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    Men can and should own women as property. This is the natural relationship between the sexes. Many women consent to these arrangements for a reason: we know that our place and our purpose lies in serving Men. The Man holding ownership in old times was a woman's father until he decided to sell/marry her off to another Man, and in modern times women are owned by whichever Man has graciously decided to possess them. Men often need to own several women to have all their needs met.

    Men have incredible mental fortitude and practical intelligence. women have feeble minds and bodies making us inferior to Men and in need of their guidance, protection, and care. Men are willing to provide these to us once we submit ourselves to their will, and in exchange women get to obey and serve Men. Due to these facts, women do not technically benefit from rights and therefore do not need them.

    Men provide women with purpose. Women serve as slaves, bimbos, breeders, and many other roles under the foot of Man, providing sexual use, physical labor, child bearing, meals, a clean home, and whatever Men may require to thrive and provide and build. women are ultimately objects for Men to use however they please.

    Whether a bimbo or a slave or a wife, all 3 of a woman's holes should always be available at the very least to their owner/significant other no matter what. Ideally, women should always have all 3 of their holes ready and available for any of the the men in their lives, but this is ultimately up to the man possessing them. a woman's holes do not belong to her but to whatever Man owns her. if a woman is unowned she belongs to all Men until she is properly owned.

    Every Man deserves the utmost respect from every woman. This includes using proper language, using proper titles, and not speaking unless spoken to. women should defer to Men in any and all situations no matter what, even when deciding when, how, and if to speak. Every single Man should be addressed as Sir until he gives you his preferred title.

    Men understand the female mind and body better than women do. If Men encourage dieting, plastic surgery, or brainwashing, this is ultimately for the woman's benefit and she should follow his every order and suggestion. women need to look and behave a certain way as these are imperative to their role as an object for Man's service. Fake, built bodies are always better and healthier than natural ones. All holes must be trained for full use.

    Porn contains the best examples of how women should behave and look and how Men should treat them. Studying porn helps women understand how to best serve the Men in their lives and how they should look doing it, and should therefore be a big part of every woman's daily routine.

    Men's cum is essential for women's health. It needs to be consumed regularly and frequently used in skin care in order to keep every woman healthy.

    women do not need to have orgasms nor pleasure of any kind. This behavior should be discouraged amongst all women but it is ultimately up to individual Men whether individual women orgasm or not. women should instead learn to edge under the close supervision of a Man close to them. Men decide when and whether a woman has orgasms. Edging is much healthier for women mentally and physically and should be done many times daily for this reason, but women are to be reminded that they do not need pleasure. Men, however, do need to be pleasured and often in order to remain healthy. This means that Male pleasure is more important that female pleasure and should always be prioritized.

    Licking a Man's asshole is a great privilege. It reminds women of our deeply natural position of service. Drinking and/or wearing a Man's piss is a privilege as well. women should seek to become piss toilets for the convenience of Men everywhere. women are objects and should be treated as such for their own benefit.

    Men have the right to hit and otherwise abuse women. Men only beat and punish women when women deserve it. This should be a trusted and accepted fact among all women, as Men ultimately know what is best for us.

    All women inherently crave cock, but all women are also inherently bisexual in order to please and serve Men further.


    How to: Aftercare your Sub

    Ideas and Tips

    These tips may vary depending on what your sub likes/enjoys or doesnt like/enjoy.

    Try taking these into consideration before anything else:

    • Always ask how they feel, does anything hurt?
    • Make sure they know they are safe and you care about them
    • Simply ask if they need anything, Reassurance? A glass of water? Cuddles?
    • Respect if your sub needs some space, doesn’t feel like talking, or just wants to sleep

    After Care Ideas

    • Holding/ Cuddling your sub

    • Praising them: ex. ‘You were such a good girl’, ‘You did so well’

    • Treating any wounds: ex. from spanking, rope burn, etc.

