Ladies I have another question for you....

    What’s one thing you wish guy did while he was going down ?


    Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water.


    I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches


    Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time


    Hold my thighs. Like grip them, just firm enough…


    Yasss that clit flicking shit is not the wave.


    What about sucking on the clit ? thetennesseehoneyy


    Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that gspot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die.


    Touch/grab my thighs, my ass, slowly touch down my spine, everywhere, somewhere. Tease me good before you go down & while you’re down there.


    Deadass with the thigh thing Kiss those inner thighs too Pretend you’re passionately kissing the kitty Not a cat drinking water Also don’t even do it if you a)don’t like doing it b)you’re going to do it for 2 seconds


    I couldn’t hit reblog fast enough.


    Don’t be to shy to open it up and really get the clit. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind


    slow down on the flickering thing, that rapid shit isnt pleasurable, slowly running your tongue back n forth tho? Yes. 

    thigh kissing is nice, ass grabbing, thigh gripping, a little passionate teasing takes you far and honestly gets her wetter by the minute 

    slow down, take your time at first, dont just dive in, enjoy your meal

    that rapid flicking thing doesnt do much for me (i cant speak for every girl) but slow runs across the clit are lovely, just focus on the clit, let your fingers do some work if you get tired or something 

    I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do shit 


    Notice how they’ve all basically said the same thing? I hope you men pay attention. Every woman is different but here are the basics to pleasing us.

    1. Stop the fucking flicking shit.

    2. Focus on the CLIT. Suck it, circle it. Engulf it. If she moans, keep doing that.

    3. But pls, do visit thighland. Inner thigh licking and kissing will set us on fire.

    4. What is this fingering shit? Massage the gspot or get out. We feel nothing with that little stabbing motion. Also, stop sticking your 2 inches of tongue in there. Come back up to the clit.

    5. LONG stokes with the tongue.

    6. Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison.

    7. Speaking of vibes, the reason you’re in our bed is because you can do 1 thing our wands and rabbits can’t do. And that’s grab us. Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body.

    8. If you can reach, grab a titty.

    9. Some women are self conscious about how they look/taste/smell down there. Or worry about taking too long to orgasm, so let her know you’re enjoying it. Moan, groan, sound like you’re eating a plate of ribs

    10. Do it til we cum or GTFO!


    Oh damn 😳😳💕💕


    Why aren’t things compiled and published like this more often??

    And more importantly, why aren’t we being told this stuff while down there? Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right….. feedback, ladies, when we’re there. Please?


    I don’t often post shit like this but all of this is important. Guys, you want the goods? Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. If you do it right you’ll enjoy the sheer fact that SHE’S enjoying it.


    Taking notes for when I feel like putting some natural facial hair growth serum on my face.


    Reblogging for awareness…


    Don’t be rubbin on the clit like you trying to shine a shoe, it’s very sensitive. To that end, no dry cat-tounges. Slob it down.


    If you think blowing on it or in it or anywhere near the pussy does anything for anyone, punch yourself in the face right now


    Great facts and mad humorous. Shoot I love what I do and always have a drenched beard. And little to drink but always good to learn new tricks if there where some.




    Well done ladies! 👏👏 yes work that clit. 💋👠


    Definitely suck on my clit. And start gently, you are neither a cat to flip it nor you are in the rush to catch the bus. And once you find out what I like, stop fucking changing the technique!!. Stick to the one that works, we can experiment some other time!!.


    Wonderful, Ladies! Be explicit, we want to make you happy, tell us how! :-)


    🙌🏻 this is gold!!! Solid gold!!!


    Sharing this because everyone should know!


    @sosaysdeb basically summed up everything I like lol


    this is great


    Tell me about this post. The husband always does the little suck clit and nibble and I am off. The moon. I just taught him how to rub the clit. He was awful before. He would just flick and rub the outer lips so fast it would feel like it would burn ugh. There is light at the end of the tunnel ladies. And guys, please moan or say something good while your doing it!!! I wanna know that you want the kitty and you want it good.


    I couldn’t agree more!


    And lick my ass and everything else previous


    Pubic Service Announcement


    Excellent, Great info


    Good read lol 💋


    Suzie has a very white Christmas (part 1)

    8 PM Christmas Day.

    I wake up from my afternoon nap. I hadn’t planned to fall asleep for so long but I was exhausted from my impromptu cleaning spree.

    I need to get out of here. But first, I take a quick shower. I slip on a dark maroon hoodie, then a short black skirt. I don’t bother wearing anything underneath.

