Mr. M, still breathing hard and starting to cup his crotch. Hank stared up at the man, his sight upside down due to the position of his head and pleaded through his gag, but it was nothing but “MMMMPH!!” 

    Mistress Pauline’s hands caressed Hank’s chest, moving through his chest hair and then squeezed both of his nipples. Hank cried out in pain. Mistress Pauline then began to suck one of his nipples, her tongue rolling around it. Fuck, how did she know that his nipples were almost hot wired to his cock?! He was indeed getting hard. Suddenly Mr. M came forward and began sucking Hank’s other nipple!!!! GET OFF ME YOU FUCK!, Hank tried to scream. Both the Mistress and Mr. M were now caressing his cock and balls through the briefs too, two mouths on his nipples, two hands on his crotch. Hank couldn’t believe it. Eventually Mistress Pauline sat in the chair that Mr. M had been in and began to watch as Mr. M took full control, doing a long lick of Hank’s abs. 

    “I have a special new toy to put on you” said Mr. M as he brought out a cock ring. Hank shook his head wildly, but Mr. M reached into the briefs, took hold of the boy’s massive cock and fitted it with the cock ring. “That will ensure that you stay hard for me, slut” 

    Mr. M reached into the briefs fly and took out Hank’s cock, began stroking it. Hank shut his eyes tight. This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening! He is not being jerked off by a man! FUCK! Mr. M’s thick hand moved up and down the boy’s cock slowly, squeezing it at the head. 

    “OPEN YOUR EYES!” snapped Mistress Pauline. Hank did as he was told, catching sight of Mistress Pauline rubbing her pussy while watching Mr. M. 

    “Such a big cock for a teenager. At nineteen, you should be able to provide me so much yummy cum. This is your duty. To please me, boy” said Mr. M, increasing his strokes. 

    “PLEASE STOP!” cried Hank. 

    “You like this, slut. I can feel you getting harder” said Mr. M, increasing his strokes. And indeed, Hank was getting harder and did feel an orgasm coming on. He would not cum for these two psychos, he wouldn’t do it. He would not! Damn Brody for getting him into this! DAMN THAT STUPID JOCK! 

    “UGHHHH!” Suddenly to Hank’s surprise, he came in a full burst. Mr. M quickly sucked the boy’s cock, enveloping it in his warm mouth and making the boy cum more. He shot down the man’s throat as Mr. M’s tongue continued to circle Hank’s cock head. Hank screaming into the gag from the force of the orgasm. Mr. M continued to suck the boy even after all the cum was gone, causing Hank to squirm….his big cock so sensitive. 

    Mistress Pauline got down from the chair and petted Hank’s head. 

    “Ugh that tasted amazing. I want more” said Mr. M. 

    Hank shook his head, he couldn’t imagine producing more cum after that. He was spent. 

    “You don’t refuse your owner, Hank” said Mistress Pauline as she wagged a finger in Hank’s face. “Bad boy” 

    Hank whimpered as Mr. M began stroking him again….


    “Have you had enough, my pet?” asked Mr. K. 

    Drool dripped from Brody’s lips onto his abs. His arms were pulled high above him, pushing him onto his tip toes, his wrists in thick padded leather cuffs. His body was still clad in tighty whities and low cut white socks. His mouth was gagged with a large red ball gag. His ankles were set in a metal spreader bar, forcing his legs wide. Sweat dripped down from his body and his back was now bright red from the large black whip that Mr. K still held in his hands. He’d been like this ever since he’d woken up from the chloroform, and for what seemed like forever….he had been whipped by Mr. K with Mistress Pauline watching. 

    “Just…stop…I’ll be ….good” said Brody through the ball gag. At this point, he didn’t care. He didn’t care what happened as long as that whip didn’t come down on him again. 

    “Good pet” said Mr. K. 

    Brody was lowered onto the ground, his cuffs released from the chains in the ceiling and the spreader bar taken from his ankles. Brody curled into a fetal position, as Mr. K put padded leather cuffs on the boy’s ankles. 

    “To match the pretty ones on your wrists, pet. Now on all fours” 

    Brody obeyed, though his body felt like it was sore all over. Mr. K took a seat in front of the boy. 

    “MMMMMPPH!” sounded from the room next door. Hank. It must be Hank. God, if they did this to me, what were they doing to Hank? Brody felt so much shame in having brought his friend into this. But how was he to know?! He had just wanted pussy and now he didn’t know if he’d ever have pussy again. Or freedom. Or anything but….his owner….

    Mr. K undid the gag and Brody spat out so much spit onto the floor. Mr. K suddenly grabbed the jock by his hair and pulled his head back. 

    “If your mouth becomes unruly, this gag goes back in, understood?” 


