Soo.. I have a question...

    I've decided I want to be a better girl by denying myself for a longer time, but it's so hard for me to stay consistent! I always end up coming again :(

    Therefore I'm making this post. For every note this gets, whether it's a like, reblog or comment, I will edge myself 1 time.

    This post DOES NOT have an expiration date, it ends once I catch up with the notes. Because of this I will start to edge myself on July 20 2020.

    If you all try hard enough I might never be able to come again, which makes me so scared and excited at the same time 🙈


    I wonder how many edges @cultured-girl has done so far.  With no expiration date on her challenge, she really may never cum again.


    Alright folks I’m stoned and horny and making a decision.

    I’m not cumming again until after Christmas. the amount of edges I’ll do until then depends on the amounts of notes this post gets.

    Like/Comment- 1 edge

    Reblog - 3 edges.

    I’ll also be posting a snap story and every screenshot that it gets will count as an edge. Will stop counting notes/screenshots... TBA!

    snap- fromtumblr98


    100 followers celebration

    I know I’m behind the time, considering I’m currently sitting at 130 followers, but it’s about time I did something to thank all of you. So I’m going to let you guys extend my denial. For every note that this post has at midnight EST on Sunday morning 2/18/18, I will multiply that by my follower count at the time. Whatever that number is is how many days I’ll stay denied without so much as a ruin. Followers, do your worst~


    Oops, my finger slipped~ <3

    (Hopefully other fingers slip WINK WINK)


    Reblog or your mom will die in 928 seconds.

    I love my mom.


    I am risking nothing



    Will not risk.


    sorry followers :(


    omg im so glad to se so many people love their mummy


    Why’re you being mean to my mum?


    Nope. Googled it. 15 minuets. Nope. Not taking any chances


    This has 1.2 million reblogs … Ps not riskin it


    1.4 almost ps not risking it


    Fuck this post


    2.5 million notes I hate myself


    I reblogged this twice now


    I’m so sorry this isn’t b99 related and this isn’t real but I can’t not skip this I’m sorry


    Not taking a fucking chance


    Sorry, guys, but Im not taking a chance


    No chances… She’s out… And she must be protected.


    How dare you


    Whatcha doin to me Farkle!


    i can’t risk it

    sorry babes my moms just my favorite person ever


    Sorry I can’t risk it


    Fuck sorry guys  I love my mom


    Omg I hate these things but I am paranoid. So sorry guys.


    2.8 million notes



    Sorry guys


    sorry 😩





    A submissive pet.

    Ryuzaki takahashi was a living demon, a prince no doubt. He was a pet. A sex slave to be honest. He had been put into a erotic outfit and was being touched and tormented for the audeance watching as he was being actioned off.
    Humans and demons alike were in on this under ground business.
    The prince they had was going to make them a hefty price.
    Ryuzaki tugged at the chains holding him back as he squirmed and bit at the gag in his mouth. The vibrating dildo that was thrust up inside him was on the low so he whined and bucked his hips.
    “Hnnng hnnnnn!!” He panted as his erect member was in full view. A ribbon tied to it so he didn’t cum. That was for his master to do.
    “He’s quite the vocal one if you like that in a pet.”
    A voice spoke over a speaker as the screen shifted over his naked and leather clad body.
    The toy assulting him was turned on high as he shouted behind his gag and squirmed even more as he moved his hips wanting it to move. He couldn’t see anything as he was blindfolded he wouldn’t know his master till he was bought.

    “There’s no use crying. You’re here, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Most guys like you that i see come in here do one of two things: they accept the diapers and sissification and do as they’re told OR they resist, get punished, spanked, and humiliated until they finally accept that there’s no way around using diapers and becoming a sissy. So you might as well take the easy way and just make the best of it. Don’t worry, i’ll show you how to use your finger your butthole so you can still cum even though you’re in chastity! You’ll just have to cum straight into your mouth so that you can dispose of the evidence…”


    On the road

    A while ago, Sir and I went on a road trip. It was a pretty long trip with lots of time spent in the car, and Sir offered to do most of the driving. Of course, driving for that long can get boring, so Sir decided that just because I wasn’t driving, that certainly didn’t mean that I was going to be allowed to just relax the whole time (that would be too easy 😝). What that ended up meaning was that I spent most of the time either with his cock shoved down my throat or his hands on my body.