    I walk into this dive bar I know. It’s close enough to not be a pain to get to, and far enough away that I don’t worry about running into any of my neighbors.

    The tables and booths are filled tonight. I guess I’m not the only one that didn’t have anywhere else to go.

    Loud, drunken laughter catches my attention. Three white guys gathered around the table. They’re leering at their waitress who pretends not to notice.

    I walk up to the their table. “Hey guys,” I say. “Can you help me out?”

    They ask me what I need. I tell them I really need to suck some dick. They laugh and ask if I’m for real.

    I nod.

    “You live nearby?” one of them asks.

    I tell them I can’t wait to get back home. I point to the men’s room. I tell them I can’t wait to be their little gook cum dump.

    That’s all the encouragement they need. We quickly head to the men’s room. It reeks of urine. I don’t care. I squat down next to one of the urinals as the first guy unzips his pants.

    “Is this what you wanted?” he asks. “Is it?”

    I respond by wrapping my lips around his cock which quickly hardens in my mouth. He grabs me by the hair as he lets out a satisfied groan and begins thrusting in and out of my mouth. He grabs the back of my head with two massive hands and pulls me into his groin with a forceful gesture. I feel his cock push its way down my throat and his balls resting against my chin.

    Meanwhile, his friends cheer him on.

    I look up at him, tears beginning to well up in my eyes. “Fuck,” he says with a satisfied grin, “I guess it’s true, you little slants really are born to suck some dick.”

    He pulls out of my mouth. A long string of saliva trails from the tip of his glistening cock to my lips. He smears his wet cock all over my cheek, mashing his heavy balls against my gasping mouth.

    He grabs me by the hair again and pulls me up. He looks me dead in the eyes. “Time to have some real fun now, you little gook slut.”


    Just reposting this because I will be posting an alternate “part 2” soon.

    Suzie has a very White Christmas (Part 2B)

    As mentioned in part 2A, this came drone the twisted mind of wm4afs.

    * * *

    The gook is still choking and recovering when James replaces Ben’s cock with his own. He doesn’t last long at all, he must have been stroking it while watching Ben and I, because he cums pretty quickly. But he doesn’t cum in the gook’s mouth, he pulls out and cums all over its flat face. In fact, he must have been watching a lot of porn lately, because he does his best to get cum everywhere; in the hair, down the front of that maroon hoodie – he even squirts a couple of drops into the hood, for good measure. Then, just for fun, he puts the hood up, mixing the cum in there and the cum in the slut’s hair.

    “A little conditioner for you, chink,” he says.

    *Wait,* I think to myself, *is she Chinese? Does James know his coolies better than I do?* But I’m close, by this point, and don’t really care WHAT kind of whoriental this is; I’m about to fill a yellow cunt with white cum.

    “Shit!” I moan, pulling it back tight onto me. There are no more complaints about unprotected pussies; I can hear the whore moaning “yes, yes,” as it feels my cock throbbing inside it.

    I slap its ass. “Fuckin right,” I say. “That’s fuckin better.”

    But there will be no rest for the weary, because Ben is beside me, ready to take my place. I don’t think his cock even got soft, frankly, it’s probably still hard from the throating he just gave the gook. I’m barely out of the tight yellow cunt before he’s shoving his massive member in; I see some of my own cum being forced out.

    I hear a gasp, at the size of the cock now plunging into that tight cunt, but it’s mostly drowned out by Ben’s groan of pleasure. “Jesus!” he says. “I don’t know how this girl is able to take me – no OTHER girl ever could – but this feels amazing!” I’m not even sure who he’s talking about for a second, having already switched into thinking of this thing as a sex toy, but then I realize he’s referring to the gook. Hopefully he’ll stop thinking of it in terms of humanity, soon, so that he can REALLY have some fun with it. Especially with that massive member of his; if he starts thinking of this thing as a “girl,” he might be tempted to take it easy.

    So far, I’m proud to say, he’s pounding that pussy like a champ. Girl or no girl, toy or no toy, this is not a man who’s used to vaginal intercourse – let alone any other kind; he probably doesn’t get anything more than handjobs – so he’s lost in the moment.

    James is also ready for a round two, and, with lack of other options, is back at the gook’s mouth again. He uses the silky black hair in front of him to wipe off his cock, and then shoves himself back in. He’s catching on quick; I can tell he’s not worried about hygiene, he just loves the idea of using the chink’s hair as a rag. But he’s soon using it as a handle, as he fucks the face in front of him.

