Life Tutelage

    (A requested Story)

    This happens sometimes ago already, but my ex-girlfriend, Calista, is such a slut now, hard to see how it went this far when we first had sex together.


    To start, Calista wasn’t even the same age as me, she was already going to Poly when I knew her, it was actually my brother that introduces her to the family. straight A’s, Club leader, active socially and physically, oh yes when she make out, I can hear her through the walls. Safe to say, she led me down to this dark path of cheating, corrupting, and some kinky fetishes down the line. At first, I got to know her, she weren’t anything special, just your run-of-a-mill next door neighbor girl, but that all changed when she came by for new year, wearing her cheongsam. I was gobsmacked at her beauty, that night I decided to look her up online, finding all materials I can on her, at some point, even trying to sneak a peak when she’s staying the night. 


    As time goes, my body and mind were all over the place, sometimes all I can think of is just banging Calista’s body. Even to the point where I’m doing some chicks at the club, I don’t really feel any pleasure. As it is, my grades started to drop and my parents finally got THE call. they were off course furious, I’m not smart at all, but I used to pass with straight B’s or more, but now my grades were all over the place, except for sports, where I release all my pent up frustration, even though sometimes it led me to fights with others. At that moment, Calista offered that she help tutor me and maybe get to know me better, probably thinks she’s going to soon be my sis-in-law. It doesn’t take long though for the corruption to start. After the first session, I already made moves, with hugs and kisses, as if I was just a small boy with girl problems. Indirectly telling my version of wanting her for myself. As the tutelage grows, I can feel that she’s getting comfortable near me, sometimes wearing only FBT’s and tank-tops coming ti my room. 


    After her tutelage, and some hugs, kisses, and some accidental groping later though, after my exams were done, my grade went back up, some higher then before though, making my parents real happy with Calista. They reward us a few nights in Bali for a short holiday, there, I finally see her beauty for what it is, and damn, both me and my brothers jaw drops. her pink bikini really suits her body, we only stopped staring when she says, “hey! my eyes up here!” both of us snapped and giggled together after. I took some shots, for memories, and perhaps later usage. After a few drinks, with my parents went out for shopping, all three of us was already getting drunk, then a call came, my parents seemed to be lost, and asked my brother to get the Villa personal chauffeur to come pick them up. Went my brother go an joined them, I was left alone with Calista, mind already racing on what to do next. as I went back to the pool to dip myself, trying not to do anything stupid, she was there on the lounger, already asleep. When I went over, I tried to take her top off, but its too tight, deciding to just move her panties aside, I got a brief partial glimpse of her pussy lips, but I have to stop there, because she was starting to wake up. thinking quickly, I immediately carried her. “Wah! what are you doing!?” She exclaimed. “Stop Claista, I only want to bring you inside, you were snoring on the lounger like a pig!” I quickly joked to her. “Damn lah! I’m no pig, you are! Now carry me to my bed!” She ordered. Laughing about, when we reach her bedside, I threw her down, accidentally falling along, pinning her down. The moments were awkward, but really hot. She didn’t say a word, but then pushed me away. 


    Coming back from the holiday, after a few weeks past by, I was back to school for my final year. I asked my parents if Calista can stay as my tutor. I have to ask this because after the holiday, apparently both her and my brother have a falling out. They weren’t on speaking terms, although remain on status as dating, and I wanted to took this opportunity to finally get close to her. My parents off course agreed to it, as she was the one who was able to turn my grades around. after a few session together, one day, I forgot I arranged another extra session with her, just masturbating on her pictures which I kept on my phone. As she came in, she was quite shocked and drop her things. Panicked, I just grabbed her, her belongings, and close the door. When I started to explain, she was even more terrified and a bit angry, “You were jacking off to my picture?! What are you even thinking?” she angrily asked. My only reply was, “I was madly in love OKAY! You’re the girl in all my story. What would you think would happen if I were to tell you the truth?” and with that, I forced a kissed on her. Surprisingly enough, she didn’t fight back, she initiated with tongue to tongue kissing next, making out on my bed while I was still naked. 


    As tension rose, her legs around me, her hips pressed against my already throbbing c*ck. I picked her up, go over to my door and locked it. As I started to stripped her down, she said to be gentle down there, slowly I get down, playing with her titties over her shirt, raise her skirt up and proceeded to licking her panties wet, penetrating her pussy with my tongue. She proceeded to strip herself down, no longer wearing any tops, I helped her took her skirt off and her panties falling down. we’re both are now naked in a room of lust, already sweating from the heat between us.As I picked her up again, she was surprised but didn’t say a word. When I pushed my c*ck in, I realized why she was a bit hesitant. all this time, my brother never made any move on her. She was, in all intents and purposes, a virgin, and I just popped her cherry. not long after we started though, a knock came to my door, “Why are you locking the door? No problem lah, remember to drink some water.” my mom told me, as I was banging my brother’s girl on the other side of the door. It may be that we almost get caught, but afterwards, I started doing her missionary and she was so tight and horny. after she reach her climax, I pulled myself out, and proceeded to get blown by her. I finished myself on her face afterwards and as we cleaned up, she kept her white mask on. only cleaning her face after its somewhat dried off, which somewhat makes it even naughtier. After that day, both her and my brother came back together, while on the side, we both played with each other whenever he’s not around, sometimes in his bed, later on, we proceeded to her doing a handjob on a family dinner to my brother, while she was busy using her feet to blow mine off across the table, which is a fun way to see my brother squirm a bit.

    This is all folks, thank you for reading this, and do HMU if you have a fantasy you want to be written about. Right now, there is some queue, but don’t let it stop you to read your own fantasy played out! Also, I’m in the market for Girlfriend (JK, I don’t thin there’s any girl who’s as deviant as I am)

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