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    🍁Autumn Leaves - Magical Correspondences 🍂

    this is just a short list to get you started, all other plants and trees have their own correspondances you can look for and use, or define from how you personally think of them.

    Maple -  love, kindness, wealth.

    Oak -  protection, fertility, strength.

    Chestnut - love, longevity.

    Hazel -  truth, divination.

    Pine -  banishment, exorcism, purification.

    Rowan -  defense, creation, travel.

    Paperbark / Birch - exorcism, protection, and purification.

    Cedar - healing, psychic abilities, purification.

    Apple - banishment, fertility, healing, love.

    in general, if you dont know the species of trees you’re working with, you can use fallen leaves in spells/rituals to signal change, death before rebirth, shedding excess, and making room for growth.

    Beauty Magic Masterpost

    A masterpost of all things glamours, potions, diys and spells to do with beauty.


  • “I’m damn hot” fire charm
  • “Life of the party” glamour charm
  • “You’re beautiful!” spell
  • Milk drink (pokemon inspired spell)
  • Honey gatherer (pokemon inspired spell)
  • Baby-doll eyes glamour
  • Venus transformation glamour
  • Pink sugar heart spell
  • Moon mermaid “beauty lies within” spell
  • Siren allure spell
  • Simple beauty sea spell
  • Aphrodite spell sachet
  • Beauty charm bag
  • Goddess glamour
  • Forever sunkissed spell
  • Shine like the sun glamour
  • Glow like the moon glamour
  • Godly beauty glamour
  • Magic mirror beauty spell
  • Beauty spell bath for witches
  • Beauty and love bath spell
  • New moon beauty bath magic
  • Mermaid’s bath spell
  • Siren’s bath
  • Rose bath spell
  • Rainy’s beauty bath glamour
  • Glamour bath spell for beauty
  • Glamour to attract comments (on a selfie)
  • Powerful spell to enchant someone
  • Sailor moon glamour
  • Glamour chants/spells
  • Basic glamour spell
  • Potions

  • ‘Strawberry sweet’ beauty potion
  • Ocean potion for beachy hair
  • Vanilla milkshake beauty spell
  • Vegan glamour eggnog
  • DIY beauty spell tea bags
  • Acne fighting tea
  • AJ’s attraction oil
  • Body

  • Bath/body product magic
  • Witchy hygiene tips
  • DIY natural deoderant
  • Crystal deodorant
  • Aphrodite whipped body mousse
  • Ode to persephone body oil
  • Persephone sugar scrub
  • Honey sugar scrub
  • Starlight sugar scrub
  • Glamour shower disks
  • Cleansing facial toner
  • Beauty magic: skin cleansing routine
  • Face wash affirmation
  • Nail polish ritual
  • Hair

  • Hair magic & the moon phases
  • “Don’t touch my hair” hair growth oil
  • Aphrodite hair mask
  • Luscious locks hair mask
  • A spell for beautiful hair
  • Enchanted hairbrush
  • Makeup

  • Palettes for the witches
  • Lipstick magic
  • Siren’s lipstick spell
  • Beauty magic: lipstick
  • Beauty magic: eye makeup
  • Encanto - a makeup glamour to enchant your words
  • Sigils

  • The mark of lazea
  • “I am attractive to those around me”
  • “Beauty radiate from me and my words captivate”
  • “Clear skin”
  • “I do not forget to eat”
  • “I have a healthy relationship with food”
  • “My piercings do not get infected”
  • “My eyes appear lighter” + “My lips are full and luscious”
  • “My nails grow fast and strong”
  • “My hair grows long and healthy”
  • “My hair stays short and does not grow”
  • “I do not have bad hair days”
  • “My eyebrows appear full and even”
  • “My eyeliner is on point”
  • “I look good in my clothes”
  • “I am photogenic”
  • “I am aesthetically pleasing”
  • “I am beautiful”
  • “Aesthetically beautiful”
  • Emoji Spells

  • Glamour spell
  • Natural beauty
  • Blessed by aphrodite
  • “She was made of sunlight” emoji spell
  • “Bloom with the flowers” emoji spell
  • Extra Info

  • Beauty magic: the basics
  • Beauty magic
  • How to - glamour spells
  • Honey magick
  • Witch tip
  • 🌞Sun tea recipes🌞

    Sun tea can be used in healing and during rituals and spells. You can brew it, and then bless it sunlight or just let the sun brew it (leave it out for at least an hour in direct sunlight, it takes much longer for the tea to infuse)

    ☀️Healing sun tea:

    1 part orange peel

    2 parts echinacea

    ½ part cloves

    1 cinnamon stick

    ¼ part ginger root

    ☀️Prospertity sun tea:

    2 parts ginseng/ black tea

    1 part orange peel

    1 cinnamon stick

    1 part cardamom

    ☀️Relaxation sun tea:

    2 tablespoons of Chamomile

    2 tablespoons of dried rose petals

    1 tablespoon lemon peel

    ☀️Floral sun tea:

    (For happiness and protection)

    1 part chamomile flower

    1 part chrysanthemum flower

    1 part marigold petal

    1 part rose petal

    ☀️Love sun tea:

    1 part orange peel

    1 part rose petals

    1 part hibiscus flower

    1 part basil

    1 part dried or fresh strawberry

    🌝Charge with:

    Tigers eye- strong talismans, believed a person possessing one could see everything, wealth, divination

    Sunstone- protection and healing, energy boost, positive energy

    Citrine- named after the French word for lemon, citron, can be used to dispel negative thoughts and energy, cleaning, purification, positivity and protection

    Garnet- associated with Brigid, good for healing and creativity, energy amplifier.

    All recipes are mine, some inspired by recipes in this book