    Ben, in his own world by this point, actually lifts the gook off the ground, to get a better position. I can see the panic on the slant’s face, as it’s now suspended in the air; Ben is holding the gook by the waist and pounding the cunt relentlessly – there is still fluid dropping out of the cunt onto the floor, from time to time, but I have no idea how much of it is my cum and how much is yellow pussy juice – and the gook’s body is now at almost a 45 degree angle down onto James’ cock. The sight of the legs wiggling helplessly in the air is both erotic and comical at the same time. The chance to fight for oxygen is long gone; if Ben or James don’t cum soon, we might have a cum-filled body to dispose of!

    But Ben does cum, and I can only imagine how full that yellow womb is getting with semen. A cock like that, and those balls, likely produce a LOT of baby batter.

    As he pulls out, and lets the two dainty yellow feet hit the floor once more – they almost slip, from the semen and other fluids that have gathered under the dripping cunt – I’m right there behind him, tag-teaming in once more. This time, however, I’m going to be kind to the chink, and grant the original request: I zoom in straight for that tight asshole. I hear noises from the rice whore, but I can’t tell if it’s because of the asshole invasion or because James is cumming again. It doesn’t matter.

    As I slide in and out of the tight sphincter, I share a look with Ben and James. THIS is what being buddies is all about; sharing a bit of fun with a few friends. Just three guys, alone, having a moment of camaraderie.

    The moment is ended, however, when someone else comes in. Some older guy, who needs to pee. He takes one look around, and scopes in the situation in an instant.

    “Looks like its got some cum in its hair,” he says. He then moves the slant’s head closer to the urinal, and proceeds to pee on it, “cleaning” the cum out. Of course, the situation only gets worse, with urine now mixed in with the cum. (Not to mention my spit…) It seems that chink hair really absorbs liquid!

    “Didn’t quite get all of it,” he says dryly, as he zips back up. “I guess it’ll need some further cleaning.”

    This is enough for me, I’m ready to cum again, but this time I pull out and let it rain down on the gook’s back and ass – making sure that as much as possible lands on clothing, not skin. I don’t want there to be a walk of shame, tonight, I want there to be a clear advertisement as to what gooks are made for. Or chinks. Or whatever.

    Meanwhile, Ben and James have taken the older gentleman’s advice: they proceed to piss all over the gook’s head. They’ve pulled its face out of the urinal, leaving it on the floor, for maximum degradation. It’s laying there in a pool of semen, cunt juice, and probably piss (it’s not a very clean bathroom), and a couple of yellow streams of piss are raining down on its head.

    “I think my buddies and I are ready for another drink,” I say to the sodden, shuddering mess lying on the floor. “But don’t worry! I’m pretty sure the old duffer is going to send some friends in. You’ll be filled back up with cocks in no time.”

    The End.

    Suzie has a very white Christmas (alternate Part 2A)

    An alternate version of Part 2 written by Tumblr user wm4afs (split into 2 parts). As I told the author, this story reduced me to a wet, goopy mess. I’m sure you will all enjoy it as well!

    * * *

    I’m at the bar with some friends of mine. It’s Christmas Day, but we we’re all single, so why not spend it together? The guys are ogling some waitress, and yeah, she’s hot, but she’s hot in that “blonde and perfect way” – probably has a nice tight pussy, but I’m not in the mood for someone who doesn’t know what she’s doing in the bedroom. It’s Christmas; on this day pussy should be a gift, not an obligation to teach some bitch how to fuck!

    But even as I’m thinking this, some Asian chick walks over. I don’t know if she’s Japanese or Chinese or what; my dad just called them all “gooks,” and that’s good enough for me.

    “Hey guys,” she says, Can you help me out?“ And then she tells us she needs to suck some dick. The guys start laughing; they’re not buying it. I, on the other hand, know gooks a bit better than they do: this is one bitch who WON’T need training; if anyone knows how to suck a cock, it’s a gook.

    “You live nearby?” I ask, to their surprise. But she’s right there with me. She responds that she can’t wait to get home, and meekly points toward the men’s room.

    “After you, gook,” I respond. The guys are shocked – not at my slur, but at the way she shudders when I say it. They’re about to get a lesson they won’t soon forget in inter-cultural fornication.

    Merry Christmas indeed!

    In the men’s room, I barely have to unzip and pull it out before she’s got her lips wrapped around me. I let her suck for a minute, and then I wrap my hands around her head and pull her toward me, invading her throat with my cock. With my hands over her ears she can’t hear me, but I say to the guys, “Jesus, you won’t believe how good this throat feels! Like a warm Fleshlight, that makes gagging sounds!” I let go of her ears. “Fuck,” I say, feeling VERY good about the evening ahead, “I guess it’s true, you little slants really are born to suck some dick.”