    Mr. K slapped Brody hard. 

    “Yes, sir” 

    “Yes, sir” repeated Brody. 

    “Good, now lick my boots” said Mr. K, presenting his cowboy boots forward. Brody felt humiliation rise up from his gut, but he leaned down and began to place small licks on the man’s cowboy boots from the tip to the top of them. It tasted like leather. 

    “Longer licks, my pet. One long lick from bottom to top. And look at me when you do it” 

    Brody whimpered, but did as he was told. One long lick, over and over again, keeping eye contact with Mr. K. 

    “And arch your back, I want that big muscled ass of yours in the air” 

    Brody made the correction, lifting his ass in air, despite being even more humiliated by the action. If I ever got out of this, I will beat the shit out of you, thought Brody. Mr. K took off one of his boots and stuck his socked foot between Brody’s legs, moving it back and forth against Brody’s low hanging balls in the briefs. Brody stopped licking.  “As Mistress Pauline said, just because we play with your crotch doesn’t give you the excuse to neglect your duties. Keep licking!” 

    Brody kept licking the other boot as Mr. K continued sliding his foot against the boy’s balls, back and forth. Back and forth. Brody couldn’t believe it, but despite this bastard being the one doing it, the movement was driving him mad with desire. He could feel his cock betraying him, the movement of Mr. K’s foot against his crotch causing him to get hard. Damn body. Don’t you get hard for this sick freak! 

    “That’s enough, now… put your head here” Mr. K opened his legs wide and patted his crotch. 

    Brody snapped and ran for the door, pushing his tired body to move as quick as it could. The white socks that he was dressed in though skidded across the slick floor and he fell, mere inches from the door. 

    “HELP! PLEASE HELP US!” screamed Brody. 

    “Oh Brody, just when I thought we were getting somewhere” sighed Mr. K, as he put his other boot back on. “I think Mistress Pauline is busy overseeing your buddy’s training, but she trusts me a bit more to do what needs to be done. We don’t have to wait for her’ 

    Mr. K slowly walked across the room towards the 20 year old, his cowboy boots echoing on the floor as Brody reached for the door in a panic. His hand was quickly put down by one of Mr. K’s boots stepping on it. Brody cringed. 

    “It’s okay, my pet, we just gotta get you a bit more secured” 

    “No no no, please!” 

    “I can’t trust you like I thought…”

    Mr. K descended on the boy and tied both of Brody’s wrist cuffs together with rope, tying the boy’s hands behind him. The man then used rope on Brody’s ankle cuffs, pulling the boy’s socked feet together. Brody struggled on the floor like a wiggling worm, still in clad in tight whities that cupped his ass beautifully and low cut white socks that looked puffy and sweaty on his big feet. Mr. K grabbed the boy by the ankles and dragged him back towards the center of the room. He then scooped the boy up into his arms and sat back down in his chair. Brody sobbed in frustration. The straight boy couldn’t believe he was letting this man see him cry, but he couldn’t help it. Mr. K wiped away the boy’s tears and lifted up a new gag with a rubber ring in the middle of it. 

    “No please please….”

    “Shhh you have to be gagged now…you’ve lost speaking privileges…and this will help with the training that I wanted to begin, before you became so restless. Now open up” 

    Mr. K squeezed the boy’s balls forcing Brody to open his mouth, as the O ring gag was placed in and secured tight behind his head. Now the boy could no longer close his mouth. Mr. K threw Brody onto his stomach, over the man’s knees and began caressing Brody’s muscular ass, created from the boy’s many squats at the college gym. 


    Mr. K breathed heavy (hugely turned on) as he watched Brody cry out from the spanks. The boy’s socked feet kicking back and forth in the air, his head pulled tight back by Mr. K’s other hand holding a fistful of Brody’s hair. The boy’s tongue stuck out of the O ring gag with each cry. Mr. K slipped his hand beneath the waistband of the briefs and felt Brody’s ass, hot from the spankings, his hand moving towards Brody’s anus. NOT MY ASS! NOT MY ASS! the boy screamed through the gag. 

    “I will have this ass, and there is nothing you can do about it” whispered Mr. K into the jock’s ear before pushing him onto the floor. Mr. K undid his jeans and brought out his own cock, now rock hard from all the discipline he’d been giving out. It was a miracle he hadn’t cum in his pants while whipping the boy earlier. He took Brody by the head and forced the struggling boy’s mouth onto the cock. Mr. K stood up, his jeans falling to his ankles, and began face fucking Brody. Tied up on hands and knees, and with the man’s huge hands gripping his face and an O ring gag keeping his mouth open, Brody could do little but gag on the cock. 