    • Putting a cold/warm wet compress on any welts, cuts, or bruises

    • Kissing any welts, cuts or bruises

    • Running them a warm bubble bath

    • Wrapping them into a warm fluffy blanket

    • Massaging them

    (w essential oils, sensitive skin lotions)

    • Watching their favorite movies, shows

    • Listening to their favorite music*

    *preferably soft, calm music

    • Giving them a treat they enjoy

    • Carrying them where ever they might need to go

    The Importance of Aftercare

    Aftercare is not only very important but essential, for both vanilla and kinky sex.

    Sub drop is how a sub might feel depression/anxiety or even considering their self worth after sex, especially BDSM/Hardcore Sex.

    It is very important to be there for your sub as well as reassure them that they are safe, and you care for them.

    This is also when you tend to any wounds that may have occurred during sex, like welts, bruises, cuts or rope burns.

    DO NOT:

  • Immediately leave your sub alone or unattended to for an extended amount of time after sex! especially after hardcore/rough/bdsm sex scenes.
  • Leave any wounds received by the sub unattended to
  • Try to jump into some unrelated activities THAT CAN WAIT, without proper after care; ex. asking them to do chores, get ready to go grocery shopping.
  • Failure to comply with essential aftercare risks the trust you and your sub share and your subs mental security after sex,

    especially after Hardcore/BDSM/Rough Scenes; ex. Rape Play, Bondage, Spanking, Anal Play and many more.


    Always remember, THIS is the key. No matter your kink, no matter your role, no matter your partner. THIS is what matters.


    i’m really into the domestic side of things

    i want to be with/marry a man who strictly enforces gender roles in his home. i want him to make me quit my job because a woman’s place is in the home, not the workplace. he’ll keep me naked or wearing skimpy lingerie while i cook and clean and make his home a peaceful haven, maybe even going as far as putting a lock on my wardrobe to make sure i don’t sneak into clothes once he leaves the house. i’ll only be permitted to wear ladylike skirts and dresses when he gives me permission to leave the house. 

    i want him to make me completely financially dependent on him. he’ll make me close up all my bank accounts and transfer all my money to him. he’ll take all my credit cards (because what woman is smart enough to know how to use one of those?) and make it so i have to ask permission to buy anything or ask him if i ever need money. 

    he won’t let me vote, read the newspapers or watch the news because a woman shouldn’t have a say in anything regarding politics or government, and we’re too simple minded to understand anything that goes on in the man’s world! besides, i’d have better things to do like baking him a fresh batch of cookies or making sure all his shirts are cleaned and ironed! 

    my man would come home at the end of a long day and be greeted by me on my knees at the front door, either naked or in specially requested lingerie. he’d obviously gag me as soon as he came in because, after a long day at work, the last thing he needs is a woman harping on at him! i would serve him dinner and then make sure a cold beer is waiting for him in the living room after he’s finished. then he’d chain me up to the kitchen while i washed the dishes to make sure i didn’t get distracted, and he’d finish off his day by using me however he wanted! 

    oh, and i’d obviously receive regular maintenance spankings! 


    Formula for contentment. Submissive wife, happy life.


    Required reading for all cunts.


    It really is that simple!


    Submission does not have to be sexual. Service is natural and should be promoted from all lessers, in the bedroom and, most certainly, out of it.


    Something people forget is that to be an Owner is more than just having kinky sex whenever you desire. Owning someone is to be responsible for them. To care for them when they feel low, when they are sick, when they are in danger. To Own and care for your lesser is your truest calling, one to be proud of. Be proud to Own. Lessers, be proud of BE owned. You are safe. You are secure. Obey and enjoy your simplest, happiest life.

    The perfect housewife’s day

    *This is an example of a daily schedule of the 1950′s housewife adapted from The Beginner Housewife book. Notes from the Good Wife’s guide & another 1955 guide are also adapted.