    While we were on the highway and after I’d gotten him off with my mouth, Sir decided to have some fun playing with me. Sometimes, he would order me to reach into my shorts and rub my clit or fuck myself with my fingers for him while he drove and smiled, listening to me moan and squirm quietly. He told me what a whore I was, touching myself in public at his command. He could tell how hard I was trying to keep my composure in case anyone saw me while driving past. When he felt like I was making it too easy on myself by rubbing my clit too lightly, he would reach over and do it himself. Sometimes he would let me cum, because it amused him to watch how much harder it was for me to try to keep a straight face while I was cumming hard. He told me that I was just his dirty little slut, and that my body was his to use however he wanted, no matter where we are 😳. 

    Of course, that didn’t mean that I was just allowed to cum whenever I wanted. Like I said, it was a long trip, and I’m sure those of you who have read my other stories would guess that Sir wasn’t going to waste this opportunity to make me squirm and beg to cum. At one point, he saw that a tunnel was coming up and decided to play a game. He reached down and started playing with my clit, as I immediately started to beg to cum. Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy. He told me that I wasn’t going to be allowed to cum until the end of the tunnel. It felt like the longest tunnel I’d ever gone through in my entire life 😮😁.There were a couple turns, so it was impossible to see when the end was coming. When we could finally see the end coming up, Sir started rubbing my clit even harder as I struggled not to cum. Finally we emerged, and he made me cum over and over. I was cumming so hard I almost forgot we were even driving on the open highway! Not to be too cheesy, but I’d say this was the definitely the most literal “light at the end of the tunnel” situation I’ve ever been in 😉😂


    Oh my! :-)

    I highly recommend reading the #me and sir tag that sirsgoodlittleslut uses when writing about their adventures.


    The quest for nipple orgasm...

    Hi, James I’m the girl who came to your blog for advice about nipple orgasms and denial, a couple of months ago. Thought that you might like an update… (and please forgive my english: it’s not my native langage!)

    You encouraged me on my idea to achieve a nipple orgasm (wich I never had) using denial as a motivation. So, after some weeks of disorganized experimentation, I conceived a plan.

    I forbade myself any type of pussy/clit stimulation for the next 3 months (that is, until the 1st of february). So, If I had to cum, it should be playing with my nipples. Then, I put myself on a tight nipple-play sessions schedule: 4 times a day (10 mins each at the least in the week, 20 on the weekends). To make myself hornier, I also decided to have porn (videos/tumblr/erotica) for at least 1 hour a day. At a certain point I also added 1 hour of butt plug every day…

    3 days in, and I already was a dripping bundle of horniness. And as the days passed, it didn’t get better! At day-22 (I’m keeping a diary of this…) I burst into tears when, after 19 minutes of uninterrupted squeezing and twisting and pinching frenzy, I realized that - even if I were hornier as ever - I didn’t came any closer to my goal. I felt miserable: I knew that I couldn’t go on like that, but I also found unbearable to just give up after all my efforts…

    Not knowing what the hell should I do, I just took a break from my schedule, taking some days to recover, just keeping myself on no-touch. My horniness and my frustration subsided (just a little!!!), and - most important - I got back some clarity of mind.

    And, all at a moment, I realized.

    I remembered, when I was 14 and I started masturbating, that I had to discover exactly how my clit needed to be touched and stimulated before I could feel anything pleasurable… I understood that even if I like my nipples to be treated roughly when I masturbate or have sex, that doesn’t mean this is the only way (let alone the better) to handle them. In that very moment, I started to think of my nipples as if they were 2 more “clits” on my body to reawaken from their sleep…

    Full of enthusiasm, I revived my plan, but this time I concentrated on me playing with my nipples just as I use to do with my clit: sucking my fingers, then slowly tracing circles around the erected flesh, gradually increasing speed, then alternating circling and gently flicking, always keeping my touch gentle, and my mind focussed on giving pleasure to my new “clitties”. 

    Oh boy, that was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G… As I got horny as before, I sensed that my goal was not-so-more-out-of-reach. Every night I slid in a sleep full of wet dreams, frustrated and hopeful at the same time.

