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NSFW The musings of a subtle Dom, in the midst of my 34th year on this planet. Life is all about learning and experiencing. I'm thankful that I have been experiencing and learning every day, from people of all walks of life. I am the Dominant and Sir of the beautiful @stormy--daze

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    โ€œWhat is it, little girl?โ€ He asks me.


    He raises one brow. โ€œIs it your assumption that when I ask you a question I do so for my health?โ€

    โ€œN-no, sir.โ€

    โ€œNo, you know itโ€™s not.โ€ He crosses to me, lifting my chin with one finger, forcing me to meet his eyes. โ€œYou know the rules. When I ask you a question, I require an answer.โ€


    Although the language definitely isn't me, the chin move is something I have definitely done.


    โ€œhave you ever heard of the theory that soulmates are made from the same star? that the cosmos long ago planned for you to fall into each others arms, that no matter how close or how far away from one another you were destined to meet, to find your home within each others eyes. and maybe thatโ€™s why when you first met each other there was a sudden click, that feeling that you had known them for your entire life. maybe thatโ€™s your atoms connecting again for the first time since you were born, piecing themselves back together like the words to your favorite poem. maybe thatโ€™s why no matter the difficulties you face, the late night fights, the time spent apart, or the distance between you, you always fall back together. forever fated to return to one another because the stardust in your veins and the strings connecting your hearts are pulling you back to where you belong. maybe just maybe the moon and her stars destined you to be together.โ€

    โ€” m.w


    Something about this is really beautiful to me.

    Dear Dysfunctional Narcissistic Male Adults

    When a woman posts about what they ate in the morning, she isn't also inviting you to have breakfast with her sometime in the near future.

    When a woman posts about the new car she just bought, she isn't also offering you a ride to the mall in it.

    When a woman posts about her dog, she isn't also asking you to watch it for the weekend.

    When a woman posts about a wedding she attended, she isn't also asking you to put a ring on it,


    when a woman posts about sex, she isn't also asking to have it with you.

    It doesn't mean she wants to discuss meeting up to get it. It doesn't mean she wants a chance to reconsider after seeing your penis. It doesn't mean you just have to keep trying, or that the right combination of words will suddenly have her spread legged in front of you.

    Sometimes a girl just wants to enjoy the topic of sex without it being about you, and this is something you find hard to understand.

    Be embarrassed.