    6:50 a.m - Go to kitchen in your dressing gown and put the kettle on low heat. Wash, dress, brush hair and apply makeup. (Please don’t present your husband with an entirely different face from the one he is accustomed to seeing later in the day).

    7:10 a.m - Bathroom must be free for your husband to use. Bring him a freshly pressed tie and help him if needed. Prepare breakfast.

    7:30 a.m - Serve breakfast

    8:00 a.m - Make a list of the day’s work.

    8:10 a.m - Wash up.

    8:20 a.m - Put washing to soak in plain tepid water

    8:25 a.m - Make beds - Send children off to school if needed

    8:35 a.m - Clean bath and basin, mop floor

    8:50 a.m - Brush stairs

    9:00 a.m - Put undies, etc, in warm soapy water

    9:10 a.m - Prepare vegetables for evening meal

    9:25 a.m - Wash clothes put to soak, then hang to dry

    9:40 a.m - Clean bedroom, including floor and furniture polishing

    10:55 a.m - “Elevenses” (Exercises)

    11:10 a.m - Mop, dust, etc downstairs rooms and hall

    12 noon - Sweep, dust and tidy kitchen, sink, shelves, etc

    12:30 p.m - Wash dusters and put away all cleaning equipment

    12:45 p.m - Make & serve lunch

    1:15 p.m - Make trifle or desert

    1:45 p.m -Prepare meat for cooking

    1:50 p.m - Ironing

    2:20 p.m -Put prepared steak or meat on very low gas or heat

    From now until 5:30 p.m you are free. You can use this to do shopping when needed and special weekly duties. Prepare yourself for your husband by taking a 15 minute rest so you’ll be refreshed when he arrives home. Touch up your makeup, put a ribbon in your hair and be fresh looking!

    5:30 p.m - Clear away the clutter. Make one last trip through the house just before your husband arrives home. Gather up school books, toys, paper, etc, then run a dust cloth over the table.

    5:45 p.m - Set table for the meal, put veggies on to start cooking. During the winter months, you should prepare and light a fire for your husband to unwind by. Prepare your children, by combing their hair, washing their faces/hands and if necessary change their clothes. Encourage them to be quiet for your husband’s arrival home.

    6:00 p.m - Continue cooking dinner. Greet your husband with a warm smile and show sincerity in your desire to please him. Make him comfortable and have him lean back in his favorite chair or have him lie down in the bedroom until dinner is finished. Have a cool or warm drink ready for him, and bring him a daily newspaper or book. Arrange his pillow and offer to take off his shoes.

    6:30 p.m - Serve dinner. Make sure you always have dinner ready or close to being ready for your husband’s arrival. Plan ahead, even the night before to have a delicious meal prepared for him. This is a way of letting him know you have been thinking about him all day.

    8:00 p.m - Clear away meal. Wash up if liked, but this can also be deferred to the morning.

    8:30 p.m - Set the table for breakfast

    9:00 p.m - Wash up, brush hair & teeth and apply Ponds moisturizer

    9:30 p.m - Unturn your bed for your husband and you

    Weekly cleaning suggestions from 11:30 a.m - 12:30 p.m

    Mondays - Brush all clothes used over the week-end and put away. Collect large items and send to laundry

    Tuesdays - Turn out dining room and clean silver

    Wednesdays - Special turning out of two bedrooms each week

    Thursdays- Special turning out of living room or sitting room

    Fridays - Thorough cleaning of bathrooms, landing and stairs. Baking

    Saturdays- Special cleaning of kitchen, hall and scullery. Extra cooking for the weekend.

    ©️The Best Me


    The number of women joining tumblr, instagram and various other sites just to look at misogyny blogs is growing every day. You may well be a woman reading this who feels that strong connection to what you’re seeing, even if you feel like you should be repulsed by it. The journey from feminist to Male Supremacist is a tricky one and can go back and forth, so here are a few simple things you can look out for to see if you are becoming a Male Supremacist.

