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    also if ur one of those ppl that are like "the black and brown stripes on pride flags are uglyyy umu make it more aesthetically pleasing!!!" please stop talking i dont like you

    actually no fuck you if you say this, black and brown lgbt people did NOT build this community only for you to turn and spit in their faces in such a nonchalant way. who cares about your uwu pastel aesthetic people are DYING and it pisses you off that two or three more stripes are included in a flag??? good. die mad

    if someone decides that they no longer want to support someone based on their actions that’s not ‘cancel culture’ that’s a) their right as a consumer and a person and b) literally just someone experiencing consequences for their actions like it’s not some new thing that the sjws came up with recently

    people when nixon got impeached: wtf this happened so long ago and he literally apologized. cancel culture is so toxic

    how to tell if your worldbuilding is Bad

    i didn’t wanna reblog this just cos it doesn’t deserve to get seen but:

    a) dwarves don’t share the gender binary that humans use, heterosexual versus homosexual is meaningless to them

    b) gnomes have such a predilection towards illusions that gender is primarily based on presentation. because of consistent interaction with humans, they tend towards visually hetero relationships just for sake of public ease but gnomes all know gender is an ilusion

    c) halflings are super community oriented. they would be incredibly accepting of homosexuality because frowning on someone for liking a particular gender is counter to community building

    d) goblins don’t believe in sexuality they believe in food

    e) orcs are 100% butch lesbians and bears. they are totally gay with a small side of being attracted to muscles and soft hairy bellies “but if they’re all gay how do they reproduce?” magic rituals motherfucker it’s a fantasy world

    f) tieflings never have a predominant culture and tend to ascribe to human values, with a bit of “i’m already an outcast, so anything goes”. i don’t wanna say tieflings are super gay just because there is a lot of baggage that comes with the evil demon race being super gay but tieflings are super gay

    g) dragonborn carry a lot of draconic values, one of the most notable being vanity. if a dragonbron is gay, they will literally be the embodiment of that “move, i’m gay” video. taboo my ass just try to stop that dragonborn, they’ll show you the meaning of flaming

    bottom line here is really that if you thought the dnd races were straight you were so wrong. i am going to find you and rub my gay ass on your player’s handbook


    bury me with this post it’s perfect

    Goblins don’t believe in sexuality they believe in food.

    Consider: Orcs are like bats. 95% of them are homosexual because the few orcs that ARE straight produce children at insane rates. Because of this, adoption is considered the norm in Orc society. Orcs are unconcerned with lineage and do not take a family name, but rather a clan or tribe name.

    I like this

    Straight orcs never stop fucking and its a problem

    Are you saying that 95% of bats are gay?

    You can’t argue with the facts.


    “Oh yeah, those two are Gnarla and Lorg, they are the Fuckers™”

    I don't know how a lot of people have turned "Having a crush on a straight person isn't a bad thing, but you should not try to 'turn' then or disrespect their boundaries," into "Having a crush on a straight person is weird and I am a much Better Gay because I don't ever have crushes on straight people, ever."

    Here is the thing: people cannot help the way that they feel at times. I do not mind at all if a straight boy has a crush on me; it becomes invasive when he ignores my boundaries and the fact I am not and will not ever be interested in him because I am a lesbian.

    He can’t help the way he feels; he can, however, control the way he acts.

    It is NOT inherently predatory at ALL to have feelings for a straight person. You are not violating them. However, you can control the way you act! If you cross their boundaries or continue to go after them, even after they tell you they’re straight and not interested, that is what makes it weird and shitty, NOT the initial feelings!!!!

    That’s my point here. Having feelings is not wrong. Crossing a person’s boundaries is.