    I let her go and she sits back a bit, and looks up at me. The beginnings of tears are forming in her eyes, and I don’t know if it’s from the forceful taking of her throat, or shame, or both. I kind of hope it’s both. Hell, it could be tears of joy from being called a good cocksucker. Just to make sure she’s not feeling TOO good about herself, I rub my cock over her face, smearing her own saliva over herself.

    “Time to have some real fun now, you little gook slut,” I say. I can practically feel the gush of juice running down her leg; it’s evident in her eyes how turned on she is.


    I grab her hair and pull her into a standing position. It’s incredibly awkward, but training a gook is about psychology, not grace. I spin her around to face the urinal, and she knows exactly what’s expected of her: she bends forward and grasps the urinal with both hands. I flip her skirt up, and am not surprised at all to find that she’s wearing no panties. I reach down to pop a thumb into her cunt, and am even less surprised to find out how wet it is.

    I run my cock over her pussy lips for a second, and then shove it in.

    “Unf,” she groans, and then tries to resist. “No, wait!” she cries. “I’m not sa–”

    I cut off her words by spitting on the back of her head. I doubt she even felt it, it just landed on her hair, but she heard me spit, and felt it in her SOUL.

    “Shut up,” I mutter, as I start building up speed. “You’ve got three holes, and I plan on using every one of them. When I fuck white girls I worry about whether or not they’re safe, but when I use a bathroom fixture it’s not something that concerns me.”

    I’m holding her hips and really fucking her hard, by this point, and based on the gasps and grunts she’s making as I invade her cunt, she’s no longer thinking about anything other than the feeling of her pussy walls being stretched.

    “Ben,” I say, “why don’t you try out that mouth? The stupid thing keeps talking, instead of fulfilling its purpose.”

    Ben doesn’t need any additional prompting. A scant moment later, the largest cock I’ve ever seen is pushing at the gook’s mouth, and its eyes are wide open in shock. He’s moved its hands away from the urinal; instead of holding the back of the slut’s head, like I did, he’s holding the yellow arms to guide the rest of the yellow body. With a swift motion, he pulls the arms back toward himself, pulling the gook’s head right onto his cock. I can feel its cunt gripping me tightly, as the mammoth cock invades a tiny, tiny throat.

    “You’d better get him off quickly,” I say, “if you want to be able to breathe again!”

    And then the slant does what slants do best: it starts rocking back and forth, spit-roasting itself on Ben and I: it’s fucking my cock and taking Ben’s cock down its throat alternatively. I look up and see that Ben is in heaven; I doubt any girl has even gotten the head of that thing in her mouth, let alone the shaft, but the gook is taking it like her throat is made of rubber. I know he’s not going to last long – and he doesn’t.

    “Oh Christ,” he moans, and then the slant is chocking on cum. I’m pretty sure the plan had been to swallow – if ever a gook wanted a belly full of cum, it’s this one – but there’s simply too much, so a bunch of it ends up on the bathroom floor, when Ben finally pulls his cock out.

    Wife’s extra week

    Your wife is one heck of a woman ! Nice, smart, gentle and hot as hell.

    As you can see by the pic, she’s also a business woman. That comes without saying since you yourself are a business men. You 2 meet at a conference and the rest is history.

    The income is high and although very busy you 2 manage to have some fine ass vacations. Your wife being very pale always had a soft spot for tropical places so she could tan at least a bit.

    So last summer you 2 went to Mexico !

    This is the last pic you took before leaving. Your boss called and wanted you at the office. A big deal was on it’s way and he needed you there.

    So you left and you wife stayed for the rest of the week.

    Now this is where a seed started to grow (a seed you still have no knowledge about).

    Your wife who was always faithful started to have these…thoughts.

    Being a nice curvy white milf, all those latino boys have her in their line of sight. Like Leopards stalking a Gazelle.

    They came talk to her, one after another, asking to drink something or to rub some sunscreem on her, etc…

    Your wife said no each time but each time she looked at their tanned skin, sweaty abs, big flaccid bulge on their tiny shorts.

    Every evening she talked with you via skype like this

    She told it was to be comfortable but reality is, it was because as soon you turned offline she fingered herself to latino porn. She even started searching stuff she never though she would do like anal and deepthroating.

    In the following days she left those boys get closer, she even let them take pics…well she didn’t actually let them let’s just says she knew they were she simply did nothing to stop it.

