Fuckpig Against Feminism

A once dignified, innocent, proud feminist enlightened at the hands and by the training of a sadistic master to give into her natural role as nothing more than a denied, pain pig, urinal whore. Stripped of any dignity, broken and conditioned to crave pain, degradation and humiliation.

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2019-07-27 23:50:14

    Fuck feminism

    I’m a pathetic cunt. I’m nothing but three holes and a set of tits. I’m a female and therefore I was made to serve. I have no worth unless I ’m degrading and humiliating myself. I’m a toy, I’m entertainment. I ’m inferior. I’ll be grateful at all times, even when used as an object, for being used gives me value. I should always be thinking about how I can entertain and please men. I’m nothing if I’m not serving. I’m a fuck toy, a cum bucket, a punching bag. I’m just a humiliation toy. This is my true purpose in life.

    I am fuckpig, a depraved, inferior, ass licking, piss drinking, feet sucking, cunt. I serve no other purpose except the needs, desires and wants of my Master.

    I am in desperate search for a slave sister for Master to train and continue training me with. The slave sister must be willing to submit to Master and give in to his training.

    Please continue my humiliation further and reblog this post so my search can be successful. I really want to find a slave sister for my Master so if you are interested please contact me. My Master deserves to have all his desires fulfilled and I really want to find another slave for him.


    Things that remind me I’m inferior

    Being casually, even jokingly, told I’m dumb. When I say something ridiculous, don’t hesitate to laugh at my stupidity.

    Being made to fetch men things, a glass of water, a cup of coffee, anything!

    Being told not to worry about something, especially ‘important’ things like politics or world events.

    Being expected to always look presentable, meaning to be dressed in ways that men find pleasing.

    Being groped in public.

    Being told to smile by random men.

    Being used as an object without regard for my pleasure.

    Being slapped when I’ve done something disapproving.

    Being told what to eat and how much.

    Being told my opinion on something is ‘cute’

    Women’s Special Prison.  The path back from the Work Fields.  7 p.m. and still 90 degrees.

    This pig was lazy running out to the Work Fields with the other one hundred naked and unbathed women and girls of the Prison.  And she was lazy at her labor pulling weeds all day as well.  Now she has to run back to the Prison, run leashed by her udders to a Prison jeep.  The jeep is going 6 miles an hour–fast.  If she falls, she’ll simply be dragged along on her bare tits and belly.

    The naked girl’s running to keep up with the jeep is not helped by the bit-gag in her mouth, which limits her breathing.  And it’s not helped, either, by the irritating tight leather strap between her pussy-lips.