    1. You feel more sexually active

    Feminism simply isn’t sexy. Its not like sex is all that matters, but that is just the truth. Equality is boring, vanilla and middle-of-the-road. Its also unnatural, but we’ll get to that. Most likely the thing you’re noticing most is how insanely horny you are compared to how you felt before. Where once you were annoyed by constant propositions from men, you’re now secretly on the lookout for them. You want men to find you attractive.

    2. You find your female friends irritating

    Women are annoying, we all know that. Well, most of us do. Those who entertain equality force themselves to accept or ignore problems in the female character, but once your eyes are opened you begin to realise that the whining, the bitching and the back-stabbing are things life is simply too short for, and most importantly, not things you actually have to put up with.

    3. You want to watch movies/read books that have male leads

    This might have been true before but its even more true now. Entertainment that has a strong, masculine man at its heart is much more appealing to you now. Once upon a time, the damsel in distress character pissed you off. Now you have a yearning bubbling under the surface that you want to be her!

    4. You want to stay inside more

    Maybe its because your friends are all such bitches, or maybe its because its a cold time of year, but even in the summer you’re going to feel like staying in. Your instinct to remain behind closed doors, inside the cave, behind the walls of the town, or even literally inside a cage, is taking over. You are realising that you are a fully domesticated creature that has been fighting its nature for years.

    5. You find sexist jokes or comments funny or exciting

    You may still outwardly act offended, but deep down you’re starting to wish you could be a fly on a wall when groups of men meet and drink. You want to hear what they say about women. Maybe you’re even still kidding yourself that its strictly for research purposes - maybe you’ll write an article about misogyny? - but the truth is you’re starting to love the sound of sexism.

    6. You’re more aware of male strengths and female weaknesses

    Not that you didn’t notice before, but… has it always been that hard to lift things? Have you always been that bad at math? Why does it feel like the male friends you’ve made recently are all talking about things you don’t understand? Why didn’t your female friends talk about that? Wait have men always talked about intellectual stuff? I thought it was just cars and girls? 

    7. You’re having fantasies about being dominated

    Sure, you had these before, but they were really just fairytale things. You’re starting to want this to happen. Its getting extreme, stuff you’re afraid of yourself for even thinking. Being kidnapped, being tied up, being caged, being used repeatedly. Maybe you still don’t want all of it to happen, but its so exciting. You want to be used.

    8. Work/college feels different

    You still like your job, but lately you’ve noticed how much you’ve exaggerated your role there. Are you really essential to the company, or was the boss just trying to keep you from getting upset by saying that? Do you really work all that hard? Do you female coworkers? Or do you spend an awful lot of time chatting, bitching and moaning? Are those grades really representing how smart you are, or did you just rote-learn and then repeat? Do you really get any of this?

    9. Things that once outraged you now excite you

    Girls kneeling before strong men. Girls in collars. Articles talking about studies into female intelligence. “Domestic bliss”. Even female nudity is suddenly arousing, not because you want to fuck that girl suspended in a harness, but because you want to be her.

    10. You don’t want to vote

    It just feels wrong now. Maybe you never did before because you didn’t care, but now you really don’t want to. Even if your man would let you, you would feel out of place doing it, like a child driving a car. What if I screw it up?

    11. You are starting to really hate the word “feminism”

    Its such a stupid word anyway! You hate that it exists. Just hearing it kind of ruins your day, makes you irritable and anxious. You wish feminists would just go away, you don’t know exactly why - or aren’t prepared to say yet - but they just irritate the living Hell out of you.

    12. You want to apologise to men

    Why? Who knows, but the instinct is there. You just want to apologise. You want to grovel. You aren’t at all sure what you’re apologising for but, damn you feel guilty about something. Embarrassed. Humiliated. You want forgiveness. You want to be absolved. You want to make it up to men, somehow. 

    The wonderful thing is, you can! 


    This is truly incredible in how accurate it is. Its like my life written down


    An incredible journey. Love every piece of it.