Hermes, Tres veces grande.
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    friend of the day!

    you’ve met handsome roundboy, now we introducing…. 

    His Royal Flatness, mexican burrowing toad!

    SO FLAT! i am swooning

    a face of a king

    perfect is he body

    i trust him

    I love him

    beautiful smile of toad

    he know you love him too!

    in he come for a kiss!

    thank you goodbye!!

    toads are obligate carnivores, this is the face of an animal that has evolved to survive by consuming other living things. i love nature.

    #to be fair Rhinophrynus dorsalis is a highly distinctive species that took a massive evolutionary divergence   #it’s been said that a killer whale has more in common with a kangaroo than the Mexican burrowing toad has with any other living amphibian