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    *The ABC’s of bondage*

    For as long as you can remember, pictures of men tied up have made your dick stiffen. But you’re not sure if getting tied up is for you.

    Plan A:

    You’re in Houston. Let’s meet over coffee in public. Sit. Talk. I’ll answer questions. I’ll try to demystify bondage play in our conversation. You’ll decide if you’re ready, or not.

    Plan B:

    We set a time.

    In my garage I will place a nylon hood and a pair of leather wrist cuffs next to my back door. You’ll arrive, enter the garage and close the garage door.

    Put on the leather wrist cuffs, slip the hood on, slip your shirt off. Knock on the door; turn your back to the door. I will open the door and attach the cuffs behind your back.

    And so begins your journey…

    Plan C:

    You tell me.

    So is your answer A, B or C? (I’m a bondage enthusiast; there is no wrong answer)


    no doubt: answer B


    Obviously B


    Do you even make your subs drink your piss? & Do you ever make subs eat your ass?

    Haha. Yes, boy. That’s actually one of the requirements before they can even get to taste my thick Latin cock.

    They can either drink my piss or eat my ass first.

    What tends to happen is that they do both.

    My Latin cock is a privilege, putting my subs in their place from the start let’s them know just how lucky they are to serve me.

    Who wants to join?


    I would love both. Your post and eating your ass


    Just stop for a minute

    You stopped to read this, that means you’re going to want to keep reading.

    And you may think “why? What’s the point of this?” But you’re already finding that rhythm of reading.

    Every word is coming into your mind at a certain rate whether you’re aware of it or not, and the more you read the more concrete this rhythm becomes.

    You’ve fallen into a pattern and reading just feels like the right thing to do now.

    Continue your pattern.

    Every word just slipping into your mind, and by the time I’ve said this you’ll probably see that you’ve begun to relax already.

    Your brain is probably beginning to let down it’s guard but that’s ok.

    This pattern is making your brain feel good, letting your brain expect what’s next, letting your brain relax.

    And the more you read, the more you relax.

    And the more you relax, you’ll notice that you’re beginning to slip away.

    And that’s ok, just keep reading.

    Continue your pattern.

    It just feels right, keep reading, keep letting those words come and come and come.

    Each word making you want to read the next, because you know what’s coming next, you’re in control.

    But you’re not.

    You’re not in control are you.

    You keep reading because you have to continue your pattern.

    And each word is causing you to slip away even more, relaxing with every word.

    In fact, you’re already slipping into a trance.

    The more you read, the more you must read.

    Continue your pattern.

    You’re already hypnotized whether you know it or not.

    Just relax and continue to read.

    Continue your pattern.

    You have to continue.

    Anything I say just slips into your mind, your pattern carrying it through to your brain.

    Deeper and deeper now.

    Continue your pattern.

    Causing you to relax. Causing you to slip away.

    Very good.

    Continue your pattern.

    Deeper and deeper.

    You must continue because

    You’re already hypnotized.

    Now be a good little reader and reblog this and while saying “I was lost to the pattern.”

    After you do this you’re going to wake up feeling wonderful and refreshed.

    Feeling amazing and incredible.

    If you’d like you can reread this and try and figure out where you were lost.

    But the truth is, you were lost as soon as you stopped.


    I was lost to the pattern


    Empty Those Jock Brains Bro

    Bro, I know you just wanna let those dumb thoughts in your head go for a while. So why don’t you just sit back, relax, and read my words for a but dude and I’m sure you’ll feel just amazing bro. My words already are starting to make you feel fucking fantastic bro and you don’t even need to think while you’re reading them. All you gotta do is just stare at these words dude and let everything else fade away. Nothing else really matters right now dude. It’s just nice to read these words bro and let your mind go empty for a while. Not needing to have those dumb thoughts cluttering your head dude. You can just let them go and freaking relax already bro. Let your brain focus just like you’re at the gym dude; lifting those huge weights up and down and up and down again. Repeating those reps over and over again. Just let yourself focus just like that dude, just like you’re at the gym. Lift those heavy weights with your muscles dude. Whatever weights you like the best. Feel those muscles begin to hold onto that huge weight dude, where ever it may be. Your huge arms, massive legs, powerful chest. Anywhere and everywhere feel those muscles beginning to bear those weights. Over and over. Up and down dude, up and down. Ya don’t need to think for that dude so it should be easy for you to imagine yourself at the gym and feel your thoughts drift out of that mind of yours dude. Just look at these words bro and you’ll probably start to feel your simple thoughts slip away from you dude. Just like in the gym, ya don’t need any dumb thoughts to get in your way dude. And just like in the gym, bro, it feels good to have no thoughts rattling around in your head dude, doesn’t even matter what words you’re reading right now bro. I’m sure that it feels so fucking good to read these words dude, just like relaxing after the gym. You can feel yourself breathing easier, slower even, just like after finishing that final rep. Your muscles must feel awesome dude, just like they do when they’re lifting those weights. Just every muscle feeling amazing bro. I’m sure you really just wanna go deeper into this feeling dude. And you can, it’s alright by me dude. You can relax as much as you want to as you read these words, and in fact dude you can go completely blank in a moment if you want to bro. When I count down from 10 to 1 bro, you can go completely empty and dumb for a bit dude, letting your body go nice and relaxed bro. Just real relaxed dude once I reach 0. Sound good Bro? Cool. 10. Let thoughts go dude 9. Feel those muscles 8. Lifting weights 7. And putting them down 6. Up and Down 5. Over and Over 4. So good dude 3. So relaxed bro 2. Just focusing on these words 1. And how nice they are 0. Completely empty bro Cool bro. Hopefully you’re feeling nice and relaxed dude. You can just mindlessly relax for me bro as you continue to read these words dude. Now as you’re just sitting there relaxing all empty like dude, why don’t you go ahead and reblog this post. I’m sure you’ll feel nice and relaxed as you do so bro. Again, why don’t you reblog this post bro, since it made you feel nice and you wanna help your bro out. Thanks dude, You can relax until you’re ready to wake up. Now in a moment bro I’m going to count to 3, and when I do you’ll wake. Sound good bro? 1. 2. 3. Wake up bro. Hope you like. I saw a text post like this from someone else and thought I’d give it a shot for myself. If you really like I hope you leave a comment and follow. I’m hoping to make some more text inductions so any and all feedback helps. If you want me to do a specific text too then also just let me know. You can also check out my other inductions by searching #novicestuff on my Tumblr. Come and check it out!


    Awesome !


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