    “Don’t struggle, my pet! Stop struggling or I’ll get the whip again. Take the cock! Take it all the way down. Yeah keep gagging on it, slut. You will serve this cock every day from now on. You love my cock, boy?! YOU LOVE MY COCK?!” 

    Mr. K pulled his cock out of the boy’s mouth. 

    “Say you love my cock!” 

    Brody was so stunned that he couldn’t do anything. He was slapped in the face by Mr. K’s cock and then it was shoved down his throat again, the boy’s nose buried in Mr. K’s pubic hair, the man’s balls bouncing on the college boy’s chin. 

    “So warm, so tight! Ugh you’re gonna make me cum! You ready?! YOU FUCKIN’ READY?! GONNA CUM IN THAT COLLEGE JOCK MOUTH!”


    Hank had passed out at some point after being endlessly milked (or at least that’s what it felt like to the nineteen year old). When he woke back up again he was tied spread eagle to a bed, on his stomach and the tighty whities were gone. The only piece of clothing still on him being the low cut white socks. A blindfold had been placed over his eyes and……oh holy shit….that fucker had placed a butt plug in his ass! WHAT THE FUCK?! 

    “Take it out! Oh my god it’s huge, please take it out!” cried Hank. 

    “Shhh be a good boy and lick” Mistress Pauline suddenly sat in front of Hank’s face without panties on and shoved his face into her pussy. She humped the boy’s face with her pussy as Mr. M quickly took out the butt plug. Usually a woman shoving her pussy in his face would’ve made Hank wild, but he pulled at his restraints on the bed fearing what would come next. His ass felt loose and open without the butt plug. Mr. M spanked him hard. 

    “LICK HER, boy! Or I will put a clamp on your cock head” 

    Hank obeyed and began to lick Mistress Pauline’s pussy, his big cock becoming instantly hard at the taste of it that he had longed for hours ago….you know, before he had been made into a sex slave for a man. 

    “Come here, Brody”


    “BRODY!” screamed Hank, pushing his head up out of Mistress Pauline’s crotch, but the blindfold blocked any view of his friend and the woman pushed his head back down. 

    “It’s okay, my pet. Come here, we’ll get you set up” said Mr. K, leading Brody in on a leash. The boy’s head was covered with a rubber hood, with an opening for the mouth, Brody’s mouth still held open by an O ring gag. His arms still tied behind him, but his ankles were free. His briefs were off as well, with a vibrating cock ring placed at the base of his cock, making it hard. Brody’s only clothing, just like Hank were the low cut white socks. 

    “Lay down over your friend” 

    Hank’s panic rose….no, no they weren’t going to…..they couldn’t be that sick…. “I can’t wait to watch this” said Mistress Pauline continuing to hold Hank’s head to her pussy. 

    Mr. M and Mr. K forced Brody to lay down over his friend and then, placed Brody’s cock right into Hank’s asshole. 

    “Fuck him, Brody’

    To Hank’s horror, Brody did begin to pump into Hank, fucking his college buddy with fury. 

    “You see Hank, Brody’s mind is now broken. He’s a good boy and you will be too after this”

    Mr. K grabbed Brody’s ass and entered the boy. Mr. M stood in front of Brody and began face fucking him. 

    So, it was a sight. Hank tied spread eagle with Mistress Pauline fucking his face. Brody fucking Hank’s ass, Mr. K fucking Brody at the same time and Mr. M pumping into Brody’s mouth…at the same time. 

    And then it switched. Hank being fucked by Mr. M, the man’s massive beer belly crushing him.  Mistress Pauline whipping Hank’s socked feet with a riding crop, while nearby Mr. K sucked Hank’s ass as the boy obediently stayed on hands and knees.  And then it switched again. Mr. K fucking Hank’s mouth with the aid of another O ring gag. Mistress Pauline fucking Brody’s cock with her pussy. And Mr. M licking Hank’s hole. 

    And then it switched again and again and again….different positions, ties, partners, until one couldn’t tell whose body part was which. 


    “Thank you Mistress Pauline” said Mr. K. “you really got two great ones this time, we really appreciate it and especially appreciate the help in training” 

    “We really appreciate it” said Mr. M. The three of them were standing on Mistress Pauline’s porch, all dressed again after what could only be described as an all out orgy. 

    “Well I’m glad we have now put these straight boys to good use. I hope you two are happy with your boys” said Mistrees Pauline before waving goodbye and closing her door. 

    In the back seat of Mr. M’s truck lay Hank, bathed after the orgy, and placed in a new pair of briefs and white socks, this time with socks that went up to the boy’s thighs. And briefs that were even tighter on his massive cock. He was hogtied again and ball gagged. 