    At the hotel room she was faithful but as soon as she came to the beach is like her pussy made the thinking…she had no idea what she was doing until she realised she gave her number to a young latino stud.

    While getting back to the hotel you couldn’t believe it. What have you done ?!

    But she thought to yourself, it’s nothing. It’s not like she cheated besides tomorrow is her last day, she’ll never reply or see him again anyway so who cares…

    At that moment she receive a massage from the boy:

    “Hey mamacita ;)”

    Her heart began to pound hard. She thought to herself what to do ! She thought this guy was a pig for sending something like this yet it turned her on. She didn’t know what to do. She isn’t a teen anymore so maybe this is what teens now do ? Maybe she should reply with a pic too ? No, she can’t do that. Maybe this is just a latino thing and they are straight forward this way.

    At this moment, you call her on skype for your daily chat…she doesn’t answer.

    She seems mesmerised, disgusted yet her hand moves around next to her pussy.

    Teen: Hey mamacita you there ? Te gusta ? ;)

    She couldn’t believe how arrogant and dirty this kid was yet her body didn’t let her go off of the phone.

    ‘’I can’t, no, i’m faithful, never,’’ are the thoughts that went through her head..until this one came ‘’what if i send him a sexy pic ? What will he reply ? Will he call me sexy ? Hot ? fuck !’’ at that though, her pussy became hot and moist. So without thinking twice she lowered her shorts, bent over, turned on the flash and snapped a picture like she was in her 20s again.


    ‘’What have i done ?!’ she thought and started to stress. She couldn’t believe it ! She felt sick to her stomach, ashamed until she heard a *bip*

    *Message received*

    Teen: Mmmm que culo gustoso mamacita

    There she was, a mess, turning a teen young enough to be her soon on with her milf body. This guy who can’t even speak english is enjoying your wife.

    Your wife’s brain said NO but your wife’s body was turned on but what this kid was saying that she couldn’t even read. Question is, who wins ? Buy the next picture she sent, seems the body got the upper hand…

    She finely got to courage to send him a message.

    Wife: Come *hotel address* por favore…

    Teen: Si mamacita si ;*

    She waited for him at the hotel lobby. Once he walked in, no hi, no greetings, no nothing. She knew if she took time her brain would bring her to reason so she just grabbed his hand walked the stairs instead of the elevator, walked in her room, closed the door, kneeled down, lowered the teen’s 2 dollar shorts and preceded to pleasure the heck out of that young dick.

    She put those hours watching deepthroat videos to good use.

    She pushed the boy on the bed and proceded to show him how good a white milf can ride. Making sure he gets a hell of a view !

    This latino boy hit the jackpot and that jackpot is your hot milf of a wife.

    He is using her just like hot foreigner milf that latinos meet and fuck.

    While you’re making money she’s making a guy young enough to be your son cum.

    Time to put those anal videos into use. It seems the guy never did anal either and was eager to pop your wife’s ass cherry. They both agree to try it see if they liked it.

    By the way he started to manhandle her and she screamed, i’d say they both approve !

    There, a guy, a much younger guy, came inside your wife’s ass. What was supposed to be yours was now marked by another male.  A male who entered where nobody entered before.

    He put his clothes back on and went out the door saying ‘’Gracias mamacita*.

    Your wife just layed there, sweaty, no energy, ass hurting and filled.

    She as just fucked a guy for no reason other then need. She felt like a whore but complete at the same time.

    Next morning she took a shower and went to the airport to take the plane to come home. You picked her up at the airport and kissed her. You missed her so much.

    In the car, on your way home you asked her how it was, did she enjoy Mexico.

    She simply replied: ‘’We need to tour all latin america, hun…’’

    Lucky young neighbour

    New neighbours moved in. You went to say hi and noticed their son not only ignored you but is kind of a jerk too. Your mom told you to not be mean and probably it’s simply because you need to get to know him better. That she’s sure he’s a ‘’fine young man’’.

    But you simply hated him. Luckily his bedroom window is facing your backyard and not your bedroom.

    The backyard your mom now takes care of on a daily basis. You don’t know why she does it nor do you know why that jerk keeps staring through his window all day…


    Problematic mother

    The problem with having a mom that likes to party is that she doesn’t like to work. Evicted from your house for not paying the bills, you asked your best friend to let you stay for a few weeks.

    Being the ‘’good friend’’ he is he let you both stay. He told you no problem, just make yourselves at home.

    You weren’t expecting your mom to take it that literal…well at least she can stay as long as she wants now.