    Then, last sunday, it happened. I was there, laying on my bed, “masturbating my breasts”, and I felt a familiar wave rising and running through my body. “Here it is! Here it is!” I silently screamed to myself. Then I thought of your tumblr, which for all this time had been my favourite companion. And I thought of the evil captions you wrote for BNIB. And I thought of all the tease-and-denial-and-ruined-orgasm porn I consumed on the last weeks. And for a crucial moment a thought blinked through my mind: “I denied pleasure to my clit and pussy to be able to arrive here: but now that I have two more clits, and they need to be denied too”.

    I suddenly stopped and removed my fingers.

    After so many years, after so much effort and frustration, I was finally able to reach a nipple orgasm, and i ruined it. I. FUCKING. RUINED. IT!

    I hate you.

    I love you.


    Oh Jean, oh Jean you make me so proud! I love the way you’ve gone about this, I’m very impressed! And to ruin your first nipplegasm, well. You can never have that back. It’s perfect. Thank you.

    Art and story by @kinkedkitters

    Thank you for the super blushy and adorable story/art combo! So blushy…

    Rosey was always a little put off when she first started babysitting crash. No matter what, he was the baby. Despite his age, he was firm in his place in the world, and had his Mommy wrapped tight around his sassy little finger. The worst part was he was well aware of this, and made sure everyone knew. Especially her. She figured if he was gonna go out of his way to be the bratty little brother, then she was just gonna have to start being the mean big sister.

    The teasing started out fairly small. She’d pull his hair when his mommy wasn’t looking, she’d steal his juice, and she’d hide his crayons in places he was always too blushy and shy to try and find. Once Rosey started staying over night to watch the little brat, she was asked to make sure he was changed before bed. That ended up opening a whole new door for her once she learned a few more of his weak spots. The teasing got much worse now that she had some new ammunition, not to mention, she had some new places she could put her hands to make him cry. The best part was- he started asking her to do more! She started to bring toys over, now that she had the best of both worlds. She got to be the cool babysitter who brought over fun toys, and the mean big sister who made him bawl like the little baby he really was.

    Crashy’s Mommy was trying out something new to make sure Crash was an extra good boy, making sure he didn’t touch himself like a naughty little boy. Mommy made sure to tell Rosey all about how Crash wasn’t allowed to touch himself, he wasn’t allowed any climax, and she was to make sure he listened to his mommy. Lucky enough for Rosey she brought an extra special toy for Mr. Bear in Crash’s playroom! Even luckier for Rosey, Crash wasn’t gonna get to have any of the fun, and had to stay locked up in the tiny little pink cage Mommy put on him.