    In the back seat of Mr. K’s chevy lay Brody, bathed after the orgy and secured in a rubber sleep sack up to his neck. His mouth gagged with a panel gag. Inside the sleep sack a new pair of briefs and white socks adorned his body. 

    And as the men got into their respective cars and began to drive off, both boys snapped out of whatever slave mind they had developed at that point, and tried one last struggle. 

    Mr. M smiled at Hank struggling and reached back to tickle the boy’s socked feet with his free hand. 

    M. K reached back and petted Brody’s head like he was calming a dog. 

    And the two boys lay there in the back seat of their new owner’s cars, moaning into their gags, as they were taken to their new homes. 


    What I Want

    I want to cuckold you. I want to see you on your knees with your pathetic little dick throbbing between your legs as you watch another man’s cock fill my pussy. I want to see the lust in your eyes as you watch someone else satisfy me.

    I want to tell you that you’re pathetic, that you’re not a real man, that you’re not even close to being a real man. I want to watch you wrap your fingers around your cock as those words leave my lips and I want to slap you across the face and scold you for masturbating without my permission.

    I want him to pull out of my pussy so I can stroke him and cover my fingers in my pussy juices and his precum. I want him to slide back inside me as I stuff my fingers in your mouth and fuck your face like you’re nothing more than a whore to be used for my pleasure. I want to make you gag as he fucks me like I deserve to be fucked.

    I want you to lay your head on my stomach and watch him fuck my tight cunt. I want you to hear the sounds of his big cock stretching out my tight little pussy.

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    I want you to clean his load out of my pussy when he gives you permission. I want you to lick it up and swallow every drop. I want you to act like a filthy cum whore because that’s what you are.

    I want you to beg for permission to have an orgasm of your own. I want you to humiliate yourself as you beg. I want to deny you that permission. I want you to whine like a little bitch. I want to slap you across the face and tell you that a cuckold doesn’t deserve to cum.

    I want you to suck his cock until he’s hard enough to fuck me again. Then I want it all to start over.

    Will you let me do what I want?

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    Look at these pipes, hubby. See the swell of the biceps? Yummy, aren’t they. Like to kiss them? No no no. Look at my breasts. Stunning cleavage, no? You’d love to bury your face between those beauties, wouldn’t you little man? But I’ve trained you well. You can’t get it up without the reek and taste of my body odour in your nose and mouth. Get your face in my armpit then, and breathe deeply whist you lick me clean. Know how close you are to what your eyes desire but which your own being denies you. Ah, hubby. Your little penis is no longer so little. Giggle. You’d like to thrust it in and out of my sacred vagina, wouldn’t you? To bend me over and split my pretty brown rosebud with your massive pole. But without my smell and taste it would no longer be massive would it? Kneel down then, and worship me with your tongue and lips. Perhaps I’ll let you toss off if you please me sufficiently. But only with your face between my buttocks, french kissing my anus in gratitude for granting that which you truly desire. You are so fortunate to be married to an understanding trophy wife, little man.

    Enhanced Prison - Part One

    Ben had fucked up badly, but the idea of spending the next thirty years in prison was unthinkable.

    He sat in the bus in his orange prisoner hoodie and striped pants, his wrists cuffed to a chain around his stomach, his legs shackled, headed towards the state penitentiary. He couldn’t believe that this was real, that he was about to spend the next thirty years of his life locked up. He’d be 59 the next time he saw freedom.

    As the prison came into view, he and the other prisoners all grew quiet. It looked like something out of a nightmare, surrounded by barbed wire and guards. A heavily armed guard waved the bus through as a series of gates opened and shut to let the prisoners inside.

    They filed off the bus. Ben had to get used to walking in shackles, but at least they’d be coming off soon. All the prisoners were taken to what looked like an assembly room with benches. There was a podium at the front. Ben sat down with the rest of the prisoners.

    The warden came out. He was a large man – large, but not fat. His arms and legs were huge, and the man barely had a neck to speak of. He looked out at the prisoners with a sinister gleam in his eye.

    “Welcome, prisoners,” he said. “Each of you was selected because you have sentences of 30 or more years, but none of you committed violent crimes. Check fraud, drug trafficking, larceny. Our prisons are overcrowded, so the state is starting a new program. And you get to be our test subjects.”

    The prisoners shifted. No one said anything.

    “The point of prison,” the Warden said, “is to rehabilitate, not merely to punish. We have developed a program that will let you serve a significantly reduced sentence, as long as you are willing to endure some – accommodations,” he said. “Gentlemen, come with me, and I will explain further.”

    The prisoners looked around at each other, confused. Still, Ben was excited to think that part of his sentence might be reduced. He was with about seven other prisoners, each wearing the orange prisoner hoodie, each in orange and white striped pants and black boots. They stayed shackled and handcuffed as they followed the Warden, and a pair of guards, each carrying a rifle in their hands, followed behind.