    You on the other hand have 3 days to find a second job to pay your friend’s bills or your out.


    Guys your milf my mom got his account deleted again. He makes top quality captions and stories so follow and reblog to support him.

    Tables turned around.

    You thought you were a pretty big deal. Always did ever since you managed to get such a hot well behaved gf.

    She seemed so naif that you decided to create a Tinder account just so you could meet other girls and pound them.

    Funny enough you did found a very hot one….your gf.

    Name: Lindsey

    Age: 23

    Interests: Sex, anal, deepthroat, 3some, anything i don’t do with my bf pretty much haha ;)

    Info: So as you can see in my profile pic i’m packing a pretty nice thick ass. My bf’s tiny ass dick clearly can’t handle this so i’m searching for real men who could show me a real time !

    He works on saturdays so i’m able to receive you at his house on that day (i know naughty hihi) otherwise all other days we can meet up at my house or behind the old abandoned paper factory.

    Follower’s mom #3: BBC is all you need

    Hello everyone ! Today i bring you a more ‘’hardcore’’ type story not for the faint of heart. This dude named Faron asked this weird crazy story about his mom getting pounded near the grave of his dead dad. How pathetic is this cuck ? lol

    At least Faron’s mom is a hot slut for us alphas to enjoy.


    So the day Faron’s dad died it was only fitting he and his mom were present at his burial. After the ceremony honouring his life, Faron’s mom went to talk to the funeral director about the burial. (who is black btw)

    Mom: So is everything set for the burial ?

    FD: Indeed. Me and my assistant will take care of it. He’s laying over there.

    Faron’s mom immediately loved the view and forget all about the burial.


    Mom: Oh great. Hum…should i give you my phone number so, you know, if anything happens ?

    FD: Oh i already have it miss.

    Mom: Ooh then i’m going to give it to the young man over there, just in case something happens.

    FD: As you wish miss. And btw i’m sorry for your loss.

    Mom: Oh yeah sure… *your mom walks towards his assistant* hey there young man. Are you the one who’s going to help with the bury ?

    Stud: Yes ma’am.

    Mom: You look young. How old are you ?

    Stud: I’m 19 ma’am.

    Mom: Oh and you work a hard job already ? Here, this is my phone number incase, you know, something happens ;)

    Once Faron and his mom got home. Faron immediately went to his room, sad. His mom whoever immediately started texting that young boy.

    Asking him how he was doing, what he was doing, as time went by more personal questions. Funny how he simply replied 1 or 2 word sentences such as ‘’yeah’’ and ‘’hu uh’’. He must of found Faron’s mom annoying yet your mom didn’t find him annoying at all.


    Mom: Is this good to wear for the burial ?

    Stud: Yeah i guess…

    Mom: You sure ? I don’t wanna look bad during my husband’s last day lol

    Stud: You look hot

    Mom: Oh thanks dear <3

    It is at this moment that you mom decides to ask the same thing to his boss, the funeral director.

    Mom: Do you think this is good for the burial ?

    FD: Oh yes miss. You can wear anything you’d like. Your husband was a lucky men.

    Mom: Aw thank you <3

    Faron: Mom what are you doing ?

    Mom: What ? Oh nothing just…trying to get over it you know ?

    Faron: Yeah i know. you’re taking it hard. Be strong mom.

    Mom: Oh i definitely will son.

    The day finally came. Ironically only Faron and his mom were present. I wonder if your mom had anything to do with this

    While Faron cried, his mom watched has 2 big black men sweat from digging dirt. Bitting and licking her lip, knowing they were watching.

    FD: There it is all done miss.

    Faron tried to hug his mom but she brushed him off.

    Mom: Wait son, i need to go chat with those man in private for the bill.

    Faron: Oh…ok…

    They walk behind a shed to talk ‘’business’’.



    Mom: Mmhm how can an 19yo be this hung…let’s begin.

    Stud: Mmm…shit

    Mom: *gulp* sluurrrp mghghgh

    Stud: Mm yeah suck that dick

    FD: Don’t forget this one bitch

    Mom: Oh of course not sir

    After 45min Faron decided to go check out what was the delay, just to be greeted with this sigh.

    Faron: OMG mom wtf are you doing ?!

    Mom: mMHHMmm heu…. trying to forget your dad *gulp mgmgfhmf*

    FD: Sit down son and let your poor ol’ mother have her moment of solace.

    Faron: But…

    Mom: Shut up and sit down !