    Rosey got everything set up and called crash over to see Mr. Bear’s special new toy! It was a bright blue cock, strapped onto the charming and oversized stuffie. “Well come on, crash! Don’t you wanna say hello to Mr. Bear’s new friend here?” Rosey said with a big grin. She got down to her knees and took the boy by his shoulders and pushed him closer until he had his nose pressed firmly on the tip. Rosey stopped pushing there and crash sat there with his eyes fixated on the piece, still wrapping his mind around everything. He was gonna have to pleasure a stuffie! His face got bright red at the idea, not even doing it to really pleasure someone who can call him a good boy, but he wasn’t gonna let Rosey call him a chicken either. “You’re not gonna try and make friendly with Mr. Bear’s big cock with your nose are you?” Crash pulled his nose from the tip before letting out a defiant “No! O-of course not. I-I wouldn’t be able to put it in there!” “Well, Guess I’m just gonna have to tell you how to use it then, huh?” Rosey said as she stood up, striking a sassy pose for no one else but her self. She bent over and cupped either side of his head “Open wide!” Crash did as he was told and stretched his jaw out to try and make sure he could fit the whole thing in his mouth. “Now, just imaging this thing is like a really big paci and you’ve gotta put the whole thing in.” Crash turned bright red at the mention of a paci, reminding him of how little he was. With his jaw stretched wide, he let the interestingly shaped bear cock slide into his mouth, and down his throat like a good boy. Rosey ruffled his hair and patted him on the back to let him know he was doing a good job. Crash stayed where he was, quickly learning that you couldn’t just suck cock like a paci, but he didn’t wanna move until Rosey told him to either. Crash ended up getting red in the face just thinking about how ridiculous and lewd the position he was in was. He was pulled out of his thoughts when he whined at the cold gooey rush that was felt down his spread cheeks from being bent over on all fours. He felt whatever it was pool on top of his hole before dripping down onto his poor, pent up, and caged balls. He could feel Rosey using her thumbs to push and spread his tight hole open, methodically rubbing and pulling before pushing one of her fingers in. Crash cried out with his stuffed mouth, muffling most of his whining. Rosey giggled. “Aweh, Poor little Crashy is having some trouble! Don’t worry buddy, I’m gonna make sure you nice and ready for this toy! Can’t break Momma’s little baby, can we?” Crash was confused by all of his emotions. On one hand, he loved being used like a little slut, but on the other, his poor wee was starting to get big in his cage. He wasn’t quite sure to feel about his new impromptu gag either. Yet again he was cut short by another finger, prying open his hole. Rosey worked her fingers in and out, making sure to spread her fingers out and slowly rub themselves against all his little sensitive spots. Crash whimpered letting out a muffled moan against the cock, feeling his own start to twitch a little bit, regardless of the cage. His knees rattled and shook with every little move of her fingers. He was panting hard, trying not to make any more embarrassing sounds. He felt the blood rush from his head, and down to flush his little cheeks, keeping his face a nice pink tint. Rosey took her time slowly pulling each finger out and left crash to simmer for a moment and catch his breath. He could feel the cold air on his sticky, well lubed rear. He kept his face in the bear’s crotch, showing his resilience in what a good boy he was, and how well he listened to his sitter. He felt his hole spread again, sending a quick twitch down his thigh all over again. This time, it wasn’t a finger though. He felt whatever it was go down deeper, spreading the poor boy open further. He tried to get away from it, pulling himself away, but he was stuck on the bear. His fighting only caused him to push the cock deeper into his throat. His legs wiggled and kicked as he constantly readjusted himself on his knees, rocking back and forth. He found it harder to whine with the cock deeper inside him, every weak whine and moan was ended by a sharp little gag. He started breathing quickly out of his nose, trying to keep his composure that he was quickly losing as fast as he tried to build it back up. After getting to the hilt of her intricate toy, she pulled it out as slowly as it was pushed in. Like a slow rocker, she slowly brought the toy out, firmly pushing in. In and out, In and out, dragging the process out to hand fulls of seconds, not giving any rest in between. Crash couldn’t take it anymore, with tears streaming down his face, he started to grind his butt against Rosey’s thigh each time she buried the toy in his sticky boy hole. “Well! Looks like someone’s eager to get going. Getting a little impatient there, squirt. But fine! I’ll give you what you want~” She punctuated her last word with a little sing song hum before picking up the pace that caused a sloppy slap each time her thighs hit the backs of his twitchy legs. Crash could barely keep up any longer. He buried his face into the bear with tears streaming down his bright red face. His breathing was hard and broken up by gagged cries and moans, he was trying so hard to ignore it, he was a good boy- he wasn’t gonna let it happen,hewasn’tgonnaletithappen, hewas a good bo-

    Rosey let up and pulled herself out and looked down at the floor. Poor little crash had an accident and made a mess through his cage. Crash felt the tears fall, on his bright red, hot face. Rosey gave him permission to spit out the bear, and without hesitation, Crash dropped the cock from his mouth and let his face and shoulders hit the ground. He left his used hole in the air as the twitches from his legs and everywhere else subside before pleading in a shaky voice. “I-I’m sorry Rosey! Don’t tell Mommy, Pu-Please. I-I was trying really hard to be good!” Rosey pushed the chair out of the way and sat in front of the high pitched whining boy. She pulled him onto his side and laid his face on her thigh. She petted his hair out of his teary face. “You’re still a good boy crash, it was an accident. We don’t have to tell Mommy all of your accidents do we?” She gave him a playful grin and ruffled his hair. Crash smiled, sniffed, and wiped the tears out of his eyes before giving a soft little giggle. “Th-thank you Rosey” “Don’t mention it squirt.” Rosey stuck her tongue out playfully before pulling back her strap on and flicking him in the face.

    After all. She was still the mean big sister.

    “”Nyaaa Master is ramming my insides, ah! Ah! He keeps pushing his cock deeper and deeper. Nya I can barley think straight! Ohh, ah everytime he spanks my ass my juices drip out, I must of cum’d on his cock 3 times now and master still wont stop! But I need more, more spankings more fucking, being Masters cum toy makes me feel sooo fucking good! Ah Masters gonna cum, yes yes Master I’m moaning so loud I can’t even speak but I want you’re cum so much!””