    They walked through the prison yard and into an area that looked like it had been built recently. It had no windows, just three stories, as best as Ben could tell, and a single door in the front. The door was solid metal with a small window inside of it.

    The Warden slid his ID through the slot on the side of the door, and a buzzer sounded. The door opened.

    Once the doors were closed inside, it took Ben’s eyes a few minutes to adjust. There were eight tablet computers on what looked like school desks. Each prisoner sat down at a desk, and the guards and Warden went around and fastened their shackles to the desk with a padlock. The desks themselves were bolted to the floor.

    “On the menu,” the Warden said. “You will see some ways that your sentence will be made more unpleasant, thus assuring that you will learn your lesson and you will never want to return to prison. For each option you select, a percentage of your sentence will be reduced. Note, however, that the percentages are not cumulative. Each option you select will take less and less from your sentence. “The guards are coming around to put some headphones and VR goggles on your heads. Watch the video. It will help you understand your choices.”

    The guard came around and put some goggles over Ben’s eyes and some headphones over his ears. Everything was blacked out.

    And suddenly – everything was white. The Warden stood inside the video.

    “Welcome to the demonstration,” the video Warden said. “I am going to demonstrate each of your options. When the video experience is concluded, you will select on the tablet computer which options you will include to make your stay more unpleasant. The more options you select, the more unpleasant, and the shorter, your sentence will be.”

    An orange-clad prisoner stepped into the frame. “Hello, Warden,” the prisoner said.

    “Hello, 589,” the Warden said. “Are you ready to help with the demonstration?”

    “Yes, Warden,” the prisoner said.

    “First of all,” the Warden said, “no matter what you choose, being in the program at all requires you to be handcuffed and shackled at all times. There are no exceptions and it will not, by itself, take any time off your sentence.”

    The prisoner had shackles on his booted ankles and his hands were cuffed. The handcuff chain was a little longer than a normal handcuff chain, giving him a little more range of motion than the normal “arrest cuffs.”

    “Now, your sentence reduction options. First up, the chastity cage,” the Warden said. The prisoner dropped his pants slightly to reveal a cock encased in a steel device. “No sex, no masturbation, no touching yourself. Choose this, and your sentence is reduced to 80 percent.”

    Ben was about to consider the absurdity of wearing something like that on his cock when the “80 %” showed up in black letters across the screen. That was already six years off his sentence.

    “A muzzle,” the Warden said. The prisoner’s pants were back up, but his face was wrapped in a leather mask that wrapped around his head and kept his jaw. “You won’t be able to talk or eat while you’re wearing it. You’ll wear it in 7 ½ hour shifts – and each shift reduced the sentence.” A table of text appeared in black as the Warden spoke, revealing the numbers. “One shift reduces to 95 percent. Two shifts is another 95 percent, and three shifts – so basically, all the time, except when you’re eating – an additional 90 percent. All three add up to a reduction to about 81 percent.”

    The prisoner’s muzzle was removed. “Hygiene Reduction Torture,” the Warden said.

    “What’s that?” the Prisoner asked.

    “You’ll be provided with no deodorant or soap, ever,” the Warden said. The prisoner suddenly looked filthy, hair greasy and skin covered in grime.

    “Disgusting? Absolutely! And your sentence is reduced to 85 percent.”

    The filthy prisoner returned back to his clean-looking self. “Adding a steel collar, which we’ll weld closed around your neck” – the collar appeared around the neck of the shackled prisoner – “is a reduction to 90 percent.” The neck collar didn’t vanish like some of the other options had. As the Warden cycled through the rest of the options, the prisoner’s collar stayed on.

    “Each of you has a cell that is 10 feet by 5 feet. If you opt, instead, to sleep inside a small cage, 5 by 3 x 3, it’s reduced to 95 percent.” The prisoner stepped into a small cage, and the door closed and locked behind him.

    “Sleep deprivation torture means you’ll only get to sleep five hours a night, with no naps allowed, ever, but it reduces your sentence to 90 percent. Urinal service” – the prisoner was let out of the cage, but he wore a type of gag that had a funnel at the end of it – “means that the guards piss down your throat, and your sentence is reduced to 90 percent. Punching bag torture” – the prisoner’s hands were suspended over his head – “means that for 15 to 20 minutes a day, a guard gets to use you for a punching bag!” The Warden socked the prisoner in the stomach, for effect.