    1 hour passes

    Mom: Faron…mmghhggm… got get the car…. i’m taking these 2 home.

    Faron: But mom…

    Mom: Shut your mouth and do it !

    Faron picked them up with his dad’s car, drove them to his dad house and his mom showed them his dad’s bed.


    Your mom made sure to make them feel at home in your dad’s house and made their big black dicks feel at home inside her warm wet mouth.


    You had no idea your white blong pawg of a mom was such a good drainer fot black dick. 

    And she had no idea she was about to get dp hard and rough !


    Screams and clapping was all Faron heard from his room. Well that and ‘’OH YES OH FUCK ME OOOOOHOHOHOHO’’ as his mom looled like the cream in an oreo.


    At the end of the day Faron might have lost his dad but hey, apparently from what your mother told me, you won a little brother. ;) Just gonna have to wait 9 months for it.


    My girlfriend has a huge ass, and she always shows it off in yoga pants that make it jiggle a lot. My friend always grabs it, calls her names like booty slut and fat ass, then shakes her ass about, my girl seems to really really enjoy the attention, and even shakes her ass about for him. me him and my girl are having a night in tomorrow, and i heard him say to my other friend that he's going to turn my girlfriend into a big cock addict, and get her to mock my tiny cock


    Your friend arrives and immediately starts commenting about your girlfriends big ass. He tells her to bend over and she giggles while she sticks her ass out for him.

    You: Ok, that’s enough. You don’t have to do everything he tells you honey, especially when he orders you like that.

    Your Friend: Calm down buddy, I just want to see that sweet ass your girlfriend has. Now come on baby, give it a little shake for me.


    She stays bent over and starts shaking her ass back and forth in those skin tight pants she has on. Your friend approves and you manage to move them back into the other room. 

    Your Friend: Man, I don’t know how you do anything but fuck that ass all day, I would pound the shit out of that big booty slut. 

    You: Hey that’s my girlfriend. You can’t say things like that.

    Your Friend: Oh relax, she’s just really hot. You should take it as a compliment that I want to put my big cock in her. Hey fat ass, why don’t you give that big thing a smack for me!

    Your girlfriend, walking in front of the both you hears your conversation. When he calls out to her she stops in place.


    She smacks her ass right there, making the situation even worse for you. Eventually you manage to settle them down and end up in the next room watching a movie. But, during the movie, with your girlfriend in the middle of the two of you, you can hear he’s whispering something to her. 

    Your Girlfriend: What? No way! You’re such a liar.

    Your Friend: I’m not lying sweetheart, if you don’t believe me why don’t you take a look for yourself.

    You hear that last part and glance over at your girlfriend, who is now very obviously staring at your friends crotch. He smiles at her and gets up, walking into your bedroom.

    Your Girlfriend: Umm…I’ll be back, I just need to…have a look at something.

    You: What? Wait, where are you-

    You try to stop her but she’s already in the bedroom closing the door. You can hear the lock click as you stand to see what’s going on. You can hear her giggling and loud whispering as you walk to the locked bedroom door.

    Your Girlfriend: OH MY GOD! No way. There is no way this thing is real. Holy shit, it’s so fucking big. So big.

    Your Friend: I told you, you big butt slut.

    You know what’s going on, but you can’t seem to do anything to stop it. 

    Your Girlfriend: Wow, it looks even bigger when I hold it like this…I’ve never seen anything even close to this big wow!

    Your Friend: Your little boyfriend isn’t packing like me huh? Guess your going to be my slut from now on.

    Your Girlfriend: Well…no. I mean…he’s kind of small. But you, your huge. But just so you know this is a one time thing, you can’t expect this all the time from me.

    Then you hear the slurping noises start, first slowly, then the pace quickens until you can hear her start to gag but never quit. You can tell when they start to fuck, because you hear your girlfriend let out a very loud gasp and moan, followed by the bed start to squeak.


    When you finally manage to build up the couage to knock on the door your voice catches as you call out.

    You:Umm…bab-, baby. Are you…ok?


    Your Friend: That’s right you dumb big ass slut. Your going to be my big cock addict now. Make sure your boyfriend can hear how much you love this cock. I’ll make sure to pay you a visit whenever I want to watch that fat ass bounce for me.


    This continues for a long time before you finally here your girlfriend beg him to cum on her face. Which is right when they unlock the door for you.


    When the door opens you get a nice full view of your girlfriend’s face. She’s down, holding your friends massive cock, still pointing it at her face. She has cum across her pretty face and even hanging off her tongue. Your girlfriend smiles at you before looking back at your friend with complete lust on her face. 

