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    So my high school’s drama club did The Bad Seed, a play about a child who brutally murders people. Later, the girl who played the part of the murderer was cast as a gay character and she refused to play the part because it “went against her morals”


    People calling themselves hetero when they can’t even keep their morals straight


    ok so I don’t usu reblog this stuff here but last year I had a horrible experience with an Airbnb host who threatened to bust my kneecaps, stalk me and murder me right? And not only did I GO TO THE POLICE before cancelling the reservation, but I also provided copies of that documentation to Airbnb customer service (I should mention after hunting down that number in the depths of the stupid internet and being on hold for an hour). Did they give me a refund for the months I’d paid in advance? No - they accused me of lying!

    A few weeks later in a fit of desperation, a coworker suggested I tweet to Airbnb. Ok. I have maybe 30 followers on Twitter, and didn’t really use it at the time, but I thought, fuck it. Nothing to lose now. I made a half assed attempt at an overly indignant tweet with plenty of capitalization, and you know what happened?

    Within the HOUR. It was taken down. I was DMed by a CSR. And I was given a FULL. REFUND.

    $1500 like THAT.

    I don’t know what kind of dystopic fucking reality we live in where police reports mean nothing and the PR value from a half assed tweet to 30 followers outweighs the safety of my kneecaps, but. Social media… Lesson learned, I guess.


    Rebooting this addition because holy shit???


    Corporations care way more about their brand than your safety. Exploit that.


    I had to send an angry tweet at my power company. Within twenty minutes, I was getting a phone call, and my problem was fixed by the time I left the massage appointment I had.


    Okay so this is important and all but original post is a joke that’s literally a picture of Harry Styles lol


    Tumblr University


    Optional Uniform





    The Who/Sherlock dorms


    Harry Potter/Narnia/LOTR Dorms


    Pirates/History dorms


    disney/disney princess dorms(you can put more posters,etc)


    Directioner dorms(but put more ireland flags and more pics of the boys)


    remember when dashcon happened and these kind of posts completely disappeared


    why did you bring it BACK


    “or our nonbinary friends who cannot be bothered with such pedantic confines as strictly gendered clothing”

    -as she’s talking about how this shirt can be worn by anyone


    This was already on my watch later, but now…now I must watch it immediately.

    What a lovely human, honestly.


    I love how she speaks about queer folks. I have no idea if she’s queer but she is lovely and cares about us.

    I am so deeply in love with the version of Bernadette Banner that lives in my mind. I hope the real Bernadette doesn’t feel stressed about living up to the image her videos create of her.


    She’s ace if I recall correctly!


    Also her sibling is non binary and she only refers to them as sibling in her videos (Dany banner also very talented with cosplay and all kinds of artistic endeavors, they did an amazing jaskier cosplay)


    I knew about her sibling, but didn’t catch that she’s ace. If she is, I feel like my ace crush on her is even more suitable ^.^


    I just looked and yep, she is! She talked about it on a livestream she did with Cathy Hay. Aroace, to be specific.


    The moral of knives out was entitled rich people are the same. There were various types of political leanings in the Thrombey family: leftist, liberal, conservative, alt-right. However, none of that mattered when their money was threatened, whatever political opinions they held went out the window if it meant saving their lifestyle. 


    And, actually, when the power dynamic wasn’t them at the top. Meg is sort of positioned as the one nice one of the family, and the one who genuinely sees Marta as a friend - but the turning point for her is not when she loses the money (she even suggests to her mother that they should honour the will, at first), but when she tells Marta that she’ll have to drop out of school. Marta’s response is “No, Meg, that won’t happen. I’ll take care of you.”

    It’s a line that gets said to Marta repeatedly by the family, and she’s expected to be grateful for it. But when she uses it at Meg, Meg is so offended by it that she tells the family about Marta’s mother’s immigration status. Literally, this lovely, leftist, progressive white girl is so furious at the temerity of the poor Hispanic nurse offering her charity that she immediately lashes back by using her enormous privilege to put Marta back in her place. She risks Marta’s mother being arrested and deported, so that she can assuage her own ego.

    And she feels guilty about it, sure. She feels terrible afterwards.

    But in that moment, we see what she really is, and just how dangerous wealth and privilege make a person to everyone else around them.


    I’m late to the party, but I wanted to add that I read the screenplay today and the comment above is true. 

    “Horrified, mortified, barely comprehending what she’s just heard.” It’s the fact that Marta offered her charity that really causes Meg to panic. She can’t stomach the tables being turned that way. She betrays Marta, not to get the tuition money, but to put her world back the way it’s always been. She can’t imagine a world where she has to take generosity, not give it. 


    Every time a post on queerplatonic relationships makes its way around tumblr, the comments are inevitably filled with a flood of “IT’S CALLED FRIENDSHIP” or “WHY DO YOU NEED A WORD FOR THIS.”