    “Sensory deprivation torture will gain you some quick reductions,” the Warden said. The prisoner wore a hood that completely blocked out its vision and hearing. “Like the muzzle, it’s in 7 ½ hour shifts – 90 percent, 85 percent, and 80 percent. If you take all three, you’ll get 90 minutes a day to see and hear, and your sentenced is reduced to 61 percent.”

    Ben’s heart leapt. Having to be hooded all the time sounded awful, but that was almost half of his sentence if he took all three shifts.

    “Leashed to the wall.” The prisoner’s hood was off, but now a chain, around 8 feet long, reached from his neck and was bolted to a length of wall that had popped up behind him. “You’ll spend 16 hours a day chained like this to a wall for a reduction to 85 percent. Kick it up to 24 hours a day, and it’s an additional 75 percent – for a total reduction to 64 percent.”

    The leash and the wall disappeared. Once again the prisoner’s hands were suspended above his head. “Suspension torture,” the Warden said. “For three hours a day, you’re chained up like this. If you pick this and punching bag torture, you can do them together. This is a reduction to 85 percent.

    “Electro shock torture” – the prisoner was no longer suspended, but there was something added to the steel collar, a small mechanism that stuck out – “means that you will receive 12 random shocks throughout the day. They are completely random and can come at any time.”

    The Warden pressed a button, and the prisoner screamed, grabbing the collar that he couldn’t remove. The prisoner fell to his knees, but the shock ended about five seconds after it started. “This is a reduction to 85 percent.

    “Hypnosis therapy,” the Warden continued, “means you’ll spend an hour a day plugged into the very device you’re wearing now.” The prisoner’s ears had headphones and his eyes were covered with the VR goggles. “You’ll learn new skills, learn to be a better person, and get a reduction to 80 percent of your sentence.

    “Now, the last three options. You’re already going to be shackled and handcuffed, so why not upgrade?” The prisoner’s wrists and ankles were no longer just cuffed and ironed – instead, he wore heavy manacles and heavy shackles, adding what looked like ten extra pounds of weight. “The manacles take you to 80 percent, and the shackles to 80 percent. Do both, and you’re at 64 percent.

    “The final option,” the Warden said, “is the most important one.” The prisoner vanished, leaving just the Warden. “Participation in the Enhanced Prison is entirely voluntary. You can end it at any time, and whatever time you served in the Enhanced Prison will be subtracted from your sentence. If, however, you choose to make your restrictions involuntary, meaning you cannot back out, you will earn” – the number loomed large in the video, “a 50 percent reduction in your sentence.”

    The video ended. The VR goggles and headphones were removed.

    “As you can see,” said the real Warden, “Enhanced Prison won’t be easy or pleasant. But try out your options and see how much your sentence can be reduced.”

    Ben’s cuffs were taken off the belly chain so he could use the tablet. It was already programmed for him specifically.

    Prisoner: Benjamin Howard Original Sentence: 30 Years Click each box to add or remove the Sentence Reduction Option.  Leg Irons                        Not Optional Handcuffs                     Not Optional Chastity                          80% Muzzle 1/3                    95% Muzzle 2/3                    95% Muzzle 3/3                    90% Hygiene Reduction       85% Steel Collar                   90% Cage Sleeping              95% Sleep Deprivation          90% Urinal Service               90% Punching Bag               90% Sensory Dep. 1/3          90% Sensory Dep. 2/3          85% Sensory Dep. 3/3         80% Leashed 2/3                  85% Leashed 3/3                  75% Suspension Torture      85% Electro Shock               85% Hypnosis Therapy        80% Heavy Manacles          80% Heavy Shackles           80% No Reset                       50%     UPDATED SENTENCE: 30 Years

    What could Ben live with? He put check boxes next to chastity, steel collar, heavy manacles, and heavy shackles.

    The final line revealed the updated sentence: 13 years, 10 months.

    Just like that, his sentence had been cut in half. When he checked the “No Reset” option, meaning he couldn’t go back and be a regular prisoner, he was down to 6 years, 11 months.

    Suddenly Ben realized that he could have some sort of future. He could get out before he was 40. He didn’t necessarily love the idea of being chained up all the time, but he already knew he was going to do it.

    Already down to seven years, Ben wondered – what else could he live with? Maybe he was going about this wrong. He was in prison, for shit’s sake. It was already going to suck. Quickly he went through and added every option, just to see what would happen, and was shocked to see what his potential sentence could be.

    Updated Sentence: 9 months.

    He stared at that number for a long time. Each unpleasant thing he removed would add months or years to his sentence, a sentence that was already going to be fucking terrible because of the Enhancements. What could he absolutely NOT deal with?

    He removed “Urinal Service.” 10 months. An extra month not to have to drink piss seemed worth it. He clicked “Sensory Deprivation” down from full time to 2/3 time. 1 year.