    Your girlfriend and her ex take a vacation

    Your girlfriend Britt and her ex Erik are still best friends. It always bothered you a bit, that they were so close even 4 years after he broke up with her on Valentine’s Day. Your girlfriend was cute,with nice tits, dark hair. Erik was a tall, handsome guy and your girlfriend had admitted that he was hung like no one else she had ever been with. He had dumped her so he could fuck hotter girls. She should have really hated him but could never resist his charm. But she always insisted that you were better, more capable lover. Despite this, she secretly spoke negatively about your sexual abilities to Erik.

    For months Britt had been nagging you about applying for a passport so the two of you could go to Mexico and stay in an all inclusive resort. She was desperate for the time off and longed for a vacation. You had procrastinated as usual, and one day her patience ran out. She asked her ex if he would like to go with her. Of course he accepted her offer. She couldn’t put this vacation off any longer.

    She casually told you this one night and said her flight was in 1 week. You didn’t say much but you were secretly very worried. A week in Mexico with her hung ex, drinking on the beach and sharing a room to keep the cost down? Would they have separate beds? Should you ask? The feeling of dread consumed you but you said it was fine and that she deserved the vacation.

    You dropped her off at the airport. Erik was waiting in the smoking area. You hated that guy. Always so cocksure. His smirk was one you knew too well. He had no respect for you.

    The entire flight Erik kept subtly putting you down. She was mad that you never got your passport. By the time they landed and checked into the resort, she was feeling better but needed a drink. After all, Erik was her best friend. It would be nice for them to have the week together.

    They immediately went down to the hot tub bar and started drinking. Britt was wearing the skimpy bikini you had asked her not to wear.

    Britt quickly got through a couple shots of tequila and the drinks kept coming. Erik and her were so happy to be away together. He started touching her leg and Britt started to get really horny while talking endlessly with her former lover, remembering how beatutiful and big his cock was. What it felt like inside her. He had fucked many other women since they had ended things, and was probably even more of a master in the bed than before. She had never considered cheating on you until this point.

    Both Britt and Erik were quite drunk and wanted the exact same thing. It was only the first night and they were less than 5 minutes away from fucking each other’s brains out. She knew she had to feel that massive cock inside her again.

    Back at the hotel room they fumbled with the key, falling over into each other. They were sloppy drunk. Finally, they were able to get in the room. Erik flopped on the bed while Britt, giggling like a little girl, strutted her was into the bathroom. She wanted to look her best for what was going to happen.

    She emerged to see Erik naked on the bed, his cock fully erect.  Your girlfriend got in bed with Erik and they embraced, her hands making their way to Erik’s throbbing hard cock.  

    She eagerly grabbed his monster cock and started sucking it like a slut. She missed that cock filling her mouth and choking her. She could have sworn it was bigger than ever

    Erik grabbed her hair and slammed her on the bed. He teased her dripping wet pussy for a moment before plunging balls deep inside of her. Britt let out a moan of pleasure. She had no regrets other than not cheating on you sooner. She had missed Eriks raw aggression and deep thrusts.

    Erik continued fucking her hard, and Britt couldn’t help cumming harder than she ever had before. She loved being his cheating slut whore.

    Erik pulled out and blew his load all over her cheating face and tits. She had never let anyone do that before but it felt so hot.

    The rest of the vacation continued this way, Erik and Britt fucked at least 5 times a day. She couldn’t get enough of his hard cock.

    On the last night,Britt decided to check her Facebook messages. You had sent her 87 messages since she had left and they had all been ignored. Britt decided to video call you as she saw you were online. You had been refreshing your inbox constantly since she had left. You answered almost straight away. You and her talked and she tried to excuse her not responding to your messages. Things started to get heated. Erik decided to take matters into his own hands and walked within sight of the webcam. He was naked and hard as a rock. Without hesitation, Britt grabbed Erik’s rock hard cock and started gagging on it for you to see. You were helpless, thousands of miles away watching the love of your life blow her hung ex. Britt paused for a moment to laugh at you for still watching, amused by your tears.

    The next day they landed back home and you were waiting for them in the arrival lounge. You moved to confront Erik, but h he blocked you punch and twisted your arm. He said “take us home, loser”

    Erik and Britt got in the back seat and Erik pulled out his cock. She immediately started sucking it. You, now scared of Erik and defeated, could only watch in the rear view mirror, feeling yourself slowly getting hard. Your love was to be fucked by Erik only from now on while you took care of the bills and romance side of the relationship.