    Do you honestly think society regards friendship as an acceptable substitute for romance and marriage?  The thing is, most aros would LOVE if it could just be called friendship.

    Because that would mean a world where:

  • Friendships are considered equal to or sometimes *SHOCK HORROR* more important than romantic relationships.  This is not an exceptional occurrence.
  • Romantic partners know that they might not be their datemate’s Most Important Person and are not bothered by this.
  • People commonly plan major life events around their friends up to and including housing, finances, employment, ect.
  • It is common for people to be in their 30s, 40s, 50s, hell even old age having lived with friends that entire time and no one has ever asked them why they’re not married.
  • It is common for people to have a committed lifelong partnership with their friend and no one bats an eye.
  • Having a life friend is considered something that can be regarded as equally close to marriage.  It is also taken just as seriously.
  • Until the day that those are true, friendship is unfortunately not an accurate word to convey the types of relationships we’re talking about. 


    Can I add how amazing it would be if you could add friends onto your insurance plan? If you could give close friends joint custody of your children in case something happened to you? If you could explicitly state that your friend is in fact your family and is allowed familial visitation rights?

    Friendships are important, and they need to be respected as such.


    Fucking THANK YOU


    Hey, important thing!!!

    Looks like tumblr snuck in another shitty option recently, which rearranges posts on your dash based on unknown criteria, making it a real nightmare for artists wanting to promote their art:


    You can disable it here: 
    and I highly recommend you do it. 

    Also please remember to share content of the artists you like as this hellsite and all of social platforms are making it increasingly hard for us to be online, thank you <3


    RB once more because, YES, i know now that this feature’s been around for a while, but it turned on automatically for a lot of users if not all of them on the last update and it’s likely this will happen again!



    Powerful statements like these, that juxtapose the condemnation of such a simple and pure thing as love with the honour and worship of violence and death, always hit me hard and stay with me for days


    This is the tombstone of Technical Sergeant Leonard Philip Matlovich, the first gay service member to intentionally out himself in order to fight the ban on gay people in the military. He hadn’t only served for Vietnam, he was a career Air Force member in good standing who would have liked to continue his career even though he knew coming out would most likely make that impossible. He’d also been an elder in the LDS church but was excommunicated

    He was on the cover of Time magazine in 1975 which was the first time an openly gay person appeared on the cover of a U.S. magazine and had their name printed in that magazine

    He was an advocate for AIDs/HIV patients from the start of the outbreak in the 70s. He contracted the virus in 1986 and died 2 years later

    His name doesn’t appear on his tombstone because he wanted it to be a memorial for all gay veterans


    here’s the King himself

    and here’s his grave in its full glory, with the pink triangles and everything! the words over the dates of his birth and death are referencing the extermination of lgbt people during the holocaust and the HIV crisis, respectively.


    Hey, so here’s the entire 30 minute speech Biden gave instead of just 15 seconds.

    The entire speech is eloquent and accessible. This isn’t a fake video. But this is the *one time* in that entire thirty minutes that he stumbled over his words.

    Y'all ever done public speaking before? I have. I defy you to last five minutes without stumbling over your words, even with a teleprompter, much less last thirty minutes. And Biden is someone who has struggled with a stutter his whole life.

    The point Biden is trying to make is that we are on track to have more American deaths in one year than in any other year since the 1918 pandemic.

    So what is OP’s goal in posting this video? To take out the few seconds out of thirty minutes where Biden stumbled? To make you feel like Biden is an incapable, feeble old man?

    Nah bro. Fuck OP. OP only wants to scare you for whatever reason by cherry picking. Don’t trust like that.


    ALSO! Joe Biden has had a stutter since he was a boy.

    It’s ableist as fuck to focus on him getting tripped up on words like that, and the fact that I see so many supposed “leftists” doing this is disgusting.

    It’s one thing to criticize him on his policies (and I mean his actual, current policies, because a lot of people on here seem to have done zero research on what those policies actually are,) or his character, and quite another to make fun of his disability.


    Actually, you know what? I’m not fucking done.

    I have ADD and fibromyalgia. ADD alone makes talking sometimes difficult. Add to that the fact that one of the side effects for my fibromyalgia medication is difficulty talking, some days are rough speaking days for me, even if I’m reading aloud.

    By making fun of this, you’re not only ableist and ageist, you’re a fucking asshole. And you’re sending a message to neuro atypical and disabled people that you don’t give a shit about them despite constantly proclaiming how Left and Woke you are.

    Do fucking better.


    All of this AND a reminder that foreign governments are spreading misinformation to try to influence this election, so please question everything and do your own damn research from reliable sources.


    Rule of thumb - if it is an excerpt, video or print either, I promise you it has been cut to be either VERY favorable or VERY unforgivable. This is the way of politics. Find the full, read/watch it, and then figure out who profits but the cut version.