    He sighed. He clicked off “Hygiene Reduction” and it added three months. Could he live without being clean for a year? At the end of the year, would he have wished he’d just been smelly and gross the entire time?

    No. He wanted to be able to bathe. Clicking off “Electro Shock” added an extra two months. There were still lots of tortures, lots of indignities. But when he tried to click off being leashed to the wall, it added ten months back onto his sentence.

    He could handle being chained to the wall. He could. He’d be clean, he wouldn’t be being shocked all the time, and he wouldn’t have to drink anyone’s piss. A year and a half instead of 30 years. He’d be chained up and muzzled the whole time, he’d sleep in a cage, he’d be hooded and tortured a whole, whole lot. But his life could go on later.

    “Are you ready?” the guard asked.

    Ben nodded. “Yeah, I – I think so,” he said.

    The guard nodded to the Warden. “This one’s ready, Sir.”

    The Warden grinned. “Good. Get him ready please, Mr Galveston. Once he’s all situated, the sentence can begin.”

    * * *

    Unlike the no-necked Warden, Galveston seemed kind, pleasant, almost friendly. In a different life, maybe they could have gotten along better. His hair was cut pretty short, showing lots of skin where the sides and back of his head were shaved, and he walked with a swagger and confidence that Ben, even in these circumstances, actually envied.

    “Hey,” Galveston said to Ben, “you didn’t check the ‘urinal service’ one. That’s probably one of the easiest ones. It’ll take two whole months off your sentence.”

    “I don’t want to drink piss,” Ben said.

    “Bro,” Galveston said, smiling, “it’ll be my piss. It won’t be that bad. It’ll only be once a day. You’ve checked off so many things here that you’re basically gunna be in hell for a year. What’s one more thing? Do that and the electro shock torture and you’re talking another four months. That’s four months sooner you can get back to your life.”

    They arrived in an open area with a bench built into the wall. There were no windows, but the lights here made it easy to see without being unpleasant. “All right, dude, let’s get you ready.” Galveston cuffed Ben to the bench and went to get everything ready, pulling chains and things out of the cabinets. “Okay, let’s do the chastity first.”

    “Does it hurt?”

    “Nah, dude. It just feels snug. The Warden had us do all this too. The ‘prisoner’ in the video you watched was actually another guard. I’ve put on and done everything you can do. That’s what I’m telling you, seriously. The shock collar’s not that bad. I mean, don’t get me wrong, it fucking sucks for those few seconds, but then it’s over.”

    “You drank piss?”

    “My own piss,” Galveston said. “You had to do everything on the list to get this assignment. Okay! Let’s get your cock locked away.”

    The device went around Ben’s cock. He was surprised how hard he tried to get, all things considered. He was surprised by how much he liked having Galveston slide the device on, attaching the rings and the cage and then snapping it all into place. A well-placed rivet rendered the entire thing permanent.

    “All right. So from now on you’ll have to wear snap-on clothes because you’re going to be chained up all the time.” Galveston pulled out the heavy chains Ben would be wearing continuously.

    “I’m literally never taking them off? The whole time?”

    “Not even once,” Galveston said. “We have to make sure they fit right, because once they’re on, they’re on. We don’t have to have you change clothes yet. Later we can just cut off the clothes you’re wearing right now.”

    Still cuffed to the bench, Ben’s other restraints got removed – briefly. On went the heavy manacles, the heavy shackles, and a thick steel collar with an 8-foot chain leash around his neck. All of them were fitted with screw-locks, then sealed with a metal epoxy.

    “How are you feeling?” Galveston asked.

    “This is so fucked up.”

    “You’ll be okay. You look good in these chains, by the way. It suits you somehow.”

    “I just know I won’t spend the rest of my life in prison,” Ben said, “because I’m doing this. So whatever. What else still has to happen?”

    “I still need to get your muzzle. That’s really not that bad, either. You can still grunt kind of. But … shit, man. Don’t do the sleep deprivation one.”


    “No, dude. You’re talking over a year of getting five hours a sleep a night. Look, the piss one is the same reduction as the sleep one. Just trade them out. Three minutes of drinking my piss every once in a while in exchange for three or four hours a sleep a night. It’s a good trade.”

    Ben snorted. “You really want me to drink your piss, don’t you?”

    Galveston laughed. “I kinda do, man. I know you don’t believe me, but you look so fucking great in all these chains. Hey, your muzzle’s right here. You ready?”

    “One more thing,” Ben said. “Are you going to be the one doing the … the … well, when I’m …”

    “Am I your torturer?” Galveston finished. He patted Ben on the back. “Yeah man, I am. Your rehabilitation is going to be my full time job.”

    Ben bit him lip. “I’m scared.”

