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2019-04-26 19:53:11

    hi can i get your attention guys, as i’ve got intel to warn my fellow tumblrs, there IS a police case ongoing regarding about the release and unprohibited sharing of this folder. And the SPF is working with tumblr to backtrack all the trades that have been linked to this particular folder by using a search engine for any keywords to her folder name or pictures that is from the folder. This has happened before, with BJJ BWJ XYY AND ABY, Not many of you know that most blogs have been deactivated and arrested. Having 1k+ followers, and a handful of them warning me, i feel that i should warn you guys about this matter. Please try to restrict trading this folder and REBLOG to let others know, regarding the other folders, no news heard you can go ahead with trading.

    Like and REBLOG so our fellow trading blogs can stay active longer

    For 1000 Reblogs , drop me a dm and you’ll get nudes from my trading folders.