    “Don’t be. It’s going to suck for you. I won’t lie. But I’ll make sure you’re okay. I’m going to hurt you a lot, Ben, but I won’t damage you. You’ll come out of this okay in the end. And most importantly, you’ll come out of it a young man, not a washed-up ex-con in his 60s.”

    Ben nodded. “Do the piss thing, then.”    

    “Alright, man! Take off the sleep torture?”    


    “You’ll be glad. Alright then, here’s the muzzle. Once that’s on I’ll take you to the cell, and since you picked being chained to the wall all the time, we’re going to anchor it right in place. I’ll do all the torturing right there in your cell. Oh, one more thing.”

    Galveston pulled out the sensory deprivation hood. “You chose to wear this two-thirds of the time. When you wake up in the morning I’ll let you pick which eight-hour period you want the hood off. But you’re going to wear it every night and half of the day, every day.”

    The muzzle went around Ben’s face. A strap went between his eyes to hold it all in place, and Galveston pulled out some small locks to keep it secured. He then pulled Ben by the chain and took him through a door and up some stairs. Ben passed five cells on the way to one in the very back of a row.

    “Go inside,” Galveston ordered.

    Inside the cell, Ben saw a small cage where a bed should have been. There was a toilet, sink, and small shower with a drain in the floor. There was a chain and hook hanging from the middle of the room, probably for the suspension torture.

    And there was a ring attached to the wall.

    Galveston took out a padlock. He threaded the leash-chain into the wall ring and locked the leash in place. Then he pulled out some metal epoxy and filled the keyhole.

    “Alright, dude,” he said. “I think you’re all set. I won’t put the hood on tonight or make you sleep in the cage – tonight. I think you’re going to have enough of an adjustment as it is. We’ve got over a year to make sure you’re rehabilitated.”

    Ben nodded.

    “One more thing,” Galveston said as he closed the door to the cell, “I picked you. The eight of us that were selected for this assignment got to pick the prisoners we wanted. My reputation is on the line. So I’m going to be completely sure, by the end of this, that you really are completely rehabilitated.

    “Try to sleep, Ben. Tomorrow, we’ll really get to work.”

    Cruel to be Kind

    Is it cruel or kind to ruin the male orgasm?

    Ruined orgasms make little sense if the male is a dom. He gets pure enjoyment from it, it feels great, and afterwards, he will still be in the proper frame of mind to remain dominant. Nothing is lost in the process.

    But what of the submissive male? He has been a good boy all week, so you decide that he deserves an orgasm. You remove his chastity device and tease him into a frenzy. At that moment, he needs to cum so badly, to the point where he would do humiliating things he probably wouldn’t normally do to achieve it. He is as submissive as he will ever be as you decide that you have teased him enough, and you send him crashing over the edge. The only problem is, his submissive feelings crash as well, as his body releases prolactin during the full male orgasm.

    Suddenly, your good boy goes through a drastic change. He loses most of his lust for you, his owner, which inspired much of his subordinate behavior. He may even balk at being relocked in his chastity cage. What the hell just happened? He has been feeling so submissive to you but most of that feeling just got flushed from his system along with his semen. What he wanted, needed, maybe even begged for a few seconds ago is immediately regretted by you both. Why?

    As a domme you will feel peeved by his sudden change in demeanor.  You think his submission to you shouldn’t change just because of a momentary bodily function. Are you just a kink dispenser for him? He should be submissive no matter what. And you know what? A truly submissive male will agree with those thoughts, feeling guilty and disappointed with himself over it. His heart will be filled with dread and self doubt. He will regret having that orgasm just as much as you now regret giving it to him.

    Not only does he enjoy serving and obeying you, he also loves the general feeling of being submissive. It is a part of him, a part of who he is, how he identifies himself, and he has just lost that. The release of prolactin ruins his submissive frame of mind making it hard for him to submit afterwards for a few hours, to even a day or two. He feels bad, but has no control over the process. But working in collaboration with you, as a team , it can be controlled.

    The ruined male orgasm. Is it really ruined, or is it simply improved upon? After all, it is still pleasurable to him, just not as powerful and intense as a full orgasm. The important part is denying the prolactin release. If successful, not only will his submissive feelings remain, his horniness and lust which are pleasurable to him in their own right will continue (subdued) as well.

    Are a few seconds of intense pleasure worth it in the end? Or is it better to trade that short burst for a much longer but still highly enjoyable experience? After all, he isn’t really gaining anything by orgasming. He is trading one pleasure for another, his submissive feelings that can last days for a quick burst of intensity that lasts only seconds, and ruins everything else.

    We have decided that ruined orgasms will be the answer in the foreseeable future. It’